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My Dream Proposal?

A Fanfiction By BlackLynx17


"Lucy! I need you help! Please, please, PLEASE! Help me pick out a wedding ring?!" Natsu begged me.

How I should have reacted.


I summon out my Capricorn, he beats the stuffing out of Natsu, then I lock him up in a space ship and make it go around the world for all eternity so not only would he starve, but he would get motion sickness for the rest of his sad, pathetic, miserable life! Then I'd sit back in a chair, relaxing, and laugh maniacally every time I saw the space ship fly by.

How I reacted.

My eyes twitched a little and my smile slightly wavered.

"I don't think so Natsu" I said.

"Please Lucy!" he begged.

"I can't, I've very busy trying to write a new novel and everything" I lied.




"No Natsu."


"NO NATSU!" I said and starting walking in the opposite direction.

Natsu tugged on the scarf around my neck, well his scarf around my neck and pulled me back. I looked behind me and saw him on his knees.


I was never going to win. People were starting to stare also, I give in.

"Alright" I sighed.

"PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" he continued whining.





I sighed in frustration and grabbed his collar.

"I SAID YES ALREADY!" I yelled at his face.

Natsu stared at me.


"Oh" he said then smiled.

"Bout time, I still had a few more pleases in me though" Natsu said getting up from the street.

He dusted himself off and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go then before you change your mind" he said walking forward.

I sighed and walked very moody behind him, pulling his scarf higher above my face so he couldn't see the my expression. This was hell. My own personal hell. How else would I describe looking for a wedding ring with the love of my life for another woman? Going to Disneyland?!

"Why are you holding my hand?" I asked.

Natsu looked back at me and at our joint hands.

"Why not?" he asked shrugging.

10 Good Reasons Why Not!

1.) We are NOT dating

2.) We are going to buy a wedding ring that ISN'T for the my hand that your holding

3.) You don't even have the slightest romantic feeling for me





Alright so I couldn't think of a four, but 3 was still good enough.

"Just let go Natsu" I growled.

"No" he said stubbornly.

I didn't mean to, but I started crying. Natsu's eyes widened and he immediately let go.

"I'm sorry! Was I squeezing to hard? Did it hurt? Was that why?! I'm so sorry Lucy!" Natsu said.

I brought my hands up to my cheeks and tried to wipe the tears away. It wasn't that, the feelings inside me just overwhelmed and it hurt too much. I love him, I love Natsu and yet, yet... he was going to marry someone else. If he had that planned from the beginning then why did hold my hand? Why did he spend so many nights over my home? Why did he comfort me like a boyfriend would?

Why did he give me his scarf? The one thing in the world that he had left to remind him of Igneel. It was too much, the emotions, I couldn't handle them. It hurt thinking about them.

"Lucy" Natsu said.

He started rubbing my cheek with the scarf, wiping away the tears.

"I'm sorry, I won't hold your hand" he said.

I sniffed and wiped my nose.

"I'm sorry too, let's just get this over with" I said walking again.

No way I was going to tell him the real reason behind those tears. What chance did I stand? Maybe when they first started dating there was a possibility that if I would have confessed he would have chosen me but now? That he was going to propose to her? I didn't have a chance in the world. I didn't even know they we're dating! I only assumed it was Lisanna, ever since she's been back Natsu's been hanging around her.

Sure we still go on our missions and he'd never let me feel left out or anything... I didn't even know. Maybe they kept it from me on purpose... I wonder if the other's at the guild knew about it?

"Lucy, earth to Lucy? We're here" Natsu said.

I paused and looked up at the building in front of me. Why did I even agree to this? Because he groveled? Because I felt sorry for him? Right about this moment I was feeling sorry for myself.

"Let's go! Come on!" he said grabbing the end of his scarf.

He started tugging me inside while I tried to loosen up the scarf so I wouldn't be choking. Finally Natsu released it and I was in my own personal hell now.


All around me. Happy couples, single males, everything in here made me want to tear up again. This was something I'd never have, I'd never be married to Natsu, I wouldn't get to have a big wedding wi-

"Why you lagging so much Lucy?" Natsu asked.

He leaned closer into my face, like he couldn't see me from before. I sighed and pushed him away.

"Let's just get this over with" I sighed.

Natsu grinned and grabbed my arm. We starting looking around the store, everything around me screamed love. Something I'd never have with Natsu. Just get through this Lucy, then you can go back home and have yourself a little pity party.

"What do you think Lucy? You're not even helping" Natsu pouted.

I giggled a little, "Alright, I'll help. I'm going to look over here, you try over there" I told Natsu.

He nodded and walked away. I walked the opposite direction, it would be just my luck to be looking at the red diamond section. Each red colored ring I saw reminded me of Natsu, would it be unwise of me just to summon out Taurus and destroy this whole shop? Yes it would. Just because I'm not happy doesn't mean I can ruin other people's happiness. Besides I wouldn't have enough money to pay for the damages I caused.

I leaned over the glass case and sighed again. My breath fogged up the case, I smiled lightly and drew a heart with my finger. Natsu. What did all our time mean together? Why'd you make me fall in love with you? Well... I guess in a way he didn't make me fall for him. Natsu was being himself, I was the one who decided to fall in love or not... so suddenly this was my fault.

