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Friday, 2nd November:

12:13 pm:

Coincidentally, in a week, things actually did get better. It's actually been about three weeks, but slowly, I'm making progress with meeting new people around town, and actually getting to know the town. Currently, my total friend count (well, really special acquaintances) stands at three. I had gotten to know Emelie van Gould quite well, along with Becky Younan, and a guy called Dwayne Wolff, who, incidentally, is a werewolf. I came to this realization (not only from his last name) after watching him run around the lawn in a weird way when I went to visit him one day, before he then began playing a game of fetch with his teenage son.

12:16 pm:

Anyway. It's the full moon again this week. Last week...and the week before, I actually can hardly bear to admit this due to embarrassment, but I didn't dare to venture out of my house for fear of being attacked by a zombie, or something. Although, as I glanced out the window occasionally, I did see some dark shapes shambling down the road as if they were sleepwalking. But tonight, things are going to be different.

12:32 pm:

Found myself (again) staring at the Magic 8 Ball placed on my desk. It's been there from when I moved in, placed there by I don't know who. Maybe it was a sign. A sign telling me to pick it up and shake it, for the truth to be revealed. About what, I wasn't sure, but I did it anyway.

"Should I go out tonight, when it's the full moon? Will I make amazing discoveries about things that I had no idea that previously existed until now?"

I waited while I swirled it around, then the answer flashed in the little window.

"A thousand times YES!"

Well, hell.

7:10 pm:

Emelie and I decided to meet at the Red Velvet Lounge that evening. I wasn't sure what to wear when it came to occasions such as these. I mean, yes tonight was a dress-and-heels occasion, but what if we were attacked by something? Emelie would be able to run away easily, but I'd be stumbling along, with all the grace of a zombie sprinting along the street. (Can they do that?)

After much pacing up and down my bedroom and yelling at my wardrobe in frustration, I finally selected my outfit, a purple and black dress with red shoes. I locked the door and the front gate (after all, you never know what supernatural being may stumble upon your house in the dead of night) and drove to the Red Velvet Lounge. Emelie was already there, waiting in the shadows of the building. She looked more mysterious in the light of the full moon, with this eerie glow surrounding her. When she saw me, she waved and came over to the car.

"Hello, human." she greeted me.

"Hey, my vampire friend." I replied.

"How about we go in the back way and get a drink? It's mayhem country in the front room." she told me, casting a quick glance in the direction of the door. "And if it's not too much trouble, I need your help with something."

"Yeah, sure." I said, as we walked towards the back entrance. (It's only common knowledge that you don't just say no to a vampire, right?)

In the Red Velvet Lounge...

8:01 pm:

She's right. It's pretty busy in here. Some werewolf is at the karaoke machine is howling away to 'Once In A Blue Moon', with all his fellow wolf pack members joining in for the chorus. Dark silhouettes of Sims, fairies and God knows what else are all round the room, talking loudly to their friends. Emelie and I are seated at the bar, her with a glass of plasma juice, and me peering round the room, seeing if there's anyone else here who I know. Obviously not.

8:05 pm:

"So, what do you need my help with?" I ask, trying not to appear morbidly curious, which I am.

Emelie takes a gulp of plasma juice and turns to me. "Okay. I'm down to my last plasma fruit pack, and I need you to help me raid the grocery store for more."

My mouth falls open in shock. Seeing my expression, Emelie rolls her glowing eyes. "Oh, come on. You were the one that told me to go and do it in the first place."

"I didn't mean take me along as an accomplice!" I blurt. "And what will we do if someone catches us?"

"They won't." She shakes her head. "Sensible of the store owners to close at eleven pm, so we just go in and help ourselves."

"All right, then." I sigh.

8:21 pm:

"I'm not so sure that's such a good idea." I hear a high, familiar voice to my left say clearly.

I turn around in my seat and groan inwardly. There sits bloody Flora Goodfellow, her wings fluttering slowly to and fro and stirring her drink, the perfect picture of innocence. When her eyes land on me, they widen in surprise. "Hey, you're the Bridgeport girl!"

"It's Tilly. Tilly Tierney" I state, exasperatedly. "What are you doing here?"

