Lost but now found

Minerva McGonagall looked up to watch as her class of second years enter the Transfiguration classroom, today she had a special class planned and had invited a guest. Her guest was in fact one of her favourite students, Auror Captain James Potter.
She watched the class take their seats, focusing briefly on two red haired girls as they sat in the third row from the front. To her left was Ginerva Weasley or Ginny as she liked to be called, she had brown eyes and lots of freckles and to her right was Rose Potter she had hazel coloured eyes with slightly paler skin that Ginny and her hair was a much deeper shade of red. They were both talking excitedly about something, most likely the Halloween feast that evening, when Rose spotted her father sitting to one side, she pointed this out to Ginny and they both waved to him. The bell rang as James waved back; Minerva closed the classroom door with a wave of her wand and went to stand in front of her desk, facing the class.

"I have a special lesson planned for you all today" Minerva said, the class falling silent the instant she began speaking, "the Ministry has decided to re-instate the teaching of the Animagus transformation at Hogwarts, as a result the board of governors has decided to move the topic study for this subject forward a year in order to provide greater support in the practical lessons in later years. Today's lesson will be the first theory lesson on the subject and, as this is an extra-curricular course, I will take the names of all the students who wish to continue next year with the practical course."

The class broke into excited whispering as she finished, she watched them for a few moments before continuing with the lesson.
"An Animagus is a witch or wizard than transform their bodies into an animal form, a person's form is predetermined, you cannot choose what your form will be, however, some witches and wizards are capable of turning into multiple forms of different magical or mundane animals."

Her eyes swept across the room, noting that everyone was giving her their undivided attention, a rarity for second year classes.
"Now would you kindly stand up and walk to the front so you can all see the demonstration from our guest." She asked.

The students chattered excitedly as they walked to stand in the front of the class, some sitting on the front row of desks, James rose from his seat and walked into the middle of the gap between the students and professor McGonagall's desk.
He looked to Minerva, who nodded in approval, before transforming; in less than a second, a magnificent stag was standing in the spot that James Potter had occupied.

This brought a round of applause from the students; as the applause ended, Minerva opened her mouth to continue her lesson when the door opened. She turned to address the visitor, but froze when she saw him.

Closing the door was a tall Slytherin Prefect with well-groomed black hair, brown eyes and a handsome face, a face she hadn't seen in fifty years.

As the visitor gently closed the door and began walking through the centre of the room, she saw that he wasn't entirely solid; he seemed to be made of mist, but, at the same time, still being of more substantial form than the ghosts.

James transformed back and walked to stand beside Minerva; he looked at her, she looked like she was seeing someone long believed dead, before turning to watch their guest.

As the figure reached the centre of the room, the door was thrown opened and another figure stepped through, this time Minerva gasped.

A third year Gryffindor male, with wild, coal black hair and emerald green eyes stepped through and slammed the door. He strode toward the gap between the desks with is wand drawn, clearly looking for a fight.

She turned to James, who had frozen at the sight of the newcomer, the boy was the spitting image of him, before turning back to the students.
"Move to the back of the room, quickly. James, get your wand ready." The students quickly complied, moving as far away from the guests as possible, James recovered from the shock and drew his own wand, preparing to defend the kids if necessary.

The Gryffindor reached the centre divide and aimed his wand at the Slytherin. "This ends tonight Tom, I wont let you set that beast of yours on anyone else." He declared, his south London accent thickening in his anger.
"I don't know what you mean Potter" the Slytherin replied his voice had an elegant, posh accent, drawing his own wand and training it on the Gryffindor.

"I saw you order the bloody snake to attack Michelle Forrest and brag to it about how you going to frame Hagrid, or how about your new name, my Lord Voldemort." Potter retorted, sending several stunning spells at Riddle.

"Did you really see that or are you bluffing?" Riddle hissed, his face darkened at Potter's use of his new, chosen name; blocking the first three stunners and dodging the remainder, which would have hit the students if James and Minerva hadn't blocked them, all of whom flinched or screamed at the forbidden name.
"Besides I'm not the only one keeping secrets, Harry" he said, smirking as he despatched his own curses.

James straightened at the name, "It… it can't be, my son is dead" he thought.

"What are you on about Riddle?" Harry asked, deflecting Riddle's curse, before attacking with three cutting curses and a slicing hex.
"I mean your time turner for one Harry" he said, again blocking and dodging Harry's spells. "I also mean that you're a stranded time traveller." He added, smirking evilly as horror flashed across his opponents face, allowing him to land a nasty cutting curse to his opponents shoulder, in Harry's brief moment of hesitation.

"What are you talking about? I've been in that orphanage since I was a year old." Harry shouted, increasing the speed of his attacks, varying the spells and continuing to deflect and dodge rather than blocking Riddles attacks. Riddle ducked a bone breaker that sailed over him, right were his head had just been. "I mean that you parents don't exist, you're clearly a Potter, not a mudblood as you claim but your resemblance to Charlus is too little to be a close relative, and there isn't an Evans family, your parents haven't been born yet."

Harry responded by throwing multiple bombardment curses towards Riddle and aiming a bolt-thrower hex at his legs.
Riddle dived away from the bombardment curses, which James and Minerva had trouble containing and destroyed several desks, but took part of the bolt-thrower to his left arm, swearing as a 9 inch wrought iron spike went through his arm. He cried out in pain and sent a barrage of dark curses at Harry.

Harry deflected three curses and dodged another two before his right leg was swept from beneath him by a bludgeoning curse. He twisted to clockwise as he fell, landing heavily on his chest; a bone breaker shattered the wrist of his wand hand as soon as he landed.

Harry tried to rise but Riddle sent a dark cutting curse past his ear. "I didn't want to do this Potter, but you've left me no choice, you'll be with your mudblood mother soon Harry."
Harry's face warped in fury, "Oblivion take you, Riddle!" he roared as he tried to rise, but Riddle Targeted Harry's Time Turner, which had fallen out of his robes, with a reductor curse.

The curse impacted the delicate golden instrument, but didn't immediately shatter it. Harry was able to get to his feet before the device began crack, several strange golden particles force their way through the cracks, burning Harry's robes and flesh. Great golden rings of energy started to form then grow, spreading over Harry's clothes and flesh.

Harry began to scream in agony as the first circle formed over his heart, then spreading to his face arms and legs. The area that was passed over by the by the energy solidified in colour, slightly burnt by the strange energy, almost as if his body was now real and not made from the mist. Harry's scream intensified as the rings began to overlap, which accelerated with each new contact. As his whole body became covered there was an explosion of this strange energy and the boy fell to the floor, with burns covering most of his body, Harry finally lost consciousness in the explosion.

Riddle stared at the spot where Harry had stood before putting his wand away and heading for the door. Minerva watched the shade of Riddle, or whatever it was, fade away halfway to the door, before rushing to the fallen boy.
She made a quick examination, noting spell damage and the coverage of the burns was not complete on the exposed flesh and somewhat less severe where his robes had covered him, before turning to her students, the nearest being Rose Potter and Ginny Weasley.

"Miss Potter, hurry to the hospital wing and fetch Madame Pomfrey, tell her a student has suffered spell damage and severe burns. Miss Weasley, would you please find Professor Snape and bring him as well, tell him the same thing but also tell him dark magic has been used on a student." She ordered, both girls nodded before rushing off.

James came and knelt by Minerva, examining the boy himself, his mind not quite comprehending what he's seeing. As they waited he had to ask; "Who is this Minerva?"