House looms over the young brunette dominantly. A large part of him- a familiar part of him- wants to simply rip away those damed flimsy shorties, yank up her top and just fuck the naive little girl lying before him with her legs slightly spread to accommodate his presence. To simply use her to rid himself of the delicious ache building in his groin any way he sees fit and be done with it.

She'd most likely let him, too.

And, he does shove the soft cotton of her tank top roughly up to expose perfect breasts- growling into the flesh at her collarbone as he takes in their firm symmetry and the taut, flat expanse of her stomach- and he does rip her shorts savagely down her slim legs so that they rest awkwardly at her knees; groaning when he realizes she isn't wearing anything underneath.

He grins as the young doctor lets out her second small yelp of the evening, but while this sound is possibly one of the most intoxicating noises he has ever heard- at least, certain parts of his anatomy seem to think so- he stops himself from yanking down his boxers, spreading her legs, and just fucking her.

Because it's Cameron.

He feels the young immunologist give a small shiver beneath him- his sudden aggression surprising her- and lowers himself gently down; careful not to crush her, but relishing the feeling of her slim, athletic frame trapped beneath his. His hidden want presses hotly against the smooth skin of her inner thigh and he laces his fingers into the luxurious waves of her hair, pressing his mouth to hers in a fashion much softer to that in which he'd undressed her.

Cameron allows his tongue to slip between her lips to find hers, using one hand to pluck at the cotton of House's shirt and the other to sneak down to where his hardness throbs against her thigh; wrapping slim fingers around the hot fabric stretched there.


His mouth leaves hers as he starts a slow trail down her jaw; knowing the abrasive scratch of his scruff will be reddening her pale skin and not caring in the slightest. His ministrations are interrupted, as he sucks, hard, at the flesh of her collarbone- it will bruise, and she'll have to wear a high collared shirt for the next few days- when she lets out a frustrated sigh and pushes him from her.

"Take the damn shirt off!"

House grins as he takes in the unbridled lust that pools in her eyes and pulls the shirt quickly up over his head; tossing it carelessly into the corner. He takes the opportunity to rid himself of his boxers; his grin taking on a lewd twist as he watches the young brunette bite her bottom lip as she drinks in newly revealed flesh. Her eyes flicker to his scar, and he tenses, but she doesn't even blink before returning her gaze to the rest of him. House runs a hand down her leg; starting at the very apex of her thighs and allowing his knuckles to brush momentarily against her need, before snagging the thin material of her shorts between his fingers and pulling them the rest of the way down her legs.

When the shorts get to her ankles, Cameron gives a swift flick of her foot and sends them flying in the general direction of her kitchen. She pushes herself up onto her elbows, pulling House down to brush her lips against his before pushing him firmly away. The older doctor sits back curiously, admiring the way that, despite the brunette's position, her stomach remains taut and flat. Cameron pulls herself up onto her knees- offering him a small smile that is obscurely sweet given the situation- and crawls to rest between his thighs.

Taking him in her hand, her fingers are strangely cool, and she allows them to pump rhythmically as she tucks her long hair behind her ear before leaning forward. House closes his eyes and clears his throat, the image of the young doctor pulling back her hair with clear intent sure to be forever ingrained in his mind.

"Cameron... You don't have to do... That..."

Green eyes flicker up as the brunette studies him levelly. She waits until House opens his eyes to find her own before giving a teasing stroke with the flat of her tongue.

"I know."

"Oh god."

He alternates between clenching his eyes shut with his head thrown back and cracking them open to watch her work. He struggles to know where to look and lets his attention wander from the tantalizing glisten of her lips as they slide over his flesh, to the smooth skin of her back where her spine and ribcage ripple softly beneath sparsely freckled flesh; the little indents above her ass threatening to drive him deliciously mad. Occasionally he twists a handful of her glossy hair around his fist, but scolds himself when his grip gets instinctively too tight; forbidding himself from thrusting up against her despite the primal urge to do so.

"You're... If you don't want this to be over in the next f-ah-ive seconds, you're going to have to stop doing that."

Where the hell did she learn to do that anyway?

He uses the soft curls entwined in his fingers to pull her away gently, his eyes locked intently on her sex-swollen lips as she offers him a salacious little smirk.

"Fuck me..."

"That's the plan."

And since when does little Miss Sunshine possess an attitude?

He pulls her roughly to him; demanding entrance with his kiss as he runs the hand that isn't holding her head dominantly in place, well, everywhere.

"You're so soft..."

House opens his eyes as Cameron laughs against his mouth, cutting her husky giggling short as he cups her sex with a calloused hand. He waits for her to open her eyes to look at him- her face millimeters from his own- and enters her with just the tip of his index finger. The brunette gives a choked gasp and House takes the opportunity to swallow the breathy sound hungrily, moving his finger rhythmically.

Cameron moves her hands to splay across the sparsly haired planes of the older doctor's chest, finding the hard muscle there to feel better beneath her fingers than she had even imagined. She wonders distractedly if House has ever found himself praised for his sinewy build and handsome features. She recalls him questioning her after finding out she harbored feelings for him, when he had proposed the idea to be odd for many reasons, one of which being he did not consider himself to be particularly good looking. She could tell him now of her admiration for his physicality. Could commend and compliment him fittingly, but she knows he won't want to hear it. Instead she just hums contently against his lips as he continues the delicious movements with his finger.

House feels the young brunette begin to shake against his hand and ponders on whether this is due to pleasure, or the sure strain on her thighs as she remains knelt on slightly splayed knees on the soft mattress. Running his glistening fingers up the firm flesh of her stomach, he palms none to gently at her breast before pushing at her sternum pointedly. She takes the hint and allows him to lower her down until her head rests softly on one of the pillows, rearranging her legs to cradle his hips and running her nails teasingly over the smooth skin at his shoulder blades as he hovers over her once more.

