By: DaDomz (Branw3nand Lestat)



1.) This is a HP/DM fic. But not entirely. Read it and understand.

2.) Also an R/Hr fic so be warned!

3.) Idea derived from the Travelers Incognito.

Authors' Note: This is Bran. This chapter has been sitting around in my computer for months and I really didn't feel like editing this. This is Lestat's chapter and I only started on a few paragraphs before I gave up and just let it be. I might get around to editing this later but not right now.

Chapter 8: More Coin-spiracies

The green moss chair, a remnant of the former Slytherin occupants, sat unobtrusively in the midst of the outsized defense complex on the northern end of the Slytherin Prefect's Common Room. Midnight had come and gone. The stream of callers had faded to a trickle, then halted.

At that moment, Draco Malfoy sat alone, relieved at having managed to ensconce a few private moments for herself, a sanctuary fro the ebullient hassle of the day, time reserved for solitary contemplation. Minutes of idle reflection passed as she indolently examined the near-full scrap of parchment covered in neat even script that she had laid before herself an hour ago. Repulsed at her state of rest, lethargy was highly unacceptable in Malfoy Manor. She began gathering her belongings and meticulously arranging them in her bag. She stood and shouldered her backpack when she heard the creak of a door's rusty hinges.

She looked up to be met with Adrian Pucey's hypnotic visage. He afforded her a confused glance as he rubbed his sleep tousled hair in a manner much too reminiscent of Potter to be considered adorable. She gave him a small smile which he returned as his hand proceeded to massage his neck.

"You're still here because…"

Right. A tad bit impolite but considering his current sleep-addled situation, she might be driven to let it pass though her upbringing went against it. Tactlessness was a sign of a mediocre lineage. But it wasn't as if she were considering taking him home to her family or somesuch. That was quite laughable.

"As you can clearly see by my packed bag, I was just about to leave, Adrian," she replied curtly yet pleasantly enough to be warranted as amiable.


She furrowed her brow, containing the frown that threatened to creep into her countenance. Confusion was evident in her features, marring her near-seraphic features. She shifted her eyes to look up at him. He really wasn't much taller than her, short, really, compared to normal standards. But Malfoys were known to have an affinity for the unique, well only if it looked good.

"Why?" she voiced, restraining the instinctive urge to bite her upper lip. Pansy had told her that made her seem coy and Malfoys were anything but, especially if one wanted to remain on Lucius Malfoy's good side. She didn't want to have her father hear of her being coy, the word enough brought an image of that Gryffindor, Brown or something, batting her eyelids at the Irish Gryffindor while running her fingers over his arm. No, she was anything but some plaything.

"I'd rather appreciate your company. I've been thinking of heading to the Kitchens and having a snack. I'd very much enjoy the amity." His smile turned into one of evocativeness.

A faint blush tinged her cheeks; she only hoped it weren't so obvious. Complexion similar to hers reacted quite horrendously when coupled with easily flushed pigments. Well, that was forthright about that and she could clearly read into his intentions as well. She wasn't as credulous as Pansy made her out to be. Pucey wanted her company, maybe even have his fingers flutter over her hand or arm and maybe kiss her cheek by the end of the night.

Ha! She wasn't niave!

'Ahem, right-' Pansy's high-pitched voice echoed in her head, interrupting her thoughts. She intuitively squashed it down until it became an incessant buzzing which she could ignore, a talent which could be attributed to years of companionship with Parkinson.

He smiled at her as he approached, lumbering down the rest of the steps and halting next to the table she occupied. She smiled up into her face while shaking her head. "I would love to yet it seems I've to finish this extra-credit report Professor Snape expects from me. It's to be on his desk at seven this morning, you see, I can't go around disappointing my Godfather."

"You're avoiding me, aren't you, Malfoy?" He let out an amused sort of laugh.

She knit her brows together. He had never seemed this arrogant before but she was one to talk. They had the same sort of upbringing at it was only to be expected. She let it pass, as she had the others, though she wondered if she was finding more excuses for him. No, he was a friend and she could always have fortitude to seek the good in them.

