Lost but now found

Chapter 4

Harry continued the long familiar trek to the headmaster's office, well aware he was being followed.

The first was an older student, a prefect probably, that held himself tall, straight and proud, quite likely ordered to make sure he made it to the heads office.

'Strutting Peacock' he thought.

The second was an older student or young adult following from further back under a disillusionment charm; he didn't know what to make of them.

He reached the gargoyle without incident and gave the password before stepping through. Harrison briefly wondered what Dumbledore wanted to see him about as he passed the disguised ward stone but decided Dumbles would explain.

He knocked on the door, but there was no response. He knocked twice more before realising the old man was probably still downstairs and entered to wait. A soft trill distracted him however; he looked around to find the large phoenix he saw earlier was now sitting on the chair next to him. He reached over and began stroking the bird's magnificent red and gold plumage, earning a purr-like trill as he reached a particular spot on the neck.

He continued petting the phoenix for several minutes until Professor Dumbledore entered the room. The professor strode over to his desk, smiling lightly as he saw Fawkes, and sat down.

"How has your morning been Harrison?" Dumbledore asked gently, Harry knew the old man had something to say but was trying to be gentle about it.

"Good enough, I was surprised by how little the castle has changed though. I wasn't impressed by that weasel kid though" he said, frowning towards the end.

Dumbledore nodded gravely, "Yes there have been a number of incidents with Mr Weasley over the past few years, Miss Granger was nearly killed by a troll on her first Halloween due to his attitude; my understanding is that she attempted to help him in class that day and he called her names until she cried, if Mr Longbottom hadn't remembered that she wasn't at the feast the troll would have found her alone. I had hoped that the pair of them would be a positive influence on Mr Weasley but he has rebuked any offer of friendship and I believe the two accompanying him earlier are essentially bullied into following him," he admitted sadly, his face displaying a shadow of his feelings that Halloween despite his best efforts, when he'd learned of the troll cornering Hermione in the bathroom and why she was in there he'd never felt so powerless and such a failure in his entire career. It was, in Minerva's own words, 'sheer dumb luck' they had survived.

"But you don't have grounds to suspend or expel him," Harry added sadly, knowing the headmaster's position and sharing a dorm was going to be difficult, 'better reinforce the security on my trunk' he thought.

Dumbledore nodded. "In any case, he has yet to warrant such actions in accordance with the school charter. Regardless, there is something else I wanted to talk to you about," he said, Harrison frowned as his suspicions proved correct.

"Tomorrow I plan to let you spend the day in Diagon Alley, in order to collect your supplies for the year and acquire new clothes or a broom, your old brooms will be hard pressed to match most modern models, settle any business with Gringotts," he explained before gazing at Harrison unblinkingly.

"I would ask you to undergo an inheritance test at Gringotts, I have reason to believe that your parents are alive and that you ended up in that Orphanage due to Temporal Displacement," he continued, watching impassively as his student froze.

To Harrison, it felt like his brain and body had seized solid. 'My parents? ...Alive? no, t-t-they can't… it's been decades for Christ's sake…' thoughts, hopes and denials seemed to penetrate the stillness inside like blowtorches on frozen ironwork.

Slowly he said, "That's not possible."

"There is enough evidence to fit the theory," Dumbledore said slowly, handing over the ministry parchments, his school record, both birth certificates and several old Daily Prophet newspapers.

He watched as Harry went through each article and even started checking previous articles in reference to the others until he stopped and looked at his professor. "How?" he asked.

"Twelve years ago, a dark wizard calling himself Voldemort attacked the Potter family who were in hiding in Godric's Hollow. He incapacitated Mr and Mrs Potter before proceeding to the nursery on the upper floor, yes he only desired to murder the child," he clarified as Harry's expression went from shock to murderous.

"The parents awoke just as Voldemort addressed the child but before they could attempt to reach their child, the emerald green double-flash of the killing curse lit up the landing, this was followed by a green glow before a final green flash and a small explosion. For the past 12 years they have believed their son, Harry, had perished in that explosion that seemed to claim Voldemort's life as well." Dumbledore stopped, waiting for a moment as Harrison was shaking in anger at his former schoolmates actions.

"That night I was given a piece of parchment by an unspeakable that stated a Temporal anomaly had been detected at roughly the same time as the attack in the immediate area, I was sent another piece with a minor addition moments after your trip through time earlier this week. I came to the conclusion the events may be connected, so I viewed memories of both events in my pensieve," he continued, gesturing to the cabinet where he stored his pensieve.

"You noticed something that you missed the first time," Harry said slowly, not trusting himself to believe, not wanting to set himself up for disappointment.

Dumbledore nodded, "I did. Just before the explosion, the green flash was overlapped by a golden glow, the exact same glow as seen when your Time Turner cracked," he confirmed, knowing that he should have investigated further all those years ago.