She huffs. "I'm just here for a bit of rest before I go back home for our monthly full moon garden party." She sips her drink again. "What are you doing here?"

"She's with me." Emelie slings her head around in Flora's direction and bares her teeth at her, in what I think is a smile. "And right now, we've both got some business to attend to, so we'll be off." She starts getting up from her seat, and I follow her.

"But–" Flora squeaks, looking put out. "If you go and–" she lowers her voice dramatically, "–steal plasma fruit from the grocery, it's one of the most awful crimes a person could commit! Why don't you just go and buy some, like all rightful people would do?"

9:00 pm:

Emelie turns round to her again, her face still set in that terrifying smile. "You know, maybe you're right." She pretends to deliberate. "Maybe, instead of stealing plasma fruit, I should just suck every last drop of blood out of your sparkling, righteous drippy body right here and now." She lowers her voice, sending a shiver down my spine. "But lucky for you, it's a good thing that I never drink fairy plasma...because I find it absolutely disgusting."

And, waving a hand at me to join her, she exits through the front door, leaving a strangely quiet Flora behind.

11:45 pm:

I never realized how much fun it was to do something that is way out of my comfort zone. And yes, I know it's a terrible thing to raid a grocery store in the middle of the night, but it's also...well, fun. I'm sitting in the trolley, choosing from the best plasma fruit types, while Emelie pushes me along. I guess that having supernatural strength has its advantages. As we whiz down the identical, green and white striped aisles at a hundred kilometres an hour, I'm just able to turn my head and say to Emelie, "Hey, I guess if we do get caught and thrown into the clink, you'll be able to choose the best plasma from any of the inmates there."

"This plan has no downsides!" We stuff our fists in our mouth to hide our giggles.

12:05 am:

We're outside, and depositing our plasma loot into the back of Emelie's car.

"I think that's all of them." I say, shutting the boot of the car. "Do plasma fruits actually taste like real blood?"

Emelie gives me a strange smile. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

I nod, then shrug. "Of course, I mean I'm sure it wouldn't taste that nice to a normal Sim like me, but to a vampire it would, wouldn't it? I've always wondered what it's like to be a vampire..."

In future, I should really learn to think before I speak. Any sane person would be able to guess why.

"Really?" Emelie gives me that strange smile again. "Well, it's no use to wonder when you can go ahead and achieve."

I suddenly realize that she's taken my arm in her grip, and that her teeth are dangerously near it.

"Wait, what are you doing?" My voice jumps about four octaves higher with a mixture of fright and apprehension.

Emelie gives me a look, like she's thinking, you're a few currents short of a fruitcake, Tilly.

"I'm just doing what you said." Without hesitation, she bites down onto my wrist, which feels like it's being injected with a warm, thick liquid. She releases my arm and steps back, saying something which I don't take in because of the pain in my wrist.

"Owwww! Emelie, that hurts!" I wail, clutching my wrist. "And I never said that I wanted to be a vampire! It was a hypothetical situation!" I force down the panic which is threatening to overtake me. "What's going to happen to me?"

12:15 am:

She steps back a bit and glances at me. "Don't worry, you won't die, or anything. In about three days, you'll become a vampire. Basically, the bite won't hurt, but may irritate a bit. And as the venom spreads through your bloodstream, it will feel a bit like someone's lit a fire inside you." She says this casually and shrugs her shoulders. "Look, if you really hate being a vampire, I'll buy you an anti-venom cure, and you'll go back to being the same old Tilly Tierney."

12:20 am:

And before I can say anything else, she disappears into the night, leaving me alone with my aching wrist, her car, its keys, and a trunk full of plasma fruit.

Saturday, 3rd November

10:27 am:

That bite itches ever so slightly. It's enough to resist the urge to scratch it, though. It might possibly make some good material for a new book...Vampirism and All Things Supernatural. Maybe it's not such a bad thing. I'll have to wait it out.

10:29 am:

Becky came round this morning to say hi, and to tell me that she told the owner of the Consignment Store where to stick it. "I'd just had it up to here–" she held her hand up next to her face, "with him continuing to let fairies into my store so that 'business would be boosted'. All they ever did was shriek about fairy dust and the correct way to use an alchemy station." She shook her head. "It was exhausting!"