"No, really," she insisted. "Professor Snape had requested I submit this on time and I've only six hours of sleep before the deadline comes." She had so hoped the mention of her Godfather would cause him to withdraw his advances. She wasn't quite ready for any just yet, maybe friendship but never some sort of relationship. She had promised her Father that she would relinquish her present life for the one prepared for her once those experts managed to discover some solution to her Father's problem; her. A lot of stipulations but it was quite possible for all of those to go the way her Father had planned. Luck had been kind to the family, take her Father's renege on his oaths to the Dark Lord once he realized he was on the losing side, and soon after Harry Potter's defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

That smile widened, if it were even possible as he leaned even closer, the tip of his shoes nearly touching hers. Well, if it was one thing Draco Malfoy knew much about, it was personal space, and right now Adrain certainly was invading it. She wasn't one to step down to a challenge so she took his intimidation in stride and looked up at him, his closeness causing her to utilize her neck in order to properly view him. She hated doing this as it reminded her of her diminutive stature and this was one position Harry Potter, arch-nemesis extraordinaire, always found her in. Him looking down on her, which she absolutely hated.


She sneered, though a tad bit reserved than usual. "Really, Pucey, I'm leaving, though thank you for the invitation."

With that she turned on her heel and vacated the Common Room, intent on escap-no, heading towards her own room which she entered without much haste, right, she could have outrun a cheetah at the rate she was going, and firmly shut the door, banged it right off its hinges, actually.

She absolutely abhorred that Parkinson voice in her subconscious.

 She set her belongings down on a mahogany desk and plopped down on the large bed covered in a Ralph Lauren emerald green cotton bedspread that it looked down on. She kicked off her shoes, engaged on having them settle on the floor in a haphazard manner before the dignified order in which she took everything in reared its head, having her gather the aforementioned footwear and lay them next to her wardrobe. She then began peeling off her clothes and folding them into a wicker hamper for the house elves to launder.

Donning a garishly pink pyjama set that her mother had sent, she walked towards her study table as she tied her hair into a short stub of a ponytail and began examining her essay.

She bit into her quill absently, stroking its plumage as she stared down at the scroll. Frowning, she removed an Astrology book from her bag and flipped it open. She and Potter had agreed that a division of the work was necessary seeing as to their abysmal abhorrence of one another prevented the production of quality work. She had already done her share of the work, five constellations with their respective background histories. She was to rendezvous with Potter at the Library at two this afternoon to compare notes and merge their reports into a respectable sort of project.

She regarded the parchment blankly, its contents not registering in the slightest and she set down her quill in surrender, contemplating on the upcoming events for the day. Meeting Potter at the Library where there would be less of a chance of people to notice them had been a smart decision. Only Granger ever occupied the Library on weekends.

Ahh… Yes, Potter, that pathetic excuse of a hero. How she hated him, he walked the halls as if he owned it, strutting his cute little arse and having every female-wait a minute, cute?

Draco's eyes widened before she shook her head vigorously and flipped the pages of the hardbound edition hastily. "Think of Pucey! Arggh! No, Constellations! Constellation, constellation, constellation," she muttered softly. "Ahh…here it is… Corona Borealis, great! Corona Borealis."

"Draco!" The oak doors opened abruptly, and Draco, in her haste, gyrated a hundred and eighty degrees and fell hard on the marble floor, banging her left hip and cheekbone in the process. "Oh My God, Are you okay? Oh, Oh… I'm sorry!"

Draco exhaled arduously, a bit too ostentatiously for authenticity before blinking away tears of pain. "I'm perfectly fine… just okay, outrageously perfect… if you consider a broken hip bone, black and blue bruises on my hips and strikingly sharp pain in my butt Great but other than that, everything's just peachy."

Draco didn't know who was more amazed, she or Pansy, either in the acrimony of the power of speech even in the impending times of misfortune.

