This is the book of outlandish ramblings of Tilly Tierney, collected together in what is called a diary.

To all who read, be prepared for fun, late nights, irritating fairies and all things supernatural, tales of lost cats and a LOT of craziness.

Saturday, October 6th:

Hello. This is me. My name is Tilly Tierney (Castor). I've just moved here to...wait for it...Moonlight Falls from Bridgeport. And before you ask me my complete life story, I can safely tell you one thing. I actually have have no idea what the hell I'm doing here.

I should probably use this time to explain a bit more about myself. I'm the daughter of Hannah Castor, one of Bridgeport's biggest celebrities. Who, incidentally, is the elder sister of Damian Castor (one of the top pop culture 'legends' in Bridgeport), who is the best friend of Cameron Mitchell (singer/songwriter). Don't get me wrong. I have dark red hair just past my shoulders, green eyes, and tend to wear modern clothes straight from the top fashion catalogues in Bridgeport. I love cats and dogs, reading, writing, exploring new places, and all things from this side of pop culture. And my favourite colour is red.

I had a great childhood and all, living in the city with lots of things for me and Mum to do (and a dog called Lea). But what's a girl like me from glamorous, bustling city of Bridgeport doing here in Moonlight Falls? When I was old enough, I decided I wanted a change from all the bustle and wanted a place to settle down a bit. People who read the Bridgeport Gazette are somehow convinced that I'll follow in my mum's footsteps, and want to be an actress with a glittering career ahead of me. People you don't even know are interested in your every move...especially the paparazzi. I mean, I like being recognized and all, but that's the price you have to pay.

And so when I came here, I changed my last name from Castor to Tierney.

Tilly Tierney, welcome to Midnight Falls.

Welcome to my world.

I've since bought a green-tiled Victorian house. I think it's great. Well, it's quiet, without the muted roar of traffic outside all the time. Which is good, considering that I'm training to be a professional author, and write books that will shoot straight to the top of the Bestsellers list. But in order to start writing, I knew I was going to have to explore Moonlight Falls more if in order to find something to write about. So I decided to head into town to see if I could find anyone to talk to. I know that Moonlight Falls is a little bit out-of-the-ordinary (understatement of the CENTURY!) so I thought it was probably best to make some new friends and explore the town a bit before I did anything too crazy.

9:10 am:

I parked the car outside one of the first shops I could see that looked busy, called 'Aleisters Elixirs and Sundries' and tentatively, went inside. Objects were scattered all over the place, odd-looking books that looked as though they were from Medieval times, several jars were scattered on a wooden shelf, a red telephone box was situated in the corner of a room (?) and there was stuff EVERYWHERE.

The first person I saw was a shop assistant, standing behind the counter behind a big old-fashioned cash register. She had long black hair that was brushed behind her shoulders, and was wearing the type of clothes that people here normally seemed to wear, half old-fashioned, half other-worldly. However, she looked friendly enough. So I made my way over to see her, in the hope of meeting a new acquaintance.

"Hello, can I help you with anything?" she asked, looking at me in an interested way.

I nodded, then realized I must have looked like an imbecile, especially with my modern Bridgeport fashion sense, and the fact that I was nodding but not saying anything.

"Hi there!" I exclaimed brightly as I stuck my hand out. "I'm Tilly Tierney."

"Hi, Tilly." She shook my hand. "I'm Becky Younan. Are you new to the area?"

"Yes." I replied. "I've just moved here from Bridgeport." I decided not to tell her that I was the daughter of Hannah Castor, or anyone for that matter. Besides, I had a new name and a new life, so what was the point?

Becky grinned at me. "I can tell. It's hard moving to a new town, but don't worry too much. You'll settle in soon enough."

Megan and I talked animatedly for about half an hour or so. Sure, I was new to the area, but we seemed to be getting on very well. She told me about the places around Moonlight Falls, and what places are where ("There's a bar especially for werewolves down by La Shove beach, did you know?), and I told her all about moving from Bridgeport ("It's basically a smaller version of New York City"). In fact, I didn't notice there was someone behind me, until the fairy with blue wings and a purple flowery top said, quite loudly, "Excuse me...I don't want to interrupt, but did you just say that you've moved here from Bridgeport?"

"Um, sorry?" I asked, turning round to stare at her. "Just thought you'd like to know, I have, actually. It's come as a bit of a culture shock, but I expect I'll get used to it." I forced a smile.