"Right." I didn't tell her that I'd already bought an alchemy station, which was sitting in the garage. I'm finding it quite useful actually. I have had a couple of mishaps, but it shouldn't matter too much. The garage walls and ceiling needed decorating, anyway.

"Speaking of which, could you please take a look at this?" I asked her, opening the door onto the front porch. Beside me stood a wooden object, which looked like a broom stand, but I couldn't be sure. "I don't know what it is."

Becky came out of the house and stared first at the broom stand, then at me. "Since there's a broom leaning against it, it would seem obvious, Tilly!"

I looked again and saw she was right. My eyes had adjusted to the morning sun and I could clearly see it. "Erm, a broom, right? You use it for sweeping floors and things."

She looked as if she was trying not to laugh. "This isn't just any old broom." Then, she lowered her voice. "This is a magic broom."

I stared at her. "What? You mean, it can fly? Or something?"

"Go on, give it a try." She picked it up from the stand and handed it to me. I stared at it dubiously for a moment, before gingerly getting on it and grasping the handle with both hands. "Now, tell it where you want to go. I suggest somewhere like Zoomsweeper Test Track, where you can really get the hang of it."

Oh dear. This was not going to end up well.

"How am I supposed to know where to–AAARGH!"

10:36 pm:

I was frozen with terror as the broom suddenly shot forwards, down the street, away from Becky and the safety of home, and towards the high possibility of my impending death. Gripping the broom handle so tightly my knuckles turned white, I caught glimpses of houses, trees, and Sims as they flashed by. They didn't seem to take much notice of a fatal situation potentially about to occur.

Promptly, I felt the broom slowing down, the stopped completely out the front of a green park, which had a small arena set in the middle. I dismounted my broom and shakily walked over to it, my legs feeling unsteady. Hmm. Now that I had inspected it, it didn't seem that dangerous.

I thought I'd take a quick ride round the arena, just to test the broom out, then hopefully I'll be able to get back home in one piece.

10:42 pm:

Just one little ride, then home again.

11:10 am:

I underestimated how much fun this is...wheeee! Once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad at all, really. I wonder how many Sims know how to ride a broom?

11:13 am:

I wonder if there's a Moonlight Falls Quidditch team that I could join?

Back at home...

4:32 pm:

Dwayne Wolff phoned me this afternoon as I was watering my Magic Jellybean plants near the front door. He said that there was a party on at his house this evening, I was invited, and he'd invited some more of his friends. He hung up before I could ask him what to wear.

4:38 pm:

I decided to wear my casual pink and white striped dress with tights and my favourite pair of purple ballet flats. As I made my way out the door, I hesitated at the Magic Jellybean plants, then quickly grabbed a lilac spotted one and popped it in my mouth. It tasted a little unusual, but what's the harm? It's just a jellybean!

And besides, I've got a party to go to!

3:12 am:

Party such fuuun. I tink something in that Magic Jellybean made me v. buzzed up. Dwayne and I did the twist an we fell oveer. Loud music and looots of people, made me feel grate. He has such a cute spotted dog and I wanted it so I bought it home wiv me.

Sunday, 4th November:

9:30 am:

Oh, gosh. I never knew that Magic Jellybeans could mess with your head. Like magic mushrooms, but not like that at all. I think I'll steer clear of them for a long while.

9:32 am:

And there's something else. The heat in my bloodstream! It's like what Emelie said, my blood feels like it's on fire! What have I gotten myself into?

9:33 am:

I rub my eyes and glance at my clock on my bedside table. Right. Time for me to get up and started on my writing. This time, I plan to write in detail, about the joys of plasma fruit and fairy dust, so that other Sims like are able to get a taste of the supernatural world. However this could be tricky, as I'm only just beginning to understand the world I've moved into a month ago. On the other hand...I think I'll just laze here for another five minutes.

9:36 am:

Wait. What's that scuffling sound I hear that's coming nearer and nearer to my bedroom door? I stay still for a moment, wondering who or what it could be.