"I'm sorry," Pansy pouted, then grinned. "Peachy? Anyway, Blaise and I are going to Hogsmeade. You do remember that it's Hogsmeade weekend, do you? I just thought that the three of us-No wait! The five of us, with Greg and Vince… at any rate we can feast in the Three Broomsticks and talk… You know—similar to old times."

"I don't think so." Draco shook her head. "Public, not ready for it yet."

"But Potter will be there." Pansy grinned appraisingly. "With the Mudblood and the Weasel, not that they would matter. Wouldn't that be just peachy?"

Draco glowered at Pansy, eyes narrowing at the taunt. "And what are you trying to imply? I don't give a damn about Potter or any of the sniveling fans that follow him around like he's some god of some sorts. And I will break your petty pug-like face as hard as I can just like I did last night if that topic ever comes up again. And just so you know, he won't be there. He'll be in the Library, with me."

Pansy sighed but secretly hid a triumphant smile. "Fine, you needn't bang my head into the gutter once again, I was just joking Draco, there is no need to resort to violence. And I won't even mention the implications in your last statement."

"Like Hell." Draco mumbled, vacating her gilded throne-like seat and approaching her bed, leaning on the post a bit, fumbling with the jade velvet drapery.

'What I don't get was why you were so touchy about it, I mean, shouldn't you have dismissed it as a joke?" Pansy cocked an eyebrow. "Like how they used to tease me with you after the Yule Ball."

"We were friends but this one...It's a sick joke and its prospects nauseates me." Draco had a constipated look on her face. "Heinous indeed."

"That's how you act when you're in love, constipated." Pansy winked. "Go ahead, repeat after me, I am in love."

"Haha. Very funny." She deadpanned. "Anyway," She switched to another topic. "Is Adrian going as well?"

"Pucey?" A strand of stray blonde hair fell to a fringe over her eye as she smiled. "You mean, Good ol' Adrian Pucey with the cute smile and the cute smirk and the one who defended you when you were six?"

"Defended me when I was six?" Draco asked. "What do you mean? And the Powers-That-Be might as well have given him his looks as consolation for his intelligence."

"Oh now, childish thing really, we used to tease you because no matter how much your mummy dear tried to make you realise your gender, you never did come to your senses and he came to the rescue telling us all to shove off… I think he had a crush on you, still has probably." Pansy smiled. "And anyhow, a brain isn't much when you've the accounts his father's will states he will inherit. You can always have him bombarded with tutors."

"Right, if he ever passes the N.E.W.T.S.," Draco struggled to suppress a smile. "And yes, that same Adrian."

"He can come if you like," Pansy considered it a while. "Will you come if he does?"

"Of course not, I was just inquiring."

"Really? Draco Malfoy, is that a smile?"

"No, you're imagining things."

"That is a smile!"

"Isn't, I was just asking since Adrian seems to be… appearing everywhere now-a-days, it seems that I'm gaining a secondary shadow, the one that you don't see but appears every time you least expect it?"

Pansy giggled. "Stalker is a fine word to use for that situation but a stalker in a not bizarre way but in a ROMANTIC way rather."

"What do you mean?"

"Never mind, well, at least you know it's a shadow and not a boulder."

"What do you mean?"

"You're repeating yourself, people in love are always repeating. Anyway, you know… your two loyal henchmen, I suggest they go fuck themselves as to have a little fun, don't you think?"

"Thank you, Pansy. Now get out, I need to finish this constellation research for tonight."

"Oh fine, always the industrious one, you are." Pansy rolled her eyes as she closed the door silently. "I hope you have a wonderful midnight rendezvous plan for the evening with Mr. H. Potter."

Pansy silently thanked the Fates that she closed the door before the sound of a crystalline vase shattering reverberated behind her. But that didn't halt the grin that crept up her face. Draco, torn between two boys, sounded far better to her ears that an apathetic Draco who had no qualms whatsoever against marrying members of the similar sex. The plan would have a tendency to backfire, leaving Draco heartbroken enough to swear off men forever and marry her anyway but that was highly improbable. Mrs. Pansy Parkinson-Zabini, here I come!!!