"Your school record lists your birth parents as James Charlus Potter and Lily Rosemarie Potter Nee Evans, the same names as the mother and father whose child Voldemort targeted. To me there is little doubt that you are their son and you were cast backwards through time as a result of the attack." He was now reconsidering his decision, as Harrison sat in front of him apparently emotionless but knowing it was just a mask, but why use such a mask?

"Unfortunately there is a chance that all this is all just a coincidence, but the only fool proof way to determine one way or the other is an inheritance test," he concluded.

"So you're not even certain I went back in time in the first place?" Harry asked after a moment, "or even how?"

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, making Harry swear quietly but not quietly enough as Dumbledore gave him a piercing look.

"Temporal Mechanics are a pain in the butt," he stated as he rose, Dumbledore nodded in agreement. Wizards may be capable of time travel, but it was muggles that understood the long term consequences better, even though their theories were many and often contradictory.

"I have arranged an escort, not a teacher unfortunately, but I believe they will be more than adequate for the job, I hope to see you at 9:30 tomorrow." The headmaster finished.

Harrison nodded, said goodbye and headed through the door and back to the tower.

The conversation had left him reeling, his parents were alive? He'd been born decades after he entered school? He'd started school before his grandparents were in double figures?

It was in this turbulent state that he arrived at the tower landing to find a frantic Susan jogging toward him.


"Susan? Are you alright?" Harry asked as she stopped in front of him.

"I'm fine," she said, gasping for breath. Harry couldn't help but think she looked hot with her cheeks red and her hair loose and falling into her face. "It's you I'm worried about."

Harry cocked an eyebrow in surprise as she continued. "Ron just got back from the hospital wing, he's kicking up a storm about you attacking him without provocation," she said, brushing a loose lock of hair away from her eyes. "I heard his brothers talking about ambushing you in a revenge attack."

"He's banging off about me attacking him for no reason?" he asked, waiting for her nod, which she did.

"His brothers – ""and the rest of the quidditch team" "– and the quidditch team are planning a perceived righteous retribution?" again Susan nodded.

"And he expects to get away with it?" Susan nodded again, this time slightly confused.

"Not bloody likely," Harry said before marching towards the portrait. Susan's eyes widened in shock and she tore after him.
"No one screws with me and walks away unharmed," he muttered as he got ten feet from the portrait, Susan caught up with him before he gave the password.

"Harry, No!" she cried making the Fat Lady wince and Harry face her, surprise etched into his face. "You can't do this, you'll get into trouble. He's not worth it," she pleaded, she didn't want to admit it but she liked him and was afraid of him getting hurt.

"I have to stand up to him, you can't excuse what he did today and I'm betting his brothers don't know the whole story. I'm going in there to confront him on the truth, more than a few gryffindors saw the exchange," he explained, Susan nodded in agreement.

"Yes, the common room was split roughly in half when I left between those who were and weren't there, sadly most weren't there," she told him, smiling sadly.

"I know, go find professor McGonagall," he told her, he waved off her protests. "She needs to know and this is likely to escalate. Go!"

Susan turned and started running, she heard him say the password and the portrait open, as she reached the end of the landing she heard Harry bellow "WEASLEY!"

Susan returned ten minutes later, Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout behind her. They were met at the end of the corridor by Hannah, who had a nasty cut on her cheek.

"Professor! Harry came in as Ron was stirring the house against him. He called Ron out on what had happened in the hall, about how he had said that word to Rose Potter. Ron's brothers turned on him demanding the truth so Ron began casting spells at Harry, Harry returned fire and - it just…" she tried to explain but couldn't finish.

Professor Sprout looked at her cheek and healed the cut as McGonagall and Flitwick entered the landing to find most of the first, second and third years lying against the walls of the landing, all huddled up from fear or nursing minor wounds, except for a group of third and fourth years behind a barricade in front of the portrait.

McGonagall strode over to the barricade, Flitwick following her. She looked to Hermione, who was one of the third years at the barricade, "What happened here?"

"World War III kicked off" came the flippant reply of a fourth year to her left, she crossed the barricade and opened the portrait to be met by utter devastation; there were scorch marks all over the walls and the back of the portrait, the portraits were torn or scorched and empty, the handful of bookcases were firewood, the tables had been upended and had several holes each punched through them, torn and singed book pages were littering the ground or fluttering around, stuffing from the couches and armchairs littered the floor, there was a rough line of iron spikes in the opposite wall and tables at roughly knee height and there were several students lying on the ground in various states of injury.

"My goodness" Flitwick said as he entered, "I don't think Hogwarts has ever seen anything like this before," he exclaimed as he looked upon the devastation.

