Chapter 3 – A new player Part 2

"What are you talking about?" Kenny said, glaring at Larry.

"You're bitten! And that means you're as good as dead!" Larry yelled in Kenny's face.

"That's ridiculous. I wasn't bitten. And even if I was, how does that make me 'as good as dead'?"

"It's how you turn!"


"When you're bit, you turn into one of those things outside. Then anyone else who gets bitten also turns."

Kenny grinded his teeth, "Well good thing I'm not bitten then."

"The hell you aren't. We're gonna have to deal with you, right now." Larry looked over to Carley, "Give me your gun."

Carley stared at Larry, "No way. You need to the chill the fuck out!"

"I'll 'chill' when the threat is gone." Larry said, turning to Kenny.

"You wanna fight? Is that it? 'cause I will fight you here and now, old man." Kenny yelled at Larry.

"Oh yeah?" Larry cracked his knuckles.

My mind went blank with rage. It's bad enough that he accused Duck of getting bit but now Kenny? I couldn't keep my cool any longer. I walked up to Larry, "He was not bitten!"

"Oh, so you wanna fight too, huh? I'll take on you homos any day of the week."

"I don't want to fight, but I will not idly stand by as you try to kill my friend. If you want to kill him, then you're just going to have to go ahead and kill me too, mother fucker!"

He sneered at me. I tried to calm myself down and clenched my fist. I looked at the rest of the group, "We're all in this together now! Whether we like it or not. Randomly accusing people of getting bit won't help anybody!"

Larry looked at my hand and then made a fist, "Hmmph… looks to me like you do want to fight."

"Maybe you should think before you act, Larry, because if you keep acting like this then it's not just me and Kenny you're going to have to deal with in the future. You're going to eventually end up having everyone hating you, even your daughter. You'll be alienated before you know it. You're not a good dad, you're a-"

I widened my eyes as Larry raised his fist. He was about to punch me, Oh shit! I ducked down as he hit the wall behind me. His face showed that he was somewhat pained but he then raised his knee and kicked me in the stomach.

"Lee!" Clem yelled, running over to me.

"Asshole!" He yelled at me as I was trying to get back up. "Y-you think that I'm the fucking bad guy, huh? Well, I'm not the one who… who…"

Larry's pained expression intensified as he suddenly grabbed onto his chest and yelled out. He fell to the ground and Lilly ran over to him, "Dad!"

Kenny looked at Larry, slightly shocked, "W-what's wrong with him!?"

"He has a heart condition!" Lilly said, glaring at me.

"M-my pills." Larry, groaned.

Katjaa looked at Larry, slightly panicked, "uh um… Nitro-glycerine pills?"

Lilly stood up "Yes, we're out. We've been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here! Please try to get in there! Behind the counter, where the pills are!"

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down, "Okay," I said, with my arm still pressed up against my stomach, "Let me handle that. I know how to get back there."

Lilly nodded at me and didn't think to ask me how I knew, "Thank you… I-I'll keep an eye on my dad." She gave Larry her shoulder and they walked over to a well-lit corner of the shop. She sat him down against a wall and tried to calm him.

Kenny walked over to the group, "Everyone else should get comfy and look for anything useful. We could be in here a while."

Glenn walked over to me, looking at Kenny, "Yeah, well, I don't think this drugstore is a permanent solution."

Kenny nodded and sighed, "You're right, this place ain't exactly Ft. Knox."

I asked Glenn, "What do you suggest?"

"We need as much gas as possible so we can all get out of downtown Macon. Fast." Glenn replied.

I nodded my head, "Agreed."

"Then I'll head out and get gas. There's a motel not too far from here, out towards the end of Peachtree. I'll work my way towards it and then loop back, siphoning what I can."

"That'd be great."

"Well, it's gotta get done. Plus, I'm quick and I know Macon." Glenn smirked.


"Born and raised."

"If you're gonna do that, here's a wal-" I searched myself for the Walkie-Talkie that connected to Clem's. To my dismay, I didn't find anything on me. That's when I remembered, Shit. I never went into Clementine's house to get the Walkie-Talkie. She has the only one now. I know that Glenn will go to the motel, get attacked by Walkers and then hide in an ice machine. The first time round, though, he was able to radio us so that me and Carley could save him, but seeing as I don't have the radio… I'll just have to send Carley with him.

Glenn raised his left eyebrow at me, "A what?"

"Nothing, you might not want to go alone." I turned to Carley, "Carley, right?"

"Yeah." Carley replied.

"You're a good shot, you think you could go with Glenn and cover him?"


Glenn raised his eyebrows, "Wait, I think it'd be better if I went alone. I'll be fi-"

"We can't be too sure." I said to him. "There's hundreds of them out there, and one of them nearly grabbed that boy over there." I said pointing at Duck.

"Well… maybe… he's just… slow?" Glenn said, sounding like he wasn't even entirely sure of what he was trying to say.