"I'm amazed Malfoy, not with your peers on their trip to Hogsmeade?" Harry set the hardbound book beside Malfoy's elbow. The blond peered over his shoulder and amazed Harry with the half-moon reading glasses situated on the bridge of his nose.

Malfoy rolled his shoulders gracefully and flipped the book in a delicate manner. "I don't really like going out, how about you Potter, what happened to your two sidekicks? Did they finally decided to give in to their carnal lusts and turn the Gryffindor Common Room into a hell hole of moaning that you decided to leave and come join your worst-hated-arch-enemy? I'm beginning to suspect that you're dreadfully ill and I don't really want to lose my most favoured enemy."

Hah, great excuse.

The insult sounded hollow, Harry dismissed it directly as a misheard comment and sat down. "I'm looking for one more constellation, what about you, done?"

"Not that it's any of your business but yes, I'm done." He sneered. "Andromeda, Corona Borealis, Canis Minor, Cassiopeia and Cetus and that's about it and I expect you to arrive on time plus…"

Malfoy's sneer faded away carefully, as did his words as his lips tilted into a smile. He moved his upper body idly towards the right, grey eyes widening. Harry was about to ask what he was staring at but Malfoy abruptly moved back to his original position and pulled open a book to cover his flushed face.

Harry's brows furrowed as a figure approached. A figure Harry recognised was one of the Slytherin Chasers-Pucey? Yes, that's it. Harry stared at Pucey and then at Malfoy, a scrutinizing expression on his features.

Pucey seemed to have razor sharp eyes as his eyes instinctively landed on Malfoy. He whistled carefully and approached the blond.

"Hullo, Draco."

The only response Harry heard was a squeak. Harry could feel an emotion swirling in his mind, perhaps jealousy? No, it couldn't be, he was Harry Potter and he did not have things for boys. Especially for fragile, petite, feminine, angelic looking boys… Oh who was he kidding?

Call it a fetish for dwarfish kind of boys. No, on second thought, call it a fetish for feminine boys; no let me correct that, feminine, beautiful, whiny and sarcastic short boys like Malfoy. It was just a phase; it's bound to disappear, right?

No bloody way! That's impossible, Harry Potter was meant to be straight. As straight as a bean pole, Harry Potter did not associate with poufs and pansys like Draco. No, he did associate with poufs and pansys but only for a short while like for an assignment and there's no way in hell that he'll fall for a queer. Nope, not Harry Potter, the Wizarding World's saviour, the Gryffindor pride... errm... whatever.

"Pucey, what are you doing here?" Harry asked. "If you're too thick to see anything, we are both researching on our project. I do not need you disturbing Malfoy."

"Who died and made you Minister?" Pucey smirked. "Oi, Draco, what do you reckon about the new tactic I asked Pansy to show you? How are you, by the way? That was a nasty fall you took, I'm sorry."

"That new method was good but I've some embellishments to add but thank you for thinking about my…erm… fall, that's very kind of you but it wasn't your fault, bloody Bludger, I wasn't paying attention, too." Malfoy coughed. "I really have to work on my research now, though."

"It's a bugger that you got Potter for a partner, I flailed my arms around last night in hopes that you'd take notice," Pucey grinned-Hold on, was Pucey flirting with Malfoy? Did I miss something?

"Such crap luck to have Potter, the paragon of the holier than thou cliché as a partner."

Malfoy shrugged. "I agree." Harry silently gnashed his teeth. "But I'm fine as you can see; Potter and I aren't disagreeing-yet. See you in practice this Monday."

Pucey leaned towards the blond and whispered in his ear, causing him to flush rather prettily.


"You will surely look better in a skirt than in trousers, what about you trying on one of them for a change?" He whispered, breath tickling, her cheek. Draco felt her face flush, the horror of it all, especially since Potter was right in front of her.

