Disclaimer- I don't own Star Wars. Or the Republic/Imperial Commando series. Or the Star Wars video games for that matter. Alas, if I did I would have money, but as I have a college student's wallet, no dice. The recognizable text was taken from Karen Traviss' True Colors.

Summary- Karen Traviss shows us a lot of people's reactions, but only the bare bones of it. What outsiders thought when dealing with various members of the Skirata Clan. First up- Jilka Zan Zentis' reaction to Besany telling her she was dating a member of the GAR.

-There: she'd said the B word to herself, and now to Jilka. If she called Ordo anything else, she would have proved to herself that she was ashamed of what he was, making him less than human."

Jilka ducked her head around Besany Wennen's door, and saw the statuesque blond biting her lip as she stared at the holo screen in front of her, frown lines creasing her pale brow. But then, Besany seemed to do nothing but stare off into space or at her work frowning these days. She needed, as far as Jilka was concerned, to lighten up a little.

"Lunch, Bez?" she called to the other woman, and only felt slightly irritated as Besany just about jumped out of her skin. Sheesh. She needed to take Besany out to the spa or something and get her to talk. The blond needed to relax, before she gave herself a heart attack.

Her answer was what Jilka had come to escape of her friend. "Busy...monitoring reports to do..."

Jilka bit back a sigh of exasperation; she knew from past experiences that gentler tactics were needed to pull Besany out of her office.

"Are you okay?" the tax enforcer asked.

Besany's eyes, to Jilka's irritation, remained glued to the numbers on the screen in front of her. "You keep asking me that lately," the blond countered, avoiding answering her question.

"You haven't been yourself for awhile," Jilka retorted, frustrated. Besany had always been far more serious than her, taking everything to heart, but something was had been clearly bothering her for quite some time now, and Jilka was sick of trying to get it out of her. It was time to confront the problem head on, a tactic Jilka was more comfortable and familiar with.

Besany finally looked at her, and her dark eyes showed a defensive anger Jilka didn't understand. "My...boyfriend's serving in the Grand Army. And I spend my days waiting to hear that he isn't dead, okay?"



Jilka felt her spine snap straight in shock, a little bit of anger, and sudden empathy. Besany Wennen, so gorgeous she intimidated men and too shy and awkward to seek them, had a boyfriend? Well, good for her. Well, good for her. It was about time Besany got with someone; maybe this man of her's would help the blond lighten up. Still, why hadn't she told Jilka sooner? There were all sorts of things Jilka could educated Besany on about relationships between a man and a woman and the way to keep the man engaged that beautiful, awkward, and earnest Besany probably didn't know, or even have a clue of. Then again, Besany had said he was in the GAR. Maybe her friend hadn't had a chance to go that far with her new man.

Jilka suddenly felt ashamed of her previous thought. Besany was the most beautiful woman she knew, and not just in looks. If anyone deserved a good man who would treat her like a goddess, it was Besany. It seemed though that she had found a man just as devoted to civic duty as herself, which was a shame.

"I'm sorry-" she apologized to the other woman, "I didn't realize. We don't have that many citizens serving, do we?"

"Clones don't get citizenship."

Besany's calm statement was like a punch in the gut. Besany was dating a clone? Could a citizen even date a clone? They weren't...well, they weren't like men. Not really. More machine than man, and certainly not capable of any emotional depth. What was Besany thinking? What woman voluntarily dated a clone? That wasn't a real relationship, that was...the tax enforcer didn't even know what to call it. Where had Besany even met a clone in the first place, much less talked to one? Then she remembered the other woman's little trip to the logistics center.

Jilka felt her eyes water, and the tax enforcer realized that she and Besany had been starring at each other. Besany's eyes were proud and hard and Jilka could hardly recognize the woman in front of her.

"Wow," she said flatly, the word not fully enunciating her shocked disgust. "You must have had more fun doing that investigation at the logistics center than I thought."

Which Besany hadn't said a word about when she'd come back, and had avoided the subject of. Jilka slipped out of her- well, Besany was still her friend, but Jilka certainly wasn't having lunch with her any more- acquaintance's doorway and speed walked down to Marcie's office. A citizen, dating a clone trooper? She had to tell someone about this. Besany didn't seem to understand what she had done, and Jilka couldn't understand her actions.

As she clicked down the hall way, Jilka wondered what had happened to her intelligent friend who, just an hour ago, she would have sworn would never do something so outrageous as talk to a clone trooper, much less date one.


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