A werewolf, ready to maul me to pieces? A zombie, about to eat my brain?

What is it?

9:38 am:

Then, an small, adorable, black and white Dalmation dog pokes its head round the door and stares at me, as if waiting for me to fetch it a chewy bone or something.

What the hell is a Dalmation doing in my house? Perhaps it's one of the hundred and one Dalmations? Maybe it got lost?

9:40 am:

Oh no.

I've remembered now. Last night, at Dwayne Wolff's party. He showed me his dog who had just had puppies, and asked me if I'd like to adopt one. So of course I did. After all, the puppies were so adorable and tiny!

And now, that adorable, tiny dog is beginning to chew yesterdays' paper, ripping it into shreds of newsprint before spreading it all round the room, and rolling round on top of them.


9:51 am:

What have I gotten myself into?

Monday, 5th November:

12:34 pm:

I've decided to name my dog Lydia, as there aren't many dogs around that I've seen with non-petlike names, and I want to break the stereotype. As soon as I've finished writing Chapter Two of my new book, 'Vampirism And All Things Supernatural', I'm taking Lydia out for a walk to the local park. It's about time I beheld the great outdoors with an air of interest and awe, rather than with an air of desperation, looking for things to write about.

Terribly boring, I know.

2:33 pm:

The heat in my bloodstream still hasn't died down, or changed. The good news is, it's a cloudy day today. I'm standing beside the park fountain, watching Lydia as she dashes about chasing after nothing, then tries to catch her tail in her mouth.

I don't even notice there's someone behind me until a voice says, "Cute dog. Is it yours?"

Turning around, I see a tall, tanned guy with dark floppy hair and brown eyes looking at me expectantly, as if waiting for an answer. He's wearing fashionable, everyday clothing and it takes all my willpower not to stand there gazing at him open-mouthed, like an imbecile.

2:43 pm:

Instead, I smile at him and say, "Yes, that's my dog Lydia. I got her a few days ago." I nod as if to make a point, while making a mental note to look in the dictionary once I get home and look up the word 'attractive'. I'll be surprised if I don't find a picture of his face next to it.

He smiles back at me–(wow, he's got an amazing smile, I think)–and says, "I like dogs. I used to have one once when I was a child, a dog called Bear. Not a bear called Dog."

I giggle. Lydia has taken to staring intently at him as though she's never seen anything more interesting in her life. "So, who are you?" I ask.

"I'm Ben Harrison." he replies. "I've just moved here from Lucky Palms for a new start, and everything. I'm starting school next week, as a teacher." He holds his hand out for me to shake, which I do.

"I'm Tilly Tierney." I explain. "I'm a writer for all genres, including historical." (Why did I say that? Why? I don't even know anything about history!)

2:45 pm:

Ben looks impressed. "You write historical books? I love history."

I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with this, however, I plough on. "That's true." I say proudly. "I've acually met up with..." I desperately cast my mind around for a name, and it lands on Frida Goth, who is an actual historian. "Frida Goth. We've actually discussed the idea for an upcoming historical story about someone called Ariel Moro, who, along with the help of a child vampire, managed to uncover the mystery of who killed several of her ghost friends." I finish and glance at him, beaming.

3:52 pm:

"Gosh." He pauses for a couple of seconds. "You mean, Frida Goth, the well-known historical author, who lives here in Moonlight Falls?

I beam and nod, though on the inside I'm praying he'll just go along with it.

"Frida Goth, who died in a house fire in 1992?"

Back at home...

4:10 pm: Oh my God. I have no chance with him at all now. I've completely blown it. He must have known I was lying to impress...but still! This is awful. I feel like such a–

4:15 pm: Wow. This change has suddenly come over me, a bit like a part of me has died, but not. My blood isn't hot anymore. Instead, I crave something, like a thirst.

Something like...blood?

4:18 pm:

I think I'd better ring up Emelie, and ask her to bring over that trunkful of plasma fruit. Pronto.

After all, vampires like us had better stick together, right?

So there you have it! PS. I added something in here relating to one of my other stories, so if you can guess what it is, check it out if you want to! Also what do you think will become of Tilly and Ben...?