"Oh. Sorry." The fairy blushed, but continued. "Why has it been such a shock for you? It shouldn't be that different, should it?"

I took a deep breath in an attempt not to self-combust with exasperation. "Erm, for starters, Brideport's a lot busier than here. There's traffic there 24/7, and there are a heap of apartment buildings and everything." I shrugged. "And over here, it's much quieter, and there's a lot more space, and greenery. And I used to live with my mum and dog Lea in a high-rise apartment block, so–"

The high-pitched screech that erupted from the fairy's mouth caused several people to look in our direction in alarm. "A HIGH-RISE APARTMENT?" She continued in a quieter voice, but people still continued to stare. "Do you know how dangerous buildings like that can be? Getting stuck in the elevator doors! Having to live with all the noise and traffic all the time! No proper fresh air!" She continued with her rant, not actually looking at anyone (or me, for that matter) but with her eyes half-closed, and waving her arms around in a dramatic manner. Becky was looking as though she was having to restrain herself from slapping the fairy round the head. I myself was having a hard time trying not to do the same thing. "I must take it upon myself, Flora Goodfellow, to fly to Bridgeport, and transform it into a clean, green paradise! A place where the sun shines every day, where Sims there live in spacious houses, and where there is much happiness and smiles all around!" She opened her eyes and gazed at me thoughtfully.

"So, you're Flora." I stated, finally able to get a word in edgeways. "Where abouts are Fauna and Merryweather?"

Becky gave a snort of laughter, but managed to turn it into a cough. Flora was still looking at me, then opened her mouth to speak again, her wings fluttering madly.

"How on earth could you live like that?"

I suddenly became very aware that everyone in the shop was still staring at us. Or rather, at me. So, I did the only thing I could that would make this whole situation less embarrassing for me.

I ran.

6:30 pm:

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have ran away like I did. Now everyone (apart from Becky, hopefully) will think that I'm a raving lunatic. Definitely not the best thing to happen to me on my first day here.

The fire in the living room is lit, and I'm just about to make myself mac and cheese for dinner, when my phone rings. Looking at the caller ID, I see it's Becky.

"Oh, hey Becky." I state, emptying the mac and cheese into a saucepan.

"Hi Tilly." She pauses, before continuing. "Look, I'm really sorry about what happened today. Flora was way out of line, and something like that isn't the best thing to welcome you to Moonlight Falls."

"It's fine, Becky." I put the saucepan on the stove and turn the element on. "This is only the first day. It could have been a lot worse."

"Well...yeah." Becky replies. "But after you ran off, you missed the best part. One of Flora's relatives heard what was happening and she told Flora off good and proper. Really loudly, too. It sounded like two mice squealing repeatedly. The whole shop was riveted."

I laugh. "I bet they were."

Hanging the phone up, I grin to myself, stirring the contents of the saucepan round and round. But I can also hear something else instead, a strange, crackling sound coming from the living room.

Oh, no.

The living room is on fire!

Panicking, I dial the fire service as quickly as I can, then attack the flames with a fire extinguisher. God, the flames are hot! And it doesn't help that the fire extinguisher often ceases working for a couple of seconds, and that my heart is pounding like a drum in panic. Please let my house be saved, please let my house be saved, I think in a crazed frenzy, before the fireman arrives. Thank the Lord, I think, watching in relief as he douses the flames.

7:20 pm:

As he leaves, he turns to me and says, "You should really be more careful next time."

"Yes sir." I reply. "I just don't have a smoke alarm above the fireplace installed just yet."

He grins and says, "Oh, no, that's just what I say to everyone." He laughs like a loon before shutting the front door behind him. As he walks down the front path, I can still hear him chortling.

7:32 pm:

I think I'll start my writing properly tomorrow. Hmm...that should be easy enough. On my first day here, I have: met a normal Sim and made an idiot of myself, met an irritating fairy who thinks Bridgeport is the hole of all holes, and accidentally set the house on fire.


Sunday, October 7th:

11:30 am:

Decided to get started on my writing today. This morning, I discovered that some idiot has shoved the bookcase right across the door of the study! I grit my teeth in frustration and sighed. Right. Guess I'll have to move it, then.

I pulled and shoved at the bookcase but I couldn't move it forwards, left, or right. In the end, I got so mad that I was about to kick it in frustration but then, the side of the bookcase moved, revealing a wide gap through to the study. A bookcase door!