House briefly notes that her hair looks just as he'd imagined it would splayed out about her on the pillow.



"...That's foolishly trusting on your part."

"Not when I've seen your medical files; you're clean, and obsessively cautious."

"You snooped on my medical files?"

"You snooped on mine."

"... Well, that's uncharacteristically sneaky of you, Dr Cameron..."

"It was an accident, I saw your check-up files on Cuddy's desk when I was waiting for her."

"And did you accidentally look inside, too?"


"Naughty girl."

He nips sharply at her bottom lip, chuckling huskily when she lets out a small whimper. Soothing abused flesh with his tongue, House strokes his hand wantonly over the warm flesh of her hip and thigh, his hardness pressing urgently against the soft skin of her stomach. Cupping her leg in his hand, he pushes her thighs farther apart, looking down into her pale face approvingly when she spreads them wider still of her own accord.


"Well, those actually were cheerleading shorts from college..."

"... Why has that never come up before?"

"Must have slipped my mind..."

Cameron offers a sinful grin which causes House to fear a very abrupt end to their current situation. Retaliating with a dirty leer of his own, he runs his hand up to find her wetness once more and toys with her mercilessly until she squirms beneath him.

"House... s-stop..."

He speeds up his ministrations for a brief moment- studying her intently as she closes her eyes and lets out harsh, shuddering breaths- before doing as he's told and stilling his fingers. He adjusts his position slightly and guides himself to press against her entrance. Lowering his head to kiss her gently, House slowly pushes into her. Once completely buried in her warmth he lets out a low groan and glances to the side, where her hand clenches at the blankets in a tight fist. He studies her face seriously, aware that he is generously endowed and that the young brunette is small and blissfully tight.


He strokes a stray curl of hair from her flushed cheek, inwardly asking himself where that came from, and waits for her to instruct him further.

"Yeah... Move, House."

He does as he's told, moving slowly at first as he feels her muscles fluttering around him, adjusting to accept his length. Cameron pulls him closer to her, letting out a low, appreciative hum as he brings his mouth down to her throat and sucks maddeningly at her pulse point. Gripping at his muscular shoulders- her nails sure to leave small marks on his flesh- she wraps her legs around him, allowing for a more intense angle.

"Cameron, fuck!"

As he continues to explore her, taste her, he absently muses on whether their current activity would herald the using of each other's first names. He banishes the thought firmly; he has never called her Allison, save for perhaps in her interview, and isn't about to start doing so now. She has always been Cameron to him, and he finds it to be a collection of vowels and consonants that suit her just right.


Her muffled groan into flushed flesh leads him to believe she is of a similar opinion.

He can feel himself getting closer and closer to the brink; their movements no longer tentative but urgent and wild. Venturing his hand between their sex-slick flesh he finds her clit and bares down with his finger in small concentric circles. Cameron's breath hitches audibly and House groans when he feels her tighten her thighs around him, her inner muscles beginning to flutter tellingly.

"Cam-ah...I'm going to come."


Increasing the speed of his ministrations with his finger, he thrusts into her twice more before growling loudly into the soft flesh of her neck while her thighs clamp around him in a death grip.

Eventually, Cameron loosens the hold of her legs, waiting for her breathing to return to normal as her fingers flutter soothingly over the damp skin of the older doctor's back. House counts to ten, his pulse thudding hotly in his head, before rolling off of the brunette onto his back, arm slung over his eyes in exhaustion.

The young brunette lies rigidly still. She is completely unsure how to proceed, as the reality of the situation filters through the haze of her afterglow. She knows House well enough to suspect that he would generally leave after what just happened, but the fact that his bike remains useless makes this all painfully awkward. She timidly feels around for the blanket and pulls it gently to cover herself up, shooting a glance at House who seems to be either ignoring her or has actually fallen asleep. She would guess it's the first option.

House frowns beneath the salted weight of his arm as he hears the rustling of sheets to his right, deducing the young brunette to be crawling beneath them. He weighs up his options carefully. He knows he can't leave, and, he begrudgingly realizes he wouldn't even if he could. Personally, he could quite happily just stay lying here until blessed with sleep- rising only to pop a few Vicodin as he suspects his leg will soon be punishing him dearly for tonight's extra-curricula activities- but he imagines the current silence is a step away from giving his young fellow a mental breakdown. The thought causes him to roll his covered eyes, but, as much as he loves letting Cameron stew- in fact, at work it is one of his favorite past times- he finds himself lowering his arm and peering over at her considerately.

He is met with a mass of chocolate curls and a skinny pale shoulder as she faces away from him, but he can tell instantly that she is far from resting peacefully.

"I suppose we may as well go sleep in an actual bed now..."

She rolls over slowly, green eyes searching his face for sarcasm or cruelty and finding none. Offering him a small smile, she nods and pushes herself up from the bed. House watches curiously as she stands with the blanket clutched to her chest, her face an open book as she ponders her current lack of attire. With a demure flick of her hand and down-cast eyes she lets the blankets drop back in their place and moves through her darkened apartment naked.

House watches the ghostly shape she makes as she pads lightly to the bathroom to clean herself up, reaching out for his cane which lies forgotten at the foot of the guest bed- pausing to help himself to two Vicodin from his jacket which hangs by her front door- and making his way to her small bedroom. He crawls tiredly beneath the cool sheets and lets his mind drift slowly towards sleep. He hears the gentle click of the door and her light footsteps, before the mattress dips ever so slightly and he is met with the sweet scent of almond milk and honey. His lips form a knowing grin as he can practically taste the tension she holds within her small body, and, telling himself it will merely allow him to get to sleep all the sooner, her moves a little closer and rests a hand gently on the soft skin of her stomach.