The two teachers waded through the destruction, trying to find all the students before attempting to repair the damage, most of the students were relatively unharmed with the exceptions of Harrison Potter (who was found with several deep lacerations to his left arm, both legs and his face, a broken arm and a concussion), Ron Weasley (who had two broken arms, a broken leg, a broken nose, was pinned to the wall by five iron spikes through his arms, legs and a near miss to his crotch, and was still under the effects of the bat-bogey hex) and Percy Weasley (who by the looks of it had been standing in the middle of the room and was caught in the crossfire).

The next ten minutes were spent tending to the wounded students and evacuating the dorms, nearly everyone that had sided with Ron had bolted after the truth came out and spells started flying, before they began to repair the damage, it took several minutes but apart from the paintings the common room was virtually as it was an hour earlier.

The three heads of house spent the rest of the evening trying to discover the course of events that led to the skirmish.

It turned out that Ron had used a heavily edited version of the events in the great hall to rile up the rest of his housemates, but had been confronted by Harry and the truth came out.

His brothers and housemates grew angry at Ron lying and Ron attempted to curse Harry, who deflected the spell and retaliated.

Several other students had reacted to the redirected spell and after a few seconds spells were flying everywhere, Ron tried to run in the confusion but was pinned to the wall.

After another couple of minutes everyone was either unconscious, had left the room or was too injured to carry on.

Ron was given detention to the end of the year and warned that any further actions would lead to suspension, Harry was given two months detention, everyone else who cast any jinxes, hexes or curses received a month's detention.

After a series of apologies from Ron's brothers Fred and George and the rest of the quidditch team followed by most of the house, everyone was able to return to their dorms.

Before he drifted off to sleep, he thought over everything that had happened that day, he hoped that tomorrow would be a normal day or at least as normal as it gets at Hogwarts.

He was woken up at 8:00 by his alarm. After showering and getting dressed in jeans, a white shirt and a brown thigh length coat and a fedora, he went down to the great hall for breakfast.

As he is eating, he notices that the Headmaster is talking to a tall woman with black hair, grey eyes and a beautiful, aristocratic face who is sitting next to a pink haired witch that he'd seen at the Hufflepuff table. He also noticed the tall brown and black haired men and the red haired woman from yesterday are still sitting between professors McGonagall and Flitwick.

Harry had to wait less than a minute after finishing his breakfast before Professor McGonagall, the black haired witch and the younger pink haired witch came over.

"Harry this is Andromeda Tonks and her daughter Nymphadora, they will be accompanying you to the Alley today," Minerva said, introducing the tall black haired witch, who smiled warmly, and the girl, who grimaced at her beautiful but unwieldy name.

"A pleasure to meet both of you," Harry said, smiling lightly and bowing a little, causing the older witch to smile and her daughter to blush.

"Thank you, now I believe we have business to attend to, Harry," Andromeda said as Harry rose.

Harry followed both women out of the hall, oblivious to the eyes watching him keenly as he left. They left the entrance hall and headed for the main gate, Harry had asked to take the knight bus as he lacked any finesse at using the floo.

The trip was mostly passed with small talk, each learning a little about each other, broken up by the regular need to help Nymphadora up every time she fell over.

They arrived in London at 11:30, a little unsteady on their legs but otherwise fine. They went to Gringotts first, Harry checking his old vault was still active, which it was and it had racked up a nice interest percentage, make a withdrawal and schedule an inheritance test, which was booked foe 16:45.

After converting some galleons into pounds, the two women dragged him off to muggle London for clothes shopping, he put his foot down and only allowed them to pick out clothes for special occasions and kept as close to his old style as possible while still looking modern and cool.

They returned to the Alley at around 13:00 and began the more mundane (for them) shopping: buying potions supplies, new uniforms, school books (Harry was horrified by both the price and the horrible content of certain books), new kits for Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, before finally reaching the highlight of the day, for Harry and Nym, choosing a new broom.

Harry quickly learned the Nimbus line was derived from the old Silver Arrow series, but the new Cleansweeps, the IX with the X coming in the summer, were serious contenders but Nym favoured the Comet series which were good brooms but were budget models and lacked higher end performance.

In the end he stuck with the familiar, purchasing the Nimbu 2000 (which was on sale and deciding to wait for the 2003 or 2005 as the 2001 was lacking in terms of fine control compared to its slower predecessor). Together they left the shop and headed back to the bank for the appointment.

The three were ushered into one of the manager's offices; Harry was pleased to see that his manager was Blackreach the teller who had helped him open his account all those years ago.

He gave the three a quick rundown of the test and the necessary procedure. He poured the prepared potion into a runic silver basin and handed Harry a ceremonial dagger.

Harry took the dagger and drew it across his palm while holding his hand over the basin, the wound healing instantly when a sufficient quantity of blood was detected in the basin.