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Chapter 1

Man! I wish my mother was just get over Taka (Aka Scar) already! I mean seriously. I said to myself. Then I saw a teenager lion hunting in the Outlands? Then I stepped up to her.

"Who're you, Pridelander?" I snarled at the lioness.

The teenager lioness backs away in fear, then suddenly she was eager to attack me.

"The name is Kiara!" Kiara snapped.

My eyes were wide open. I smirked a little at her and then we glared at each other for 15 minutes and then I chuckled at her.

"What's so funny!?" Kiara snapped at me again.

"You are so brave and fearless. I like that in a lioness." I said.

I was unaware that I was flirting with the king's daughter. Then Kiara blushed.

"What's your name?" Kiara asked in a much more calmer tone of voice.

"My name is…Nuka." I said shyly.

"Outsider…" Kiara muttered to herself while staring at the ground playing with the rocks and pebbles with her paws.

"So!" I snapped at her.

"So I really like you." Kiara giggled.

"What!?" I said in surprise.

"Ha ha! I love you, silly." Kiara chuckled.

Then I blushed and then we both blushed. Then we started to interact with each other like two tigers. We sniffed each other and played with each other. Then Kiara followed me anywhere I went and laughed at me when I made a blundering mistake. I was in love with the king's daughter Kiara.

"I just love following you around." Kiara said.

"I love…I love you following me around too, Kiara!" I said.

"Should we eat together?" Kiara asked.

"Sure! What do want to eat?" I asked.

" I want to eat… hippo!" She said.

"Hippo sounds good." I said.

Then we both went hunting out for Hippos. Later, at the pridelands, Simba was worried.

"Where is Kiara? She should've been back a long time ago."

"Remember, You promise Kiara she hunt on her own." Snakey said.

"Should I go look for the trouble-making lioness" Kopa asked Simba.

"Sure, Kopa. But hurry back."

"Yes father." Kopa said.

Kopa ran find where Kiara is. Then Kopa jumps finding her sister eating with me. Obviously I froze.

"Kopa is not what you-" Kiara paused.

"No! I'm telling father, he would be disappointed, c'mon now Kiara, you ate enough!" Kopa snapped.

"But-" Kiara said.

"Kiara! NOW!" Kopa said.

Then Kiara was bout to cry, she was heartbroken. She wanted to spend more time with me and love me. But I couldn't do nothing about and then Kopa looked at me and gave a dirty look.

"You keep away from me, my father, my mother and my sister, Outsider!" Kopa said.

I was ashamed.

Then Kiara ran and cried to inside the pridelands rock.

"Why is Kiara crying, son?" Simba asked puzzled.

"She was with an outsider-" Kopa said firmly.

"Outsider! Kiara!" Simba roared.

Kiara didn't want to hear her father. She cried even louder.

"I hate being in the Pridelands! I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT!" Kiara sobbed.

"Princess…" Simba said puzzled.

"Nuka, Is my love! He loves me, you can not stop me from loving me daddy." Kiara sobbed in depression.

"But-" Simba said

"I hate this family! I wish you guys were never born. How would you like it if I was your mother I said you can not be with an outsider! Oh I hate my life!" She ran away from the pridelands.

"KIARA!" Simba and Nala said in unison.

But Kiara was gone.

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