"..the wife stands firm the bonfire had been extinguished and the husband stands firm to the opposite. The question is, Holmes, which-"

"It was arson," Sherlock Holmes said loftily, rifling through his sundry papers and pamphlets, and proceeding to drape over the settee's arms.

Lestrade gazed indignantly at the detective before turning to the meeker dcotor, who was wearing a grimace, Lestrade presumed over his companion's behavior.

"Lestrade," Watson began gently.

Lestrade recognized that apologetic posture and became to sputter. "Oh, no, don't defend him," he snapped.

Sherlock began to laugh, and even Watson's lip began to curve into a smile. It progressed into both of them curle dover, howling.

"The bloody hell?" Lestrade demanded.

"It was arson," Sherlock repeated.

Watson concluded, still chuckling, "It rained last night, Lestrade."