"Pucey, shut up." Draco stuck her tongue out. "You don't know anything."

"Indeed I don't, forgive me." Adrian winked. Draco groaned inwardly. Adrian had his way with smiles-wonderful, cute smiles they truly were. That was just the problem though, Adrian, though oh-so-gorgeous, seemed to be so hilariously dim when the subject happened to involve anything with even the least amount of academics and logic in it, but who cared?

He was a charmer, good and nice teeth rivaling Potter's. Adrian certainly exuded confidence, though shallow, at least depicting him of Potter's dumbass charms and supposing if they were to get married, education didn't matter for Pucey since he was as rich as Draco and could provide money that would last them both 5 life times and...

Draco stared at her parchment in shock. First of all, her gender revelation happened in less than a month and her first crush developed only a few days ago in quidditch practice (Excluding Maculay Culkin in "the good son") and now, she was practically thinking-no, drooling over marriage with Pucey... how pathetic?

"Why don't you go join Vince, Greg, Pansy and Blaise, they're in three broomsticks," Draco shrugged her shoulders. "You know, they were expecting you to be there to enjoy, Slytherin gatherings."

"Because you're not there." Adrienne smiled, once again.

Draco's brows furrowed. "So what if I'm not with Vince, Greg, Pansy and Blaise?"

"It's not quite the same." Pucey replied. "Anyway, I have to go, Later."

Draco sighed satisfied and smiled before shaking her head and staring onto the book. She didn't even know what she was writing anymore. Okay, so maybe it was a stupid crush on Pucey but that's the point, they were silly and ridiculous and generally not based on reason. That's the whole purpose of having a crush.

Just to have someone to admire and swoon over but you never want anything more to happen, if you do, it's not a crush anymore. It's just something you like, really, for Draco, she openly admits by now that she likes men with dark hair and tanned complexion, a height towering over her. That's probably because she wants somebody to implement control over her, not the other way around. (It takes guts to admit it, though)

After all, If Granger had a crush on Lockhart first, it wouldn't be that bad, after all, Lockhart was a big loser. Didn't Potter flip for Chang, she was a year older for god's sake and she wasn't even attractive. And what about Finnigan, he liked Patil whose mouth challenged a muggle chainsaw and Weasley! Hah! Tall and lanky Weasley falling for a bushy-haired buck-tooth or perhaps.

And then there was Pansy's first crush, Crabbe, See? Pansy liked strong and masculine guys but as soon as Pansy figured out the Crabbe couldn't talk, well, that turned her off directly. And Blaise, Blaise's first crush was well… It was Millicent Bullstrode.

So, It was bound to be ridiculous. Just like how she liked Potter-I mean, Pucey.

"Malfoy, You fancy him don't you?"

Draco stared at the ceiling, forgetting about the other occupant in the table, not even caring that he talked. Draco nodded carefully before chuckling. "But that's just the point, it's stupid."

Harry shrugged. "I don't really think so."

"Why not?" Draco frowned. "You know, crushes are supposed to be stupid. Take Young Weaslette for example, she's been having a big crush on you and well, it's ridiculous."

This time, it was Harry, who frowned. "Why is it ridiculous?"

"Well, to start off, I think it's very obvious for you to end up with each other." Draco chuckled. "And then-wait a minute, why am I talking to you this!"

"Okay, Fine, then." Harry huffed. "I was just making a conversation, you don't have to act like there's a wand shoved up your arse."

"I don't have a wand shoved far up my arse!"

"There seems to be one."

Draco's left eye twitched before silently exhaling. "Whatever, I'm leaving." And before she can stand up, Harry grabbed her hand.

"Look, we're never going to have our project worked out fine if none of us would stop bickering, what do you say? Truce?" Harry extended a hand and looked hopefully.

"Why should I take it?" Draco sneered. "You didn't accept my hand the first time around."

"Well, you insulted my friend." Harry countered.

