Chapter 6

"leave him alone!" Kifaru said

Anguko saw his older sister running towards him and Starehe. Starehe had a albino lion (white lion) with a outsider nose and a gray (almost black) tuff on his head of course, He was the son of Burudika and has 2 sisters name Chache and Salama, who were also white lionesses. Starehe had heterochromia, which mean he had two different colors, one orange eye and one blue eye.

"Kifaru-" Anguko said.

"Why you beating up my boyfriend?" Kifaru asked.

Anguko, Chache, Salama, Milo, Kizuri and Kubopa cocked their eyebrows.

"BOYFRIEND!?" Anguko and his friends said all in unison.

"Since when you had a love interest in my older sister, you are my same age. You can not just have a affair with my sister!" Anguko protested.

"Yes I can!" Starehe said stubbornly.

"Three words for you Kifaru, OH DEAR GOD!" Salama said.

"Why?" Chache said while doing a faceplam.

"Hey kids!" Kiara said.

Suddenly they became quiet soon as Kiara came by.

"And I'm interrupting something?" Kiara asked.

"Kifaru got a boyfriend!" Kubopa said.

"What?" Kiara asked while her left ear was twitching in disbelief.

"Kifaru got a boyfriend! Kifaru got a boyfriend!" Milo teased.

Kifaru blushed, she was extremely embarrassed, she running while she was ashamed, guilty and a knuckle-head. But Kiara grabbed her before she could run past her.

"What's this boyfriend stuff bout, Kifaru!" Kiara chuckled.

"Well… you see… I decided to have a mate, you know… I'm in love with Starehe. Anguko was beating him up!" Kifaru explained.

Kiara cocked her eyebrows at Anguko.

"I was only trying to protect my sister! I'm sorry!" Anguko said.

"Make sure it doesn't happen again, Guko!" Kiara said.

Suddenly Nala popped out, in raw anger.

"Kiara come back!" Nala pleaded.

"No!" I said.

I walked over here defending my pride.

"Daddy!" Milo said.

"Nuka…" Kiara said.

"Was I talking to you!" Nala growled.

"No! But I adore your daughter!" I blunted out stubbornly.

"No! I don't want to come home!" Kiara said.

"Meet your grandmother!" Kiara grunted.

"Grandma!" Kubopa said.

They ran to their grandmother. Nala smiled at them.

"Now come over here!" I scolded.

"Aww!" The five said.

Suddenly I attacked My mother!

"Grandmother!" Kizuri shouted.

"KIARA GET OFF ME!" Nala shouted.

"NEVER! I WANT TO KILL YOU!" Kiara said.

"Kiki!" I said.

That was Kiara nickname, I called here Kiki…

"KIARA!" Nala shouted.

Kiara let go Nala she was scarred to death all over her body. Kiara cried. She look up to Nala (who was my mother-in law) when she was a cub.

"ughhh.." Nala said while breathing heavily.

"I feel like Scar has taking for my soul!" Kiara said.

"Why…" Nala said.

She limped back to the pridelands, She was also crying.

"Simba… I tried." Nala said.

"This has gone to far!" Simba said.

Nala collapsed on to the floor, bleeding for god sake!

"Nala!" Simba said.

"Kiara… said… that… Scar… was taking… control.. Of… her…! I don't know for… a fact…." Nala said.

Her eyes were shut.

"Nala! NALA!" Simba shouted.


Nala did not respond.


No reply… Nala was dead.

"Kiara… Killed her own mother! Nala!" Malka said.

"Why Kiara!?" Kula said.

"Nala! She can't be dead." Tama said while crying.

"She was my best friend! I really liked her!" Tama said.

Simba nudged Nala's dead body. Simba was crying.

"This is worse then my father's death!" Simba cried.