Author's Note

Thank you for reading!

This story is set within my own continuity established in:
- The Desperate Kingdom of Love
- Is This Desire
- As Close As This

You can find all those stories through my profile page! You may like to read them to enhance your reading of this story as they work to further establish Hellboy's relationships with all three of these women.

Of course, the progression of events and timelines depicted in these stories may be completely contradicted by the canon stories over time but at the time of this writing they fit into what has been established. I tried to keep most other detail fairly ambiguous so it won't become too non-canonical if things are further covered in the comics (eg: Alice travelling to find Kate).

Anastasia Bransfield is a canon character who was Hellboy's girlfriend from 1979 to 1981. She was created by Christopher Golden and appears in The Lost Army and The Dragon Pool.

Kate Corrigan has never officially been stated as a girlfriend of Hellboy's but there is a subtly implied element there and many fans feel the relationship was more than friendly.

Alice Monaghan, of course, has been Hellboy's girlfriend since The Wild Hunt. I feel the signs are indicating she may be pregnant with his child but again – this may be contradicted in the canon soon enough.

This story, like my other Hellboy fanfics, is named after a PJ Harvey song.