"I wouldn't have insulted your pet Weasel if he didn't insult me first." Draco defended. "I would've simply left him alone, I even ignored him even if I was itching to criticise him but does he even reconsider? No! He still manages to laugh at my name, We're talking about fairness here."

"I'm not talking about life time friendship here, it's just a temporary truce! We have to spend time with each other you know and fighting won't make up for the time!" Harry exclaimed. "Can't we have at least a single decent conversation?"

Draco stared at the extended hand in front of her. The palms were slightly rough, knuckles callused and blue veins travelling from the base of his palms to his wrists, Harry Potter's hands were manly, much too manly. In fact, it looked better beside Pucey's…

She rolled her eyes and finally gave a sigh, exaggerating a bit, to make it sound like it was the biggest sacrifice she was about to make. "Oh fine Potter but this doesn't mean I'm going to lay off your friends… this truce expires at the end of the week."

And she took those fine hands and for some reason, the deep musky scent of grass and ground engulfed her, strangely reminding her of quidditch. She it away instantly and shook her head slightly before catching a short glimpse of the tall and lean boy-no, not anymore-man.

"Malfoy? Malfoy?"

Finally, snapping out of her daze, she looked up. "What?"

"Are you okay? You had this weird look in your face." Harry pointed out, a hint of concern in his deep voice. Draco stared at him, frowning a bit, wondering when Harry's voice sounded... undesccribable-but in a completely good way.

"I was thinking of something," She waved her hand and stared at the book. "I'm going to research on another subject now, you can leave if you want to."

"It's okay, I'll stay here." Harry smiled. "And oh, Ginny used to have a crush on me but that was back then, he's into Collin now, right after the Yule ball in 4th year where Neville took her."

"Weasley and Longbottom, I"d rather throw up." She rolled her eyes. "Honestly, what's wrong with her tastes? Longbottom is too far out, he's too much of a klutz and Creevey is way too intimidating."

"You don't insult my friends in front of me." Harry frowned. "That's just rude, I don't insult your pug-faced friend and your cronies."

"Well, now you are insulting them." Draco slammed the book shut. "I said I'd keep civil with you, not with your friends. They are none of my concern, I don't like them and they don't like me either and that's that. I have my reasons and you have yours and the within the night, they have the stars and clouds by day."

"Did you get that from some poem?" Harry blinked.

"You know what, you are a waste of my time!" She exclaimed loudly. "I am leaving you, I am sorry but I lose my manners quickly and I will not tolerate dim-witted idiots like you!"


"Damn." Harry cursed silently as he flipped through the crisp pages of the thick hardbound book and searched thoroughly for the last constellation. After 300 pages of skimming, no other constellation looked fitting for his last research.

"I'm glad you have yourself buried into books."

Harry lowered the moldy book and stared at Hermione's warm brown eyes. He grinned and shook his head as the girl settled herself next to Harry.

"I want to study but I don't do it all the time, I heard it's not good for your health." He teased. Hermione rolled her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. "How did hogsmeade go and where's Ron? Hold on... you're both not together... does that mean that you're both having a... let's say... lover's tiff?"

Hermione playfully shoved him. "No... Well, Yes... but... well, it's just a stupid fight, I mean, I wouldn't lend Ron a sickle and he got mad and left me in Hogsmeade."

"Why didn't you let him?" Harry asked. "A sickle isn't too much, you get more than that!"

"I would not unless it's for something useless and a subscription? Of some quidditch magazines?" Hermione cocked an eyebrow. "I do not find it funny that Ron buys these quidditch magazines... A book would be better... I don't care what book, just as long as he'd learn something from it. I'd say, quidditch magazines don't let you pass the NEWTS with flying colours!"

"Well, at least it isn't a magazine of naked women with big bosoms." Harry murmured and realised what big mistake he had said and pulled out the book from the table and pretended to be interested in a certain page.

"Oh..." Hermione giggled girlishly. "Oh... my god!" She squealed. "I didn't know you were interested in girls... the only girl I know you were last intrested in was Cho and then Ron concluded that you were gay and here you are talking about nude!"