I stared at him for a minute and then crossed my arms. Glenn rolled his eyes, "Okay." He looked at Carley, "Let's go."

Kenny then continued, "What's your name?" He asked looking at Lilly.

"It's Lilly. My dad's Larry." Lilly replied glancing over.

"Keep a good eye on him. These boys will work on getting you your medicine." Kenny turned his attention to Doug, "And you, you keep an eye on that front door. You're our look-out."

"It's Doug, you got it."

Kenny turned to me. "Now, let's see if we can get him those pills."

Some time passed from when Glenn and Carley left for the Motor Inn. Larry had calmed down… somewhat and Kenny was still cleaning himself. After gathering some things from the store shelves, batteries and energy bars, I walked over to Clementine, "Hey, Clem."

Clem smiled at me, "Hey, Lee."

"You… err… want to have a talk in private?"

"Okay… Is it about my Walkie?"

"Er… no, I don't think we need to worry about that right now. It's about something else."


We headed into the office. Once inside, I knelt down to Clem's height, "So, Clem. You remember everything, right?"

Clementine looked down and nodded her head. "Yeah…"

"Do… you remember what happened to Duck?"

"Mhm." Clem hummed, still looking down.

"Look, Sweat Pea. Don't feel sad. I don't know how or why, but we've been given a chance. A chance to save everyone."

She looked at me, somewhat hopeful, "Everyone?"

"Yeah. We know what's gonna happen to everyone and when it happens right?


"Then that means we can stop those sad things from happening."

She shook her head, "But even if we do save them, what's stopping them getting hurt anyway?"

I raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Even if we save someone, how do we know that they won't die some other way?"

I never thought about that before. Not properly. I guess I didn't really want to. I remember everything and have a chance to stop people dying but, after I save them uncertainty will kick in. Someone may die and I won't know how to stop it. I put my hands on Clem's shoulders, "Look, we may not be able to stop everyone from dying, but we can try and give them another chance."

Clem nodded her head again but this time smiled a little, "Okay."

"Now in order to pull this off we're going to need to work together. We're still a team aren't we?"

Clem smiled and looked somewhat excited, "Yeah," she then continued, "So what should we do?"

"Well, as soon as we get Larry his pills, Walkers will attack the store. Everyone apart from Carley, Doug, me and you will get out straight away. Carley and Doug will get caught by Walkers."

"Yeah I remember, Doug was being pulled out of a window and Carley needed to get to her purse."

"That's right. In order to save them both we need to work together. When the time comes, I'll go and help Doug, and you give Carley her purse. That way, both of them should survive. Now I know what I'm asking from you i-"

Clementine smiled and interrupted me, "I'll do it."

I stared at her for a brief moment, "A-are you sure? I don't want to put you into any more danger than necessary."

"I'll do it."

I smiled back at her, I knew she'd be brave enough. But when the time time comes and there's chaos everywhere, will she be able to pull it off? What am I thinking, of course she will. "Okay, then. Let's go back into the shop now. When Carley and Glenn get back we can get ready-"

Suddenly we heard a slamming from the door to the back alley outside the drugstore, "Stay back, Clem."

Then we heard Glenn's voice and I sighed in relief, "Hey guys? It's me. Could you, by any chance, un-barricade the door?"

I moved a bookcase that was in front of the door, out of the way. The door opened then Carley and Glenn came in. They both looked worn out and slightly tired. Carley also seemed a bit agitated. I narrowed my eyes, unsure of what had happened to them, "Welcome back…" I trailed off as I saw an unfamiliar man walk out from behind them. He wore a red T-shirt and green shorts. His hair was red and he had a squiggly little goatee. He was also holding a bloody axe.

"Hey bro, what's up?" he said in a cheery voice.

My eyes widened. I was shocked. I've never seen this man before. Who the hell is he? How come he's here!? I continued staring at him as my mind went all over the place. Clementine hid behind me, also unsure of what was going on.

"Hey, dude I'm not some weirdo, 'kay? These guys came and rescued me." He then looked at Carley and grinned. She glared at him and he then opened his mouth, "This guy, Lee?"

Carley blew some hair out of her face, "Yeah." She said sternly. She then looked at me, "See you back in the shop." She and Glenn walked inside the store as the stranger looked at me and smiled.

I raised an eyebrow, "Who are you?"

"Name's Ruscoe. I'm 20 and have been for the past 13 months."

I stared at him and then said, "So you're 21 then."

"Yeah, dude!" He then looked at Clementine, "And who's this cute little girl?" he said, still with a cheery tone to his voice.

Clementine looked to her left, "umm…"

"Clementine." I answered for her, shielding her with my arm.

Ruscoe looked back at me, "Hey, don't harsh out dude. I'm not suspicious or anything. I'm a cool kinda guy… Now, I should probably meet the rest of your group and then find something to eat. Man, I'm starved."

This guy is dangerous. Just his presence alone has completely thrown me. How did he even get here? This is nothing I could've caused… But I think I do know who might've had something to do with this; The Smiling Man.