Harry woke up in a cold sweat, the feeling of being in danger felt heavy this time. He looked around his room, it was bathed in the moonlight of the very early morning, clothes were thrown around leaving it quite messy, and a desk in the corner seemed messier than the room. Pilled upon it was a mess of books and stray papers and newspapers that covered the battle of downtown that happened sometime ago. He looked out his window expecting to see someone standing just outside of it but his vision was only met with a skyline of downtown and the neighborhood before that.

'Wait how can I see that far?'

He reached up to see if he had somehow accidently fallen asleep with his glasses, but then he remembered. His glasses had broken; he would've noticed the crack in the lenses.

A movement on the left side of his bed caught his attention.

Tonks was moving as she slept, she seemed to be looking for the arm that she was cuddling with a few minutes ago. Harry smiled at her; he remembered the conversation that took place that led to them falling asleep on each other. And he also remembered the events that led up to the conversation, the note, the pounding on the door for him to open up, and the kiss. He smiled at that as well.

He laid back and let his arm be hugged and slept upon. This was something that Harry could definitely get use to

The sense of being in danger came back again

Harry shot up from bed and walked fast to his window once again. He opened it an looked out into the alley it faced. Out there he saw a man standing there alone. From where Harry was standing he could tell that the man was wearing a trench coat, something strange for this part of the city. If you were downtown, no one would bat an eye, but here in queens. You stick out like a sore thumb.

Harry gave him a good five minutes or so. Gave him a good look over, a trench coat, and what looks like a suit seemed to be what the stranger was wearing underneath. Harry tried to make out the face, but nothing. It seemed blurred; yet, somehow, Harry could tell he was making eye contact with whoever that is

'Who in the bloody hell is he?'

He was about to yell out to the stranger but a voice quieted him "Harry you okay love? Why are you out of bed?"

He turned to her voice and noticed a little sleepy and worried expression on her beautiful face. "I'm. Um okay. Its just-" he looked back towards the window; the man that was once there was now gone. Harry then turned towards the window and searched his whole area of view for the person


Still looking out the window he replied "No, its nothing Nym." He looked back towards her "I uh just thought I saw a raccoon that's all" he offered a small smile an a chuckle

She just smiled and giggled "Does Mr. Potter plan on returning back to bed anytime soon?"

Harry looked at the bedside table he had and checked his alarm clock to see it was 3 in the morning. He only had three hours till he had to get up for school.

"Why yes" he made his way to bed, but before climbing back in he looked back at the now open window and shrugged.

'Maybe I'm imagining things'

He laid back in bed and let Tonks snuggle closer to him. His confidence was really showing now, as he looked at her and kissed her goodnight.

"Goodnight Love" sighed Tonks

"Goodnight Nym"


"Harry! Wake up! Come on! School!"

Harry's eyes were greeted with sunlight, and a kiss on the cheek from Tonks.

"What time is it?" Harry asked with sleep heavy on his voice

"Time to get that cute bum out of bed" Tonks replied with a wink

Harry, now red in the face, merely sputtered and mumbled "Not as cute as yours" before he got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Slowly he began to peel clothes away and he turned the knobs on his shower, steam raised within seconds. He turn towards the mirror that hung over the sink and took a second glance at himself in pure shock

"What in the hell"

His arms, which use to seem lanky, were now toned and hard as rocks, his shoulders showed lean muscle, all the baby fat that use to soften Harry's features had disappeared and was replaced with sharp lean feature. But what really interested Harry was that his upper body showed signs of an Olympic medal gymnast. What use to be covered by a thin layer of baby fat was vanished and rock hard lean muscle replaced it.

He turned and his back showed signs of muscle development, as if he were lifting weights his whole life. As he continued to glance at his new lean body he wondered where the hell it all came from. Harry was never much a person for athletics; he was more of a photographer or bookworm. The only time he really had to run was when he was running away from Dudley and his gang, or for the bus, which he sometimes missed

"Harry you okay? What's taking so long hun?" came Tonks voice through the door and snapped Harry out of his wonder.

"Um nothing, sorry just wanted to soak for a bit!" he called back, he then finally stepped into the shower

"Hurry love time is of the essence if we want to make it on time! So wash your cute bum, the family jewels and everything in between love! And hurry 'cause I want to be able to shower too"

The comment of the bum and the family jewels made Harry blush like crazy. "I'm hurrying as fast as I can love" which wasn't to far off, Harry was just stepping out and wrapping a towel around his waist as she finished that sentence.

He gripped the Door handle and turned it…. Only to see it snap off the door as if it were made out of Styrofoam.

"Harry what was that?"

Harry was in complete shock and took a second before he answered.

"Um, I I think I broke the door knob"

There was a moment of silence before Tonks replied

"Wait what? It sounded like you said you broke the door knob"

Harry looked at the broken knob hand and looked in unbelief "That is exactly what I said"

Tonks jiggled the doorknob on her end and that caused the knob on her end to simply fall off as if it was sliced off, causing her to yelp in surprise. The door swung open in Harry's direction revealing him in nothing but a towel.

A red in the face Tonks only replied "Well, this is a uh, Surprise"

And a equally red in the face Harry Replied "Yes, big surprise"

And that is how the Awkward day started

AN: I sorta had an experience like this a couple months back hehe. Except it didn't go as smoothly as this did. Sorry if this feels like a filler, but it's necessary because of what shall happen in the next chapter. This story is moving forward

Until next time mates

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