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Chapter V: He Charges Forth with the Power of Guts, to save a Captive Girl

"YAHH!" The cavern echoed with the sound of an inexplicable power striking metal, and a deafening war cry. The robot was flung three meters, and smashed into the rocky ceiling.

The attacker grinned, as he looked ahead, towards the goal that lay beyond. Cracking his knuckles, he beheld several more automatons, as they slipped from the shadows and advanced towards him. "So you want more, huh?" Grinning, he kicked off the rocky earth with his foot, hurling himself towards his opponents.

The air echoed with the din of empowered fists striking robotic, metal frames, as the boy named Sogiita Gunha beat back the numerous robots. Sweat glistening in the light of hanging lamps, the esper let out a zestful roar.

One might wonder why Sogiita Gunha was in this winding, seemingly endless chain of caverns, and the answer was simple. The answer remained in the boy's left fist, cradled in his palm.

He fought again and again, smashing into robots with ferocious yells. All the while, he held the lock of golden hair in his left hand like a talisman, even as a robot managed to strike him across the face.

The impact sent him flying into a wall, and he bit back a cry of pain. Growling, he got to his feet, and charged forward once more, diving into the depths of the robotic, offensive maelstrom. "Just wait a little longer," he murmured, as he felt his fist collide with yet another robot. "I don't know who you are, but I'll save you with THE POWER OF GUTS!"


"Let go of me!" The girl named Misaki Shokuhou was most definitely not having a good day. First, she'd woken up in a strange, foreign place, and found that her remote had been destroyed. Then, she'd found Sogiita Gunha, the 7th Level 5, lying by her side. She'd woken him up, and nearly managed to take over his mind. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) her attempt was thwarted, as a winged, rock crystal monstrosity emerged from the shadows behind her.

To Gunha's credit, he had tried to save her, but he'd been a hair too slow. He'd wrapped a hand around her golden locks, and torn away a lock of her hair. However, the ghastly, winged entity, wrapped its tail around her waist, and flew off, departing deeper into the massive chain of tunnels.

Currently, being trapped in the grip of a monstrous, winged creature wasn't particularly fun for Misaki, and the speed of their flight was much too fast for her liking. However, that wasn't the most pressing of her concerns.

Try as she might, she couldn't control this creature's mind. It was so alien to her, so strange and inhuman, that she couldn't understand it at all. However, the only thing she could sense was the sheer amount of wrath billowing inside its frame, and the emotion made her shiver.

"L-let me go!" she cried, doing her best to pry the tail from her waist. However, the creature's grip was unyielding, as it continued to fly through the tunnels. Misaki's frustration ebbed when she finally noticed how high she was off the ground. If the crystalline, bat-like creature were to drop her, she would surely die from the fall.

At this point, Misaki was at a loss. She could not control the creature's mind and hitting it was out of the question as well, due to its rock/crystal skin and the absurdly high height she was at.

The cave, probably where the creature lived, was enormous. It was at 60 ft wide and seemed to extend on forever. "When will this end?" she wondered aloud. She looked up at her captor and spoke in a resigned tone. "I guess there is no point in trying to reason with an animal."

"Who are you calling an animal, little miss princess?" a high-pitched voice with a strange accent whispered into her ear. Misaki shivered at the voice, not knowing where it was coming from. What the hell was that?. She thought. Calm down Misaki, you were thrown into a totally different world with strange creatures; it's probably just your imagination.

All of a sudden the voice from before spoke again, "You honestly thought I was animal, really?" Misaki looked up to the source of the voice which turned out to be the crystal bat that was carrying her. "My name is Xiphos."

Misaki was thrown for a loop at this unexpected yet civil introduction, yet kept her cool and spoke in cold manner, "Where are you taking me, Xiphos?"

The crystal bat called Xiphos answered with a grin, "Oh to be fed to my fellow sins of course. We haven't tasted human flesh in a long time." Okay, I guess he is not civilized after all. Misaki thought while she shivered from the horror that would eventually befall her.

She could not rely on Sogiita, if Sogiita was indeed searching for her, he would have found her by now. He can run at twice the speed of sound. Misaki in her spare time read up on the abilities of the other Level 5s in case she could exploit Misaka somehow. He could easily catch up to Xiphos, so what is taking him so long?


Unbeknownst to her, Sogiita was currently being held over a cliff by a beefy automaton. "What the hell?!" Sogiita yelled. These robots are smarter than I thought and fast. They were almost as fast as him and far more relentless. At this rate, I won't be able to save that girl, whoever she is.

Sogiita, expecting to be dropped of the cliff by his robot captor, struggled with all of his Level 5 might. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a rushing movement that leapt up and kicked the robot in the side of its head. The robot, not expecting an attack, fell into the abyssal pit below. The man expertly caught Sogiita before he to could fall to his death. "Thanks, mister." Sogiita spoke in a relieved tone.

"Milo, Milo Stanton." The man speaking was huge by human standards. He looked around 6 ft 7inches and had rippling muscles. "What were you thinking? You do not walk into an abandoned mine like this, it's dangerous."

Sogiita retorted, "Someone got kidnapped and I am trying to look for them."

Sogiita did not expect this guy to believe the whole truth, so he made up that decent excuse. "Anyway, what are you doing here? You look like you are by yourself also."

Milo sighed, "I collect, clean, and sell robot parts. If had a strong enough EMP device, I could gather as many robots as I need and expand my business."

A sudden thought struck Sogiita's head. "I'll help you gather more robot scrap, if you can help me in my search, deal."

"Deal," Milo said as he shook Sogiita's hand. "A sin is rumored to live in this cave. If happen to come across it, we run like hell away from it."

Sogiita had half a mind to ask, what is a sin? However, he held his tongue. They're probably bad news. "Okay Milo, you know your way around this place so you take the lead. If anything happens I got your back."

Milo looked relieved at his willingness to go into a difficult situation and nodded. Without saying anything the two headed deeper into the mine with determined expressions.


Misaki was scared. No, scared was not even close to what she was feeling at that moment. She was shackled to the wall with crystal chains conjured up by a force called "Fuerza" as Xiphos put it.

Across from her were the chattering sins Xiphos spoke of. The sins looked very similar to Xiphos, yet were smaller, more animalistic, and moved so fast they seemed like they were on a permanent sugar rush.

The reason they were not stripping her flesh from her bones at the moment was because of Xiphos's authority. Xiphos was currently ordering several of his fellow sins to check the cave's labyrinthine tunnels for any scouting parties sent to rescue the girl he just kidnapped.

Misaki silently prayed that she would be rescued. She did not care how she was rescued, she just wanted to get away from the man-eating crystal bat creatures. The Queen of Tokiwadai was currently not acting confident as her peers in Academy City thought she was. Am I going to die in this godforsaken place?

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