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Allen felt absolutely devastated! He was lost without a way back home, and when he tried to walk home all by his lonesome, he only served to get himself even more lost. Currently, he had somehow gotten himself even more lost that he had been before with no trail or other sort of visible path that led him out of the labyrinth of trees. He fell to his knees, gripping his white hair in aggravation and yelled with his gray eyes clenched in self anger, his voice ripping from his throat and soundind much like a feral wolf, echoing through the forest. He fell forward, his scarred cheek pressed into the cool, hard ground with his rump up in the air as he began to grumble broodingly to himself.

"I should have been paying more attention; maybe then I wouldn't have lost Wisely-san..." he grumbled. "I wouldn't be stuck out here in God only knows where if I had been paying just a little bit more attention..." The whitette continued to talk to himself like that for a while longer, stopping only when his stomach growled hungrily.

The whitette groaned, rolling over to his side to clutch his growling stomach. He felt that he was going to pass out soon if he didn't eat, so he stood up, feeling that he should try to attempt to go home once again. He wandered about, trying to feel optimistic about his situation. "Once I find my way home, I can lots and lots of food to fill me up and make me full," he murmured to himself, feeling his mouth begin to water a little. "I can eat with Lenalee, Komui, Reever, Bookman, Lavi, and Timcanpy... I can eat with them, just like a family should..." He smiled softly at the image that formed in his head, unaware of the fact that was about to run into something.

'Allen, pay attention to where you're walking!' cried Neah, almost snapping the Brith into attention. Almost being the key word. 'You're going to walk into a-!'



Allen stumbled back a few steps, tripping and falling back on his hind quarters. He grunted and rubbed his forehead in slight pain, feeling the beginnings of a small knot forming. "Ta ta ta ta... That hurt a little..." he grumbled, shaking his head. He stood and dusted himself off. He then paused when he heard voices nearby. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but he never-the-less brightened. Civilization! People! Food!

The whitette took off in as fast of run as he could in his geta, nearly tumbling forward sometimes. He began to slow down, though, when he heard the voices closer to him. He could somewhat understand what they were saying.

"I don't care what it takes," one voice seemed to say evenly, cooly. "I played my part. Demon Eye is playing his own as we speak. Yume is also playing hers by relaying information to the Earl."

"I just don't get why he's making us do it!" snapped another voice, sounding irritated.

"Yeah!" another one seemed to whine. "Why is he making Jasdevi do all the work now?"

"Because you two didn't do it right the first time," snapped the first voice. The voice then sighed deeply. "Besides, it's not all that hard of a job. Just find him, take him home, and then leave. That's all you have to do."

"We can't roughen him up?!" the second voice complained, sounding angry about that.

"No, you can't," the first replied. "The Earl would have your hides."

Silence then fell over them.

'This is bad,' Neah told Allen, his tone serious. 'We need to get out of here. Now!'

'What is it?' Allen asked his uncle in confusion. Despite his questioning, he began to back up as quietly at he could. If his uncle was telling him to move, he was going to move. Sure, he didn't quite fit the description of trustworthy just yet, but the whitette trusted the youkai enough to do as he told him to (within reason, of course).

'Old friends. Ones that kind of want my head served to them on a silver platter,' Neah replied.

With those words in mind, the Brit ran like Hell was on his heels. He had been heard, he figured that much. He wanted to get away as fast as he could. He lost his geta along the way, the damnable things obstructing his speed. He stumbled and tumbled, he tripped and he fell, but still he ran, afraid that if he didn't, whoever Neah's 'old friends' were would chase him and probably try to silence him. He had been too busy running and occassionally looking back to notice that he was about to -.


...Run into someone...

'Really?' groaned Neah inside of his head. 'Another tree?! Oh, wait. It's just the girly boy from earlier...'

Allen, who had fallen back on his rump, glanced up to see that his uncle was indeed right. Kanda loomed over him, his hand poised and ready to unsheathe his katana, much to the Brit's alarm. He didn't look too happy (then again, from what the whitette could gather from their earlier encounter, he wasn't very happy to begin with), his colbalt eyes narrowed darkly and the corner of his lips lifted in a small sneer. The look would have intimidated the younger male if he wasn't already scared enough of being followed.

"What are you doing here?" the Jap growled lowly. It was that kind of question that Allen had to answer right on the first try or else he was going to be floating along a river with his throat slit open and his body chopped to itty bitty bits.