11:45 am:

I was so shocked, I nearly ran upstairs and hid under the bed. But I managed to pull myself together, and sit down to start writing my first novel. In honour of my arrival in Moonlight Falls, I've decided to call my book 'Down the Rabbit Hole.' Which I have literally fallen into. The daughter of Hannah Castor decides to move to Moonlight Falls, town of strange and supernatural beings, from Bridgeport, the bustling city of shops, apartments, nightclubs and yellow taxis. I've decided to put it in the fiction genre.

After all, who's going to believe that it's my life story so far?

Five hours later...

4:45 pm:

Right. Finished my first novel, check. Haven't spontaneously combusted with the stress of it all, check. Have decided to explore the nightlife in Moonlight Falls tonight...if there is any at all. Which I seriously doubt. I'm decked out in my best Bridgeport finery, a light blue knee-high dress tied at the waist, and black high-heeled shoes.

5:00 pm:

I found myself staring at the Magic Orb ball on my desk, and ended up picking it up and shaking it to and fro. "Will I find any decent nightlife around here? And by decent, I mean proper nightclubs with flashing lights and all that jazz?"

5:10 pm:

I glanced at the reply. It said, 'Ask again later.'

Well, sod it. I'm going out to find some nightlife. If I am physically able to.

6:13 pm:

So this is the 'nightlife'. A place called 'The Toadstool' that looks exactly like its name, completely dead. Well, I always picture toadstools as some dead mushroom plants in a forest in the middle of nowhere. And as far as I can see, this place is exactly that. There's hardly anyone in here!

6:15 pm:



Is that a vampire...over there?

I take a closer look and saw that it is. A girl that looked to be in her early twenties, blonde hair pulled into plaits is standing by the stereo, examining her nails. Her blue eyes are shining in the typical way that vampires eyes' usually do, and the strangest thing about her (besides the whole vampire supernatural thing) is that she's wearing pink. Whenever I've seen vampires around, they're always wearing black. A bit depressing, really. A tingle of excitement ripples through me. I'm not a stranger to vampires, given that we used to live next door to one. I think. But still, a chance to actually meet a supernatural outside my old apartment block!

So, before I bottle out, I stand up straight and slowly meander towards her. She doesn't immediately glance up at me, but when I get near enough, she says, "Hey, there. Got any fresh plasma?"

I stop, stunned. "What?"

She looks at me, a half smirk on her face. "Just wondering. I haven't managed to find myself any plasma fruit for a few days, so I'm feeling a bit thirsty. Maybe you'll be able to remedy it."

I stare at her, and raise an eyebrow, even though inside I was feeling a tiny flicker of terror. "Well, I need each and every one of my red blood cells for transporting oxygen and nutrients, and...stuff." I flail around for an explanation, desperate to remember stuff from Biology I learned ages ago "And you could always go and raid the hospital, or something. It's not that hard."

7:10 pm:

Just as I think that she's going to bare her sharp white fangs and rip my throat out, she smiles at me. Properly. "At last, I've managed to find a human Sim who doesn't run away in terror when I ask that! Thank God." She looks at me, curiously. "I don't think I've seen you around before."

I breathe an inner sigh of relief. "No, I'm new here. I haven't actually met a lot of people yet...I'm Tilly Tierney." It takes a bit of getting used to my new name, I think.

"Emelie van Gould." She extends a hand and I reach out to shake it, feeling surprised at how cool her hand is. "We run the Van Gould café up near the hills."

"Oh. Wow!" Why can't I have something cool to say about what I do? Still I guess it can't hurt. So I say, "I'm an author. I've just moved here from Bridgeport."

Emelie looks surprised. "Really?" Her eyes widen. "That's so cool. My cousin Emmy lives in Bridgeport."

So that explains why there are a lot of vampires in Bridgeport.

"There's still a lot I have to learn about over here." I admit. "And it's not easy when you come from Bridgeport, which, according this fairy Flora Goodfellow I met the other day, makes it sound like a complete dump."

Emelie shakes her head. "Typical Flora. She means well, but is one of the most annoying people on God's green earth. She and her fellow fairies are always on about spreading sunshine into other Sim's lives, and twitter on and on. It's enough to drive anyone mad."