I gritted my teeth and banged my hand on the glass case. Oops, probably wasn't the best idea. I squeezed my eyes closed and lifted the hand. I peeked out of one eye, no cracks. Phew, I was safe.

"Lucy! Get over here!" Natsu yelled.

I literally had to drag myself over to where Natsu was standing.

"Give me" he said snatching up my hand.

I felt something slide onto my finger, when Natsu let go of my hand I saw the ring. Silver bond, gold diamond in the middle.

"Pretty" I said.

"So you like it?" he asked.

It was pretty... but.

"No, not really" I said pulling the ring off.

"Aw, why not?" he asked.

"It just doesn't suit me" I said putting it on the counter top.

"What does suit you then, what kind of ring would you want?"

Was he really asking me this? My hands inched towards my keys but I retrained myself.

"Well, if I was going to get proposed to then I'd like a ring that would remind me of my husband" I said.

"Oh... I don't think they have salmon colored diamonds though" Natsu said rubbing his chin.

I shook my head at him.

"Why don't you ask Lisanna what she likes most about you then go from there?" I asked.

Natsu stared at me.


"Hello there, I saw that you two were having a little trouble. Is there anything I can help you with?" a clerk said interrupting Natsu.

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked sideways.

"Well you wouldn't happened to have any salmon rings would you?" Natsu asked.

I started laughing, he actually asked him.

"I'm afraid not, we do have a lovely section of pink though" the clerk said.

"What about black? Do you have that?" I asked.

"Hmm, I think we do in fact! Follow me!" he said walking away.

"Why black?" Natsu asking walking beside me.

"Your eyes, their charcoal. It's nice, if I had a black diamond ring then I'd think of you always watching over me" I answered honestly.

What the hell had I just told this man? I turned my head slowly towards Natsu.

"Oh" was all he said nodding his head.

I sighed, good think he didn't see anything into it... but if he did, do you think he would have realized my feelings?

"Here are black diamond selection, it's a little pricey but see for yourself" the worker said.

Rows of black diamonds, all lined up side to side. It was like Natsu was staring at me from several different directions. I felt self-conscious and pulled his scarf over my face more. It only made it worse though because when I breathed in, I could smell Natsu. He only gave me his scarf because I was cold during a mission of ours... that was months ago though. I'd thought he'd want it back but he never asked.

I liked his scarf. It was the perfect reminder of him when I was about to go to bed. I guess I have to give it back though now that he's getting married.

"What do you think Lucy?" Natsu asked.

Why was he asking my opinion so much today? If I picked the ugliest one here would he still buy it? No, don't be like that Lucy. Lisanna is your friend and you should be happy for her! Now let's see, which one looked the more like Natsu's eyes?

"This one" I said.

Out of all of the rings, this diamond looked the darkest. The clerk took it from its case and held it out for me. It was a gray bond with a black diamond.

"Here, try it on" Natsu said grabbing the ring.

He slipped it on my hand and I actually smiled. Perfect.

I MEAN! I mean for another woman that is! I coughed and pulled the ring off me like it was poison.

"It'll do" I said finding the wall so interesting to look out all of a sudden.

"You heard the lady, we'll take it" Natsu cheered.

"Lovely choice, I'll ring you up in the front."

"Natsu I'll meet you outside" I said running out the shop.

I found a nice little wall across the street and walked over to punch in repeatedly. What the hell was wrong with me? How could I let my guard down like that and get so wrapped up? The ring was so perfect though, NO! Come on Lucy get it together!

This punching the wall business was starting to hurt. I dropped my fist and leaned my head against the wall. What was I supposed to do now? I don't think I could be happy if I saw Natsu and Lisanna together at our guild. I couldn't stand it, it would drive me nuts. So that's it then? I just leave? Pack up and go?

That's lonely though, maybe I should try bringing someone along with me? Levy was out of the question since she had Gajeel, Cana maybe? She didn't have anyone special, Erza too. So me, Erza, and Cana. We could make a band and sing about heartbreak, shortcake and beer. I giggled, no one would listen to us.

"What you doing Luce?"

I screeched and jumped back. Natsu stared at me with a questionable look on his face.

"Um, nothing?" I said.

"Well thanks for your help today, one more question though. How should I propose?" he asked.

My fist lifted up and collided with the wall again.

What I should have said.

"Well I don't know Natsu, why don't you just SHOVE THAT RING UP YOUR **** (couldn't finish because of the use of profane language)"

What I really said.

... nothing.

"Lucy? Are you okay? You've been drifting out and in all day today" Natsu told me.

"At the guild, just walk up to her and ask her, better yet! Have Gajeel eat a motorcycle! Erza juggle swords! Bickslow and Freed in clown suits! Laxus do a handstand on top of a beach ball! And Mira breathe fire! All while everyone else sings Yankee Doodle Dandy in the background with Happy and Lily flying above everyone throwing down nacho chips! I don't know! I'm going home!" I yelled stomping away.