"Well," Harry said grudgingly as he gently set the book on his lap. "Dudley has a lot of those and well, I came across it... What? I'm old enough for crying out loud... even super heroes have vices! Which brings me to the topic, why does my sidekick know so much about this?"

It was Hermione's turn to flush. "Well... age... it carries though."

Harry chuckled.

"What?" Hermione looked abashed. "You didn't think I was that ignorant now, do you? Sex is just like Neville's parents."

Harry coughed. "Hermione, you can't talk about that casually when you're 17."

Hermione shrugged. "I'm just making a point, it's like Neville's parents... everyone knows about it but they don't make a fuss about it."

Harry nodded. "Whatever, I'm going to study and you better make up with Ron, I think you were over-re-acting."

Hermione sighed. "You think?"

"Yes." Harry nodded, once again. "I don't think, I know."

Hermione stood up. "Yeah, you're right... Should I wait or go look for him?"

"He's bound to show up." Harry shook his head with amusement. "Anyway, I'm hungry and I missed supper, maybe I can ask Dobby for some food. I better be going, I think I'm going to stay up until dawn tonight with Malfoy."

"Oh," Hermione said darkly. "Malfoy, the little bugger."

Harry shrugged. "Yeah, but he can be decent most of the times."

Hermione looked at Harry suspiciously and dismissed the 'he' slip-up with hunger. "Decent? I think not, just an advice, direct from me to you, don't get yourself too attached, ferret-face, as you know, is an agent of the dark lord and you never know..."

Harry shook his head, he tried to remember if there was a mark on Draco's wrist. He pulled the book and shook his head once again. "Thanks for your advice Herm, I'll keep that in mind." He sighed and stood in front of the common room exit. "Oh and Herm, here's my advice, direct from me to you." He turned around. "Just make sure that the knowledge you have about those mature things would be kept to a minimum, I don't want you to make babies with Ron before you graduate."


Gregory stared at the parchments intricately attached with a silver bobbie pin. He stared at it, fascinated and picked it up. The pin glittered immaculately underneath the dim lighting of Draco's private dorms. He guffawed, truly amused of the invention.

"Goyle, put my paper clip down." Draco shook her head, smiling. "It's a paper clip, a muggle invention. Paper-clip, it holds papers so that it won't be messy."

"Paper clip." Gregory repeated. "Wow."

"You can have it." Draco smiled. "I have a lot of that, you can take as much as you want... it's over the left drawer... yes, the bottom most... great... pull that pink box and open the lid carefully--I said carefully! You broke the lock! Don't worry, I'll fix it... yeah, see... the paper clip comes in different colours but I prefer silver."

"We got you something!" Pansy's head popped from the door. "There's a lot of cockroach clusters, Vince grabbed them for you saying that he felt so... hollow walking through Hogsmeade's streets without their little brainiac."

Draco stared at Pansy as she settled the package on the coffee table. "Aww... isn't that sweet, Goyle, do you like those paper clips?"

Greg nodded dumbly, stuffing his breast pocket with paper clip. "Paper... wawassit again? Paper tip? No, paper kit?"

"Paper clip." Pansy and Draco corrected.

"You're free to look around my dorm room except my bathroom." Draco pointed at the door. "And also... that little box over there, yeah, don't touch that... there's a coin that's really valuable that's inside... Goyle, hand it to me."

Goyle pulled the box and handed it to Draco, heaving a sigh of relief for not breaking it.

"What coin?" Pansy asked. "I never thought of you keeping a galleon in a little box."

"It's not a galleon... It's like a traditional coin... for the Malfoy's." Draco paused. "I don't know why Potter had it but... I don't know... I just took it back."

"Do you think Potter's a klepto?" Pansy asked. "Or better yet, you gave it to him unconciously."

"Oh bugger off." Draco rolled her eyes. "I will never give that git a single penny."

"What do you remember of it?" Pansy asked. "Surely, there's a history."

