Harry opens his eyes once the sun touches his face. He groans as he realizes that today would be another day of school. Lovely

'Why couldn't the Avengers clean up take up another week of school?'

He huffed

'Not to mention another Dudley free week'

He thought about it for a second before he got up put on his glasses and went into the bathroom that was in his room. But before he closed the door a thought flashed through his head that made him smile.

'Dudley free week is a heaven. But today's the day Tonks comes back from her vacation. Lord knows the type of questions she'll bombard me with"

And with that the day seemed more bearable

"Hey Potter Heads up!" Yelled Colin Crevey a freshmen at Midtown High

This snaps Harry out of his thoughts of him and girl he knew he could never have.

"Hu-Oh Crap!"

Harry shoots off from the bench he was sitting on and raced towards the school bus, which was slowly pulling away. This has been happening a lot lately

"HEY STOP THE BUS! STOP THE BUS!" Harry yells while pounding onto the side of the bus.

Through the door Harry could see that the bus driver was having fun with the situation for he was laughing like a maniac along with the other kids.

The bus passed now passed Harry. Harry slowed down to a walk; he huffed knowing he missed his bus. He looked towards the back window of the bus and saw the angelic face of the person he had hoped to sit next too. Her face then disappeared and was replaced by more teasing kids.

A moment later the bus stopped to a screeching halt. Harry looked at it in shock, he snapped himself out of it and took this opportunity to catch up to it. As soon as he reached the door's they opened. He climbed aboard to see that the bus driver was not laughing and now sported a split lip and a bruised cheek.

"Sit down kid!" he barked in a gruff voice

Harry jumped then nodded.

As he was making his way down the aisle he noticed three things.

All the students in the school bus were looking at him. Some in disgust (Something that was never new to Harry), some in curiosity, and some in annoyance, but only one with a smile glued to her face.

Dudley had this look on his face that screamed "Your Dead Potter!"

And last, the girl in which he was looking for now sported a bruise on her cheek and a small cut above her eye

He almost made it to her before the bus started to move, this caused Harry to stumble slightly forward, and for Dudley to stick his foot out. Harry met the floor fast and the only thing that seemed louder than the shout of surprise from Harry was the breaking of glass…

…From his glasses…


Harry looked now through one shattered lens while the other one was slightly cracked.

Harry heard laughter before him from half the bus. He looked up to see that a lot of people were laughing at him. Harry huffed in annoyance and he climbed to his feet. He slowly made his way to the back of the bus. But before he made it there someone tapped him on his shoulder.

He turned to find his purple haired goddess in front of him… along with the other six he saw with his broken glasses

"Where do you think your going Potter?"

Harry smiled as she engulfed him in a hug, which lasted for years.

"Nowhere but the back of the bus where all scum belong." Harry answered jokingly

She tsked him and shook her head as she rolled her eyes. "Now Potter we are going to have to change that self-loathing attitude, here come sit with me."

She grabbed him by his hand and sat down and tugged him down onto the seat. She scooted closer to the window before she started again.

"Why is it that I can never have you without any blood on you?"

Harry gave her a confused look before he felt a drop of blood slide down his eyebrow onto his cheek then onto his chin. He moved a hand to his eyebrow and started to scan the area for the thing that caused him to bleed. He found it.

"Stay still. I'll get it." Ordered Tonks

She leaned in so close that he could feel her breath. She touched the thing in his eyebrow and slowly tugged at it. It caused the blood droplets to fall a bit faster. She finally got it out; she stared at then at Harry then she scowled.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"That big dolt Dudley messed up your glasses and your face." She growled.

"Speaking of messed up faces, what happened to you?"

She put on this look of fake hurt

"Well well mister potter aren't we the ladies man eh?"

She then smiled

"Got the new shiner and cut trying to stop the bus driver. I might look bad but he look's worse." She ended with pride in her voice

Harry chuckled and slowly shook his head.

"I know I saw. But why did you do it?"

She put on an innocent look

"'Cause the big mean ol' bus driver drove away before my bestest friend got on the bus."

The way she said it caused Harry to blush

"Plus you owe me a story of what happened while I was gone!"

Harry feigned a look of hurt then said:

"And here I thought you cared for me. Oh well"

She flicked him on his forehead causing him to look at her. She had her arms crossed. This is when Harry just noticed what she was wearing. Black Skinny jeans with black and white Chuck Taylors, a black "All American Rejects" t-shirt, and a blue and white Paramore jacket. But what stood out the most was the serious look on her face.

"You need to stop with all this self-loathing attitude. I've been gone one week and you've gone emo on me." She sighed and flicked him on the forehead again.

She stared at his eyebrow in concern before digging into her backpack that she had under her seat

While she dig in her book bag Harry looked around the bus and noticed things were back to they were. The other people were chatting with friends, on their phones, or listing to their I-pods and such. He noticed that Dudley and his goons were talking in whispers and looking towards his area. Harry knew this was no good. He looked out the bus window and saw that they were close to school.

Tonks then suddenly popped back up from her dig in her book bag. She had a Band-Aid in her hand.

"Let's fix that face yeah?" she asked with a smile

Harry shook his head "No, you still got a fresh cut as well. You use it."

She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"How come men always put up with the cut's and bruises?"

Harry chuckled and answered. "'Cause"

He took the Band-Aid and put it on her cut above her eye

"I've always known how to deal with pain."

This caused silence between them. What Harry said was true, sad but true. When Harry was younger his parents had died in a plane crash. It was horrible; the bodies were too burnt to be recognizable. Harry then had gone to live with his mother's sister, and during his time there he was abused and neglected. All because his aunt bore hatred for her sister. It was until Harry's 9th birthday that Harry met Tonks. It was then Harry finally got some mental stability.

Harry had grown up thinking that he was useless, that he wasn't loved. That had led him to self-harming, but Tonks had stopped that all. Since then Harry has been great friend with Tonks. As an added plus it didn't hurt that Tonks only lived a few blocks away from his house where he and his godfather, Sirius, reside.

"There you go again bringing up that. Harry it's the past, I understand you got hurt but one simply needs to let go."

Harry gave a small chuckle

"I let go long time ago. I'm just stating the truth."

She rolled her eyes and flicked him again on the forehead.

The bus then stopped.

"Oh! Were here!" Tonks stated.

Harry stood and waited his turn to walk down the aisle. Once off the bus he looked to his school, which was just putting the last touch on repairs. He had hardly had believed that he had gotten accepted into this school. But then again it was easy if you never want to end up as Tonks as your tutor.

'No offense to Tonks but she's one hell of a complainer'

Harry was then hug tackled from Tonks.

"Uh What's this for?" Harry asked trying to breath

"I really missed you." She said, her words muffled as her face was pressed in his shoulder

This really struck Harry hard. Harry then struggled to get his arms around her from his position, he tried the best he could and he managed to hug her back

"I missed you too Tonks"