WHAT An IDIOT! I mean really Natsu, I love you for Christ sake... God I just need to sleep. Just take a long rest and forget this day ever happened. Maybe I should stop by a music shop and pick up a keyboard. No way was I going to play the guitar... then again maybe I can just be a singer. I think I had my first new hit singer now, That Idiot Salmon.

After a good night's rest I just realized something, I may have ruined Lisanna's dream proposal. I really hoped that Natsu didn't take what I said to heart. I was just so mad at him though, it wasn't his fault. He didn't know about my feelings, in his eyes I was just his best friend. If I would have just told him the truth then Natsu would have never put me through all of that.

Too late now, what's done is done. I don't thing Natsu could even do any of the things I told him, hell I didn't even remember any of the things. I undressed from my pajamas and took a shower.

"I think one was Gajeel eating a motorcycle" I said and laughed in the shower.

"One was Bickslow and Freed in a clown suit, like that would ever happen" I laughed more drying myself off.

"Erza juggling swords, now that I could see" I said but laughed anyways as I got dressed.

"Everyone singing Yankee Doodle, please!" I laughed more leaving my apartment.

I started walking down the street towards Fairy Tail.

"Happy and Lily throwing chips down, how'd I even come up with that?!" I asked the shop keeper as I bought an apple.

She just shrugged and gave me my change. I took a bite out of it.

"What else? One had to do with Mira" I mumbled chewing.

It wasn't till I finished the able that I remembered.

"That's right! Mira breathing fire!" I said and laughed throwing the apple's core in the trash.

"Was that everything?" I wondered walking inside the guild's gate.

Nope. I forgot Laxus doing a handstand on a beach ball. How did I remember? Because he was doing it right now.

"She's here! Go! Go!"

What. The. Hell.

"Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony; He stuck a feather in his hat, and called it macaroni"

Everyone was singing Yankee Doodle.

Laxus was doing a handstand on a beach ball.

"Watch out everyone" Mira said before turning into her demon form.

Mira was breathing out fire.

Gajeel was over there in the corner of the guild chewing up a motorcycle.

"Hahahaha! You got to get into it Freed!" Bickslow said juggling his babies.

Bickslow and Freed were dressed up in clown suits; the red nose and everything.

"How many do I juggle?" Erza asked.

Erza was in her Heaven's Wheel Armor juggling eight swords.

The only thing that was missing was-

"Watch where you'll throwing those chips!"

I held my hand out, a potato chip fell into my hand.

What the hell was this?! What the hell did I do?! I RUINED LISANNA'S PROPOSAL! I DIDN'T THINK NATSU WOULD ACTUALLY TAKE IT TO HEART! OH MY GOT SHE'S GOING TO HATE ME FOREVER! I looked around the guild for her, I didn't see her. That's good, maybe she hasn't come here yet. All I have to do is find Natsu and tell him the whole things off, then everything will be right.

I walked further into the guild, stepping on potato chips left and right looking for him.


I saw Natsu walking towards me.

"Natsu! Am I glad to see you! Listen this whole thi-"

"Lucy hold on, I need to tell you something" Natsu said standing in front of me.

"No! I need to tell you before Lisanna arrives, list-"

"Lucy, it'll only take one second" Natsu said.

"Natsu! This whole thing was a jo-..." I paused mid-sentence.

Natsu just got on one knee.

He pulled out a box and opened it revealing the ring we picked out together.

What the hell was happening?

"Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy; Mind the music and the step, and with the girls be handy"

"Natsu! What are you doing?!" I whispered through clenched teeth.

"Um proposing to you? What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked.

No duh.

"Why?! What about Lisanna?!" I asked.

"Because I love you? And what about Lisanna? Strange you mentioned her yesterday too" Natsu said.

"Isn't that why you invited me? To help you pick out a ring for her?"

"No, I invited you to help me pick out a ring for you."



I was so glad those people in the background were singing Yankee Doodle at the moment, they probably couldn't hear our conversation right now. As long as I kept my smile up, they'd all probably think I'm speechless or something.

"Look I love you Lucy, why do you think you're wearing my scarf?" he asked.

"Because I was cold on a mission" I answered.

"That was ages ago, I let you wear it so other's would now that you were mine" Natsu said.

So we had been dating for months and I hadn't even realized it. I just wanted to cry out and hit myself over on the head over and over again.

"Look Lucy, my legs are getting numb. Will you marry me?" he asked.

I sighed and stared at him. Finally question.

"So all this time you knew I loved you?" I asked.

"Uh huh, didn't you know I loved you back?" he answered.

I sighed, Natsu you were truly an idiot. I started looking around the guild.

"I asked for nacho chips" I said.

"They were out, sorry" Natsu said.

Well what was it going to be? I did love the man and according to his logic we had been dating for months.

"YES!" I screamed.

Natsu grinned widely and picked me up, spinning me around.


Our friends all started cheering around me.

"Can I get off this thing now?" Laxus asked.

Surprisingly, he had good balance.

"You! What about me? I'm juggling swords here" Erza said.

"At least you're not breathing fire! This alcohol tastes disgusting" Mira complained.


I started laughing all over again.

"You sure did want a weird proposal Lucy" Natsu said putting me down.

I smiled.

"What can I say? I know what I want."


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