"I could remember..." Draco closed her eyes. "I received it for a present, not mum's or dad's... it's my grandfather's coin. It's a golden coin with the Malfoy crest engraved and some intricate designs that I know nothing of." She opened it. "The last time I remember holding it was when... I went..."

"Go on..." Pansy prodded.

"It's stupid, it's probably a dream." Draco shrugged and pulled the parchment. "I should go eat, I'm hungry."

"You didn't eat yet?" Pansy asked. "Anyway, I don't care, tell me first..."

"Look," Draco said, irritated. "The coin is irrelevant, it was a stupid dream really. Father, for one thing, never associated with muggles but since he had some business to do there... he went to this family and well, this family had a little fat boy for me to play with and he was certainly ugly and huge." She paused, smiling. "He reminds me of a little whale. When I refused to play with the fat lump, he walked away muttering something about shiny red trucks and I saw this cupboard."

Pansy smiled. "Then?"

"This cupboard... it was tiny, the paint chipped an all." She held onto the box. "And... Aww... come on Pansy, it's ridiculous." Draco looked down. "It's ridiculous."

"It isn't." Pansy assured her. "For all you know, it might not be a dream at all."

"Anyway," Draco sighed. "There was this little boy, living under the cupboard. We talked for a while and he told me I was pretty. I wasn't used to be called pretty... I was never called pretty by some one innocent. He was probably our age Pansy and I was 5 then. I talked to him about wanting to be Potter's friend." She smiled wistfully. "He told me Potter was lucky then... to have a friend like me." She looked up. "I let him go," She whispered. "The only boy who said I was pretty."

"How about Adrienne?" Pansy asked.

"Fuck Pucey," Draco exclaimed. "I'm talking about something more than a silly crush Pansy, he... he said I was pretty... do you know how much that means to me? I know I sound so pathetic but he said that Potter was lucky to be my friend... and look at me now, I'm not even close to be called his friend. This boy, if I feel sad Pans, he's the one that makes me remember that the sun would shine for me one day."

Pansy stared at the dungeon walls. "You'll meet him one day."

"Yeah," Draco agreed. "But the irony is, Pans, I gave that boy a coin." She opened the lid of the box and pulled the coin out. "This coin, I gave it to him..." She smiled. "I gave this bloody coin and he probably traded it to Potter for a galleon... no, shillings. Pansy, that bloody hurts you know, I gave this coin up for him and he sells it."

"There must be a good reason." Pansy shrugged. "One, he must've been starving and Two, he needed money."

"You're right." Draco held onto the coin. "I'd better go and get some food, I'm starving."

Draco turned around and headed towards the door. "Draco?" Draco turned, once again and faced Pansy, who held a sweater (Was it?). "Where'd you get this?" Draco racked her head hard and stared at the cloak before pulling it towards her.

"I'm about to return it." She explained and secured the bundle. "I'll get going."


Harry held on to the goblet in his hands and chewed on the shepherd pie. It was certainly a meal to enjoy. He smiled and drank from the goblet, raising it and met Dobby's eye. The entrance door opened and a blurry vision of a blonde entered. A beautiful female blonde who kneeled down to talk to Dobby.

"Do you have more food?" She heard him say. Harry cursed silently, wishing that he had upgraded his glasses to get a closer view of the blonde. "I'm hungry, I totally forgot about dinner and skipped it."

Dobby muttered something and walked away. The blonde slowly approached Harry and realised that it wasn't in fact a blonde but a blond. It wasn't beautiful and it was certainly a Malfoy.

"Potter, didn't know you'd be here." He shrugged and sat down. "Look," She handed the sweater back. "I don't want to know what happened, don't remind me but I'd like to thank you... for whatever you have done..." She paused. "It's very noble, I didn't think you'd do something like that for me."

Harry nodded, chewing onto his shepherd pie that suddenly tasted like saw dust. Wow, how moods change.

"Anyway," he paused and smiled at the house elf that handed him his food. "I'd like to first know about the coin you got..."