Before I can say anything else, though, a dark-eyed male vampire appears behind her, with brown hair and looking as though he's just stepped off the cover of the Bridgeport Gazette's Fashion Weekly. "Emelie, we're off now."

"Oh, all right." She waves at me. "I'll see you round, Tilly Tierney."

"See you." I lift my arm and wave at her, as she leaves with the other vampire.

11:45 pm:

Dragged myself to bed feeling depressed. When will I manage to settle in and start making friends properly. I'm so wound up that I don't think I'll ever be able to fall asleep. Oh, this is terrible. I'll be so tired in the morning that I won't be able to write my...Zzzzz.

Wednesday, 10th October

10:30 am:

I've started writing my second novel, entitled Confessions of a Bridgeport Girl. It's going well at the moment. I think that pouring my emotions and literary soul into it has helped a lot. True, most of the story centers around Lea's habit of riding up and down in the lifts for entertainment, Mum's TV series Blue Door Diaries, about a theatre group, and that time we got burgled at three in the morning, but I think it reads rather well.

10:55 am:

Found myself absent-mindedly checking the date on my computer and realised that it's a full moon tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should go out tomorrow night. I really actually do want to go out to explore a bit more of the town. Given that I haven't actually seen much apart from the alchemy store, the Toadstool, the park next door, or my own house, I may as well. On the other hand, I don't really want to end up attacked by a rampaging zombie or mauled by a werewolf.

11:00 am: Oh, I'm going out tomorrow. And maybe later this afternoon, given that I finish my novel.

3:35 pm:

After I managed to finish Confessions of a Bridgeport Girl, I decided to go for a drive around town in order to explore a few things. Drove away from the town towards an area near the mountains...wait, what was that? I put the brakes on and get out of the car to have a look round. What's that, nestled by the trees?

No, I'm not seeing things. It's a real gypsy caravan! All painted red with tassels and colourful by the windows, and a pink and orange striped roof.

3:40 pm:

Hmm...this will be good. Now, I'm still a bit skeptical about fortune tellers. They say one thing and mean another. They take your money and don't tell you anything useful, like when you'll eventually fall in love, or come into great windfalls of money.

But this is Moonlight Falls, right? And maybe fortune tellers aren't ALL scam artists.

Oh, hell. I may as well give it a shot. Hopefully at the end of the week, I won't be that girl who watches cheesy rom-coms late at night and ends up sitting on the sofa eating ice cream out of a carton.

(Okay. Maybe I've done that once. Or twice. But hey, we all do it! Right?)

15 minutes later...

Wow. This lady really knows her stuff. I didn't even have to tell her my name or the situation I'm in, because she seemed to know it all! She's staring intently with her eyes half-shut into her crystal ball which is filled with swirling mist, and hasn't moved for the past five minutes.

In fact...she looks like she's not even breathing.

3:55 pm:

Oh, God. She's not dead, is she? Maybe I'd better prod her, just to check.

3:56 pm:

"Um, hello?"

No answer.

3:57 pm:

A surge of panic and horror rises up in me, so that I struggle to take a breath. I've killed her! With my sorrowful situation about moving into a new town, and my eruption of misadventures I've experienced since I got here, it's no wonder she's keeled over! I'll get done by the police! Sentenced to life in prison! I can see it now, the judge sentencing my fate for the murder of an innocent fortune teller with one loud bang of his gavel. The citizens of Moonlight Falls staring evilly at me as I'm led away, handcuffed, by two burly police officials. I'll–

"So, Tilly–"

"Aargh!" I gasp, nearly falling off the pouffle I was seated on.

"It seems to me that since you got here, you just want to fit it with everyone. You want to be noticed, and not only by those who read your books. Supernaturals who live here seem to have a pretty good idea about new arrivals in the town, and so far they don't seem to paying you much attention. As I stared intently into the crystal ball, I saw the troublesome myriad of events that you have experienced since you have come here, which has told me..."

With that, she rambles away for forty centuries, using worlds like occult, psychic and Inner Eye. I try my best to follow along, but it's still very confusing.

4:15 pm:

"And that's why you never ask dead people for health tips." she concludes.

"But..." I stutter. "Weren't you supposed to tell me about when I'll finally settle in?" I asked desperately. "When I'll make friends and start living a better life than I have been since I got here?"

"Oh, don't worry about that, dear." she says in a comforting tone, rearranging a deck or cards. "Things will get better in about a week, so don't worry too much."

4:17 pm:

They better.