BlackLynx17: This is the sequel to My Dream Proposal? I didn't want to post it up as a different story so I made it a second chapter. I didn't get to write the summary so basically it's like this.


Now that Natsu and Lucy are getting married there's only one thing left to do! For Lucy to find her wedding dress! But the only problem is that no one can go with her other than... that's right! Gajeel Redfox! The Iron Dragon Slayer! Let's see how he works out in a wedding dress store.


My Dream Wedding Dress


How can I explain this? What could be the simplest way? Maybe I can just imagine it up as I explain. Natsu proposed, the craziest proposal but still proposed. Now during a wedding the bride is supposed to wear a wedding dress, that's what was happening right now.

Usually shopping for the happiest day of a girl's life is done with Mothers, Aunties, Sisters, basically all your female relatives. Now my Mother was dead, rest her soul, I had no aunties, no sisters, no female relatives. All I had was Fairy Tail and I was okay with that. Fairy Tail didn't seem to be okay with me though.


"I wish I could Lucy but... I've been banned from Magnolia's Wedding Dress Shop" Erza said.

"What?! How can you be banned?" I asked.

"Well I used to go there and try on dresses... and one day Gray saw me in the store... let's just say they had to close for renovations" Erza said.


"Sorry Lucy, but I can't. Team Shadow Gear is going on a mission" Levy said.

"I can wait till you get back" I said.

"Then I have a date with Gajeel."

"I can wait."

"Then I have to help Freed clean Fairy Tail's library."

"You just don't want to go do you?"

"I do! I'm just really busy!"


"Juvia would love too!" Juvia said.

"Really?" I asked.

"No! She's not going" Gray said coming in from the background.

"And why not?" I asked.

"Don't be putting any ideas in her mind" he said.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia said.

Ideas. Don't be putting any ideas in her mind. Nice one Gray.


"I- I just can't Lucy, I'm sorry" Lisanna said.

I understood her reason, I was marrying the guy she loved. Why had I even asked her in the first place? That's right because I was DESPERATE!


"Sorry Lucy, works been busy lately. My next day off isn't for another 3 months" Mira giggled.

That's not funny, Master is working you to the bone Mira.


"Sure, hold on... will there be booze?" Cana asked.


"Sure Lucy!" she said.

"Nice idea Lucy, Wendy has been needing a break" Charle said.

And that was everyone. I'll spare you about the other girls, they all had the same excuse. Out of all my girlfriends in Fairy Tail only two said yes, even though several said they wanted to go but couldn't. Cana was going to be drunk half the time though, Wendy was just a kid and Charle was a cat. I couldn't just bring them. That's when I got the idea, Natsu was a Dragon Slayer right? I couldn't just bring Natsu with me to pick out my dress, that would be bad luck. What if though? What if I brought a different Dragon Slayer?


"HELL NO!" Gajeel yelled.

"I thought you'd say something like that" I sighed shaking my head.

"Oh Levy" I called out.

Gajeel froze.

"Can you please tell Gajeel to go wedding dress shopping with me?" I asked.

"Sure Lu-chan, oh Gaaajeeel" Levy sang.

Gajeel started sweating, his eyes widened.

"Please go with Lucy for her dress shopping" she said.

"uh... no?" Gajeel asked.

"Gajeel" Levy said.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him into a different room.

"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT I'LL GO!" he yelled.

I giggled and held up the peace sign. Victory! So after that we all made plans to go Saturday, since Natsu had a mission then, and here everyone was. Me, Cana, Wendy, Charle, and Gajeel all standing in front of the wedding dress shop... what had I gotten myself into?

"Let's get this over with!" Gajeel yelled walking in.

I dug out the spray bottle from my purse and sprayed him with water. Gajeel flinched then looked at me.

"Behave" I warned glaring.

"Did you just wet me bunny girl?" he asked.

I sprayed him again, Gajeel jumped up. It seems weird how he would be afraid of water but then again he is Metal.

Metal + Water = Rust!

Gajeel glared and started mumbling something, I sprayed him.

"What?!" he yelled.

"What's my name?" I asked.

He glared harder at me, I just smirked and held up the bottle.

"Lucy" he mumbled.

"Good" I said but sprayed him anyway.

This really was too much fun, I should tell Levy about this. Gajeel jerked back and rushed into the store but I called out.


He paused.

"Aren't you going to be a gentlemen and hold the door open for us?" I asked.

He looked back over his shoulder. With a sigh he opened the door, crushing the handle underneath his grip, and held it wide open for us.

"Thank you" I said walking in with Cana, Wendy and Charle.

"I didn't know Dragon boy #2 didn't have any balls" Cana laughed.

"Cana, I will have them cut you off in here" I warned.

"I'm sorry" Cana said walking in.