"I-I got lost!" Allen was quick to defend himself. "I-I was trying to find my way back home and I heard people talking a-and I think that they're looking for someone to kill...! I-I'm just trying to run away, no more, no less!" He scrambled to get up on his feet. "N-now if you will excuse me-!"

Kanda's hand snatched the whitette's wrist. "You will be safer and more likely to return home alive if you have someone who knows how to fight with you," he growled. He then turned, beginning to drag the dumbfounded male back towards the village. It was a ways off. "Did they say who it was that they were looking for?"

"I-I... um..." Allen tried to think back, forcing his thoughts of paranoia out of his mind, at least for the moment. "Um... A-all I know is that it's a he..."

"Tch. Of course... That describes half of the people in this area," spat the noirette. He then noticed something, stopping. He glared back at the Brit. "Where are your shoes?"

"O-oh...! Um... about those...!" The younger began to laugh nervously. "I may or may not have lost them when I was trying to run away and, you know, not get killed..."

Kanda looked at him evenly then scoffed, turning back and continuing on. "Whatever, Baka Moyashi."

"What did you call me?"

"Baka. Moyashi." Kanda sounded like he had some form of smug satisfaction to his voice as he repeated his newfound nickname of the lad.

"I am not an idiot beansprout!" snapped Allen. Curses! Now he had to think of a clever nickname for the samurai! Wait... "BaKanda!"

Kanda stopped short and Allen had a blade to his face. "What was that?"

"You heard me," smirked the Brit. Neah had been a little in control, making him seem a bit more cocky. "Ba-Kan-da~."

"Why you-!"

Allen's instincts kicked in just as Neah receeded back into his mind, his gray eyes proceeding to clench shut in horror as his left hand reaching to cover his face. It was going to be pointless, that was what he thought anyways. A single hand couldn't stop a full blown strike from a well kept katana!

That was what he thought anyways until the blade bounced off of his blackened flesh, shocking both parties involved.

"What... just happened...?" Allen questioned, opening his eyes. He looked at his arm in bewilderment. He felt the blade, but it didn't do anything but scratch him.

"That is what I would like to know," growled the samurai, releasing the whitette's wrist in disgust. He held his blade with two hands instead of one. "You better start talking, or else you won't live to see the light of tomorrow."

Allen jumped, his eyes wide. "Kanda, put away the sword."


"Put it away, or else I won't tell you."

Kanda hesitated, glancing around. He then sighed in defeat, grabbing Allen's wrist once more. "I'll put it away once we're back in the village," he grunted. He then proceeded to lead the way to the village, glaring at the trees ahead.

The whitette mentally groaned, watching as the samurai cut down any offending low hanging branches that threatened to smack him in the face. The younger watched as the older's black hair swayed back and forth like a pendulum, perfect and tight in its high riding ponytail. He occassionally caught glances of the male's broad shoulders, sometimes seeing his shoulderblades move like that of a cat, ready to pounce its prey. He also took note of the tan skin that seemed to brighten up slightly whenever the sunlight peered beyond the canopy. He could also feel how callused the male's hand was, the one that seemed to grip the life out of the younger's wrist, the rough yet exceedingly soft texture riviting.

Allen felt himself begin to blush at his observations, beginning to slowly find the girly looking male to be attractive. He could imagine himself writhing under him as their bodies melted into one another, the older pounding relentlessly into his-.

The whitette shook his head furiously, his face bright red. He couldn't think about that! No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Bad Allen! Bad! No thinking naughty things about the guy you just met! BAD!

'Oh, please,' Neah snorted. 'You'll be dreaming about it and you'll wake up hard as a rock while I have to go sit in the corner of your mind trying not to puke. I don't want to hear it!'

'Fuck. You. Fuck you with his sword,' Allen thought spitefully.

'Sorry, but you can't tap this ass.'

'Remind me again how I'm related to you?'

"We're here," grunted Kanda, snapping Allen out of his thoughts and conversation with his youkai uncle. He had let go of his wrist and was in the process of sheathing his katana. He then took notice of the whitette's red face. He raised a brow. "What is it?"

"N-nothing!" Allen jumped, covering his face. He then swallowed. "Thanks, BaKanda..."

"Tch," Kanda hissed. When the Brit looked up from his hands, the noirette was leaving, going back into the woods.



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