Sorry, I've got the attention span of a sparrow apparently since I keep starting new projects . I got inspired to do this after reading a lot of the League Judgments and realizing that they didn't have any for the newer champs. This one in particular is for the Voidreaver, Kha'Zix - one of my favorites.

I do not own League of Legends, nor any of the characters associated with it.

Candidate: Kha'Zix

Date: September 27th, 21 CLE


The insectoid being walks stealthily and swiftly through the hall, head jerking back and forth to search for prey lurking in the shadows of the room. Its chitinous body is colored a purple so deep that it almost appears black – perfect for blending in with the shadows of a forest at night. Its arms, which are essentially giant scythes from the elbow down, twitch restlessly, as though feeling for the body of some unsuspecting prey. A small trail of caustic drool drips from its open mouth, spattering the ground behind it and leaving a small trail of smoking stone to mark where it had come from. The open spaces clearly make it feel vulnerable and it spends as little time as possible in the wide hall. It swiftly approaches the twin doors, which swing open to admit it noiselessly and which seal shut immediately upon its entry, as though attempting to lock the abomination inside.


Kha'Zix blinked in the unfamiliar darkness, claws held at the ready. His eyes were adapted to see in low visibility situations, but even the enhanced vision was unable to penetrate the thick clouds of murk that hung about his head. An alien growl slipped from his throat as he hung at the edge of the room, unwilling to step further into the abyss. The humans were playing tricks on him, that much was certain.

It was the smell that caught his attention first – the scent of a dying animal, its carcass freshly butchered. Kha'Zix knew the smell instinctively, recalling the memory of the hunt with perfect clarity. He knew not the name of the creature, but it had been a fierce predator, with a thick hide and jutting tusks that could have impaled Kha'Zix with ease. Despite its size and immense strength though, the hunt had been a quick one. Kha'Zix had struck from the shadows, claws slicing through its head before the great beast ever suspected it was being stalked. He had savored the smell of the creature's blood as it poured forth from the gaping stump of its neck, preparing to gorge himself upon its corpse, but at the same time could not help but feel a sense of disappointment. No prey of this plane had yet to prove a worthy adversary for him to hunt, and he was swiftly becoming bored.

A sudden, fierce roar caused Kha'Zix to jerk his head up from his meal, just in time to see a blur of fur and fangs leap at him from the nearby brush. He snarled, attempting to raise his claws in defense, but the thing tackled him and the Voidbor tumbled to the ground. A sharp, serrated edge traced its way along Kha'Zix's side, penetrating his chitin and drawing forth a purplish liquid that served as his blood. It was the first time he'd ever been so wounded since coming to the plane, and the agony he suddenly felt energized him. The lion-esque creature that had pinned him to the ground was drawing back his knife once more, readying a blow to the Voidborn's face, but Kha'Zix reached out in fury and slashed at his foes face. It jerked its head to the side, an instinctual reaction, but a hair too slow – the tip of the claw traced a line down its face and through its left eye.

The lion's reaction was immediate – it gave a cry of pain and lurched backwards, hand covering its maimed eye. Kha'Zix was on his feet instantly, intending to press his advantage, but as he lashed out again the lion parried the blow with its knife. It snarled at the insectoid creature as its hand came away from the oozing red socket where its eye used to be, and plunged towards its opponent. Kha'Zix, his blood boiling for the first time since his arrival on Runeterra, gladly gave battle.

It was a long fight, with grievous wounds inflicted on both sides. The combatants fought until one of them turned to flee, then stalked each other through the forest until one of them leapt out in ambush at the other. Kha'Zix employed every asset he had against the creature, yet it never wavered or fell back for too long, instead matching the Voidborn's fury blow for blow. The day drew to a close with both combatants, battered and bleeding, lying in a clearing next to each other. Kha'Zix had stared daggers into his opponents eyes, feeling the pain of a thousand abrasions and openings in his chitin, but knew that to attack once more was out of the question. "Know this, predator," he had spit at the lion, "I shall find you again and consume you."

The lion creature laughed at him then, through chipped fangs. "And I promise you this, beast," he has said with equal vehemence, "your head will adorn the wall of my den one day." For another moment the hunters locked eyes until Kha'Zix finally pulled himself to his feet and began to stagger away.

"Why do you want to join the League, Kha'Zix?" the lion said from behind him.

Kha'Zix turned, his claws held at the ready once again. This wasn't how the memory had gone. The presence of a human mind was pressing down on his, and suddenly Kha'Zix remembered where he was. "You petty humans should be thankful you did not stumble into my memories of the Void," he snapped at the lion, which he now knew was an illusion.

"Why do you want to join the League, Kha'Zix?" it repeated again, hands idly cleaning its knife. Kha'Zix snarled angrily, but knew he would get no further response until he had made his intentions clear. "I wish to hunt and consume the most powerful creatures on your planet," he said finally, claws rubbing together in anticipation. "I shall adapt myself to kill your so-called heroes, and when I have reached the apex of my evolution, I shall destroy your world."

The lion took the comment without a trace of emotion showing on its face. "And?" it prompted, as though it knew Kha'Zix wasn't finished yet.

"The lion creature," Kha'Zix went on, recalling the taste of its blood. "You call it Rengar. It is the strongest prey I have ever hunted. I seek to consume it, and it had joined your League." His shell tremored with delight. "I shall look forward to hunting it on your Fields of Justice until I can hunt it again elsewhere."

The lion finally nodded. "How does it feel to expose your mind?" it asked.

The Voidborn laughed, an unearthly screeching noise that barely resembled laughter. "Just be careful where you look, human," he said with what passed for a sadistic grin. "There are secrets here that would leave you gibbering with madness." And then he found himself back in the darkness, with another door resting ahead of him. Kha'Zix sharpened his claws against each other, fevered joy making his body restless. The strongest prey of an entire plane, brought together in one place for him to hunt and consume…