Wedding dresses galore surround us, my eyes widened looking at all of them!

"Hello my name is Yuki, how could I be of service?" a clerk said coming up to us.

"Hi! I'm Lucy and I'm getting married!" I cheered.

"Congrats, would you like some help picking out your dress or would you like to look first?" Yuki asked me.

"I'll look first thank you" I said walking further into the store.

"Yes um when will you serve the alcohol?" Cana asked grabbing the clerk.

"Cana!" I hissed.

"Um we only serve champa-"

"That's great, bring about a dozen bottles towards this girl" Cana said wrapping an arm around me.

"Glad to be here Lucy, Metal face and I will be sitting over there along with squeaky 1 and 2, come whenever you're ready" Cana said pointing towards the dressing rooms.

She started walking towards there, the others with her. I was wondering, would it have been so bad if I was to go shopping all by myself?


"CANA!" I yelled back.

"On it" she said.

"AHH!" Gajeel yelled.

I snickered to myself as I zipped up the side zipper to my dress. I opened the curtains and stepped out in front of my friends.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"Too white" Cana said.

I sighed.

"It's a wedding dress Cana, it's supposed to be white" I told her.

"What? I thought we were shopping for party gowns!" she yelled.

"Enough champagne for Cana" I sighed.

"It seems... a little too fluffy Lucy, I can barely see you" Wendy said.

I nodded, honest opinion. By the looks of Charle I could tell she agreed, it looked like she was ready at any moment to pounce and scratch it up.

"Well I think it's perfect! That's it, wrap it up and buy it, let's go!" Gajeel said getting up.

I walked over to Cana, snatching the water bottle from her hand, and sprayed Gajeel.

"Sit and tell me what you think before I tell Levy about this water thing" I threatened.

Gajeel immediately sat down and sighed.

"It's perfect, suits you very well" he said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"What?! It makes you look exactly what you are... a bunny! See you got your cotton tail right there" Gajeel said.

I sighed and marched back into the dressing room. Not that I looked at myself in the mirror the dress was a little bit too fluffy.

"Not enough skin, what are you 50?" Cana asked.

I gasped.

"Really? What's wrong with this one?" I asked twirling around.

"It hides everything" Cana said.

"Including your toes Bunny, you look more like a Ghost Bunny now" Gajeel laughed.

"Well I like it... a little" Wendy said.

"It's formal, perfect dress for Wendy" Charle said.

"But we're here for me! Not Wendy!" I said.

"Oh" was all Charle said.

Another bust.

"Alright, third times the charm" I told them.

Cana, Gajeel, and Charle busted out laughing. Wendy was more kinder and laughed lightly behind her hand.

"WHAT?!" I asked.

"You look pregnant!" Cana laughed.

"And your hat looks like you killed a swan and wore it!" Gajeel laughed.

"Ridiculous!" Charle laughed.

"FINE! WHY DON'T YOU GUYS PICK OUT MY DRESS!" I yelled sitting down next to Cana.

I grabbed the glass from out of her hand and drank it.

"Alright, let's go guys" Cana said getting up.

I'd like to see them do better.

"Cana I told you to find a dress, not model one for me" I said.

Cana ignored me though. 5 minutes later she came out of the dressing room and showed us her outfit.

"Wow, are you a belly dancer or what?" I asked.

It was a bikini with a long skirt, she also had on long gloves too.

"It was more fun judging the dresses then wearing them" Cana said twirling around for us.

"Seriously Cana, I'm not trying to be a stripper at my wedding" I said.

"Why? You're going to strip for Natsu in the end anyway? Less clothing the better" Gajeel said.

I sprayed Gajeel three times with my water bottle.

"What does he mean by that Charle?" Wendy asked.

I sprayed Gajeel again.

"You'll know when you're older" Charle said.

"Gajeel... I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I yelled from the room.

"Just put it on! You gave belly dancers a chance!" Gajeel yelled.

I shoved the dress on, cursing Gajeel's name the whole time, and stomped out.

"At least Cana's had pants!" I yelled.

I felt like I was practically in my underwear. Wendy blushed, Charle covered her eyes, Cana whistles, while Gajeel smirked.

"I am not wearing this as my wedding dress" I told him.

"Wedding dress? Those are your undergarments, they go under your wedding dress" Gajeel said.

My eye twitched. I calmly walked over to Cana, stole her champagne bottle again, then unscrewed the cap from my water bottle and poured it all over Gajeel.

"Fill this back up please" I said throwing it at Cana as I walked back in.

I so regret bringing Gajeel now.





"I guess this is better" I mumbled walking out.

"Pretty!" Wendy cheered clapping.

Gajeel growled lowly.

"Um... it shows your back at least?" Cana said.

"That scarf is ruining the gown, take it off" Charle said.

"No! I want to wear it when I get married" I told her.

"Fine, other than that it makes your butt look big" Charle said.

Again my so called 'helpers' all started to laugh.

"Yuki! Bring me a bottle" I called out.


I pulled the curtains wide open and reached for it. I took three big gulps before taking a breath and wiping my lips off. I walked back to my stage and twirled around.

"Wha da yah tink?" I asked.

"Skin!" Cana yelled.

"Bunny!" Gajeel yelled.

"Pretty!" Wendy yelled.

"Acceptable" Charle said.

Of course she would accept it, she picked this one out. It was a short white dress, barely went over my knees. It had a flower arrangements on it, probably the reason Wendy though it was pretty. I took off Natsu's scarf and used it as a belt, wrapping it around my waist and tying it into a bow in the back. I guess that would be my tail for a bunny. The only problem was that...

"I don't like it!" I whined sitting down.

Everyone groaned. I sniffed and took another sip of my champagne bottle.

"What seems to be the problem?"

"I always pictured my wedding dress as something that would come out of a Fairy Tale story you know? Like Cinderella's or Ariel's or... wait Ariel's dress was ugly. Anyway I imagined it big and elegant, long and flowy but not fluffy! More like... puffy. I wanted this long vile that would be twice as long as the dress and just... I wanted it to be perfect... is that too much?" I asked looking at my friends.

"YES!" they yelled.

"Actually it's realistic sort of."

Who said that... when did Yuki get here?

"You should hear what other brides imagine as their 'perfect gown', ugh it always involves ribbons and lace, loads and loads of lace. I'll see if I can find something" Yuki said walking away.

"When did he get here?" I asked.

"I don't know... I thought that was Natsu" Cana blurted out.

Gajeel had his head back, his cheeks red.

"Now which one of you Fairies slipped Wendy some juice!" Charle slurred before falling over.

"I feel funny" Wendy hiccupped.

Great now everyone was drunk! Why not join the party? By the time Yuki came back I had finished off my bottle of champagne.

"Here, try this on" Yuki said.

I dropped my bottle and walked into the dressing room, dress in hand. Now let's see if I was sober enough to remember how to put the gown on.

It... it was perfect.

"I... I think I love it" Charle said.

"I want to wear that when I get married" Wendy mumbled.

"Wow Lucy, am I drunk or are you actually rocking that dress?" Cana asked.

"... Sparkle" Gajeel said.


"Sparkle?" I asked him.

He blushed and coughed.

"I meant to say... I can see sparkles around you" he sighed.

I smiled.

"I'm glad my hair was long enough to tie it up" I said.

The dress was pure perfection. It ran down to my ankles, layers upon layers of lace and fabric. It had just the right amount of poof to it. It was strapless so you we're able to see a good part of my skin but I still had sleeves which had a beautiful floral arrangement on it. I tied my hair into a high pony tail, wrapping Natsu's scarf around it so there was a big bow. And the veil... it was the perfect length and the perfect amount of see-through, I could clearly see Natsu's ribbon from underneath it.

"I'll take it!" I yelled.

"HOORAY!" Wendy yelled.

"Finally! We can go!" Gajeel said.

"Hold it... seeing Lucy in that makes me wonder what I would look like in my perfect wedding dress" Cana said.

Oh no.

"I'm surprised they had cat sized" Charle said spinning her dress.

"You look adorable Charle" Wendy said spinning in her own.

"Perfect amount of skin!" Cana said.

"Can we go now?!" Gajeel yelled.

"Now hold up... Gajeel why aren't you in a dress?" Cana asked.

"What?" he asked.

"Well look at all of us" Cana said.

It was true, all us girls were wearing dressing.

"Now look at you" she finished.

Gajeel was still in his outfit. Cana took a step forward and reached for my water bottle.

"I'm just going to pay for this, good luck" I told Cana walking up to the cash register.

"I'll buy this" I told Yuki.

"I knew you'd like it" Yuki said smiling.

Now where's my wallet... my wallet... I forgot to bring my wallet.




I am an idiot.

"No charge Lucy" Yuki said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"A young Mr. Dragneel came by earlier and told us about you beforehand. He said to send the bill to him" Yuki said.

I smiled, aw Natsu. You were actually smarter than me for a day.


Yuki and I both jumped in the air, we turned around and I couldn't believe the sight. Cana had gotten Gajeel to wear that dress alright... but now he was terrorizing the store... he was wearing a wedding dress! I laughed.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" he roared, destroying half shop already.

Uh oh.

"I'm not with them, thanks" I told Yuki before running out the store.

I ran like the wind in my perfect wedding dress all the way back to my apartment. I knew it would have been a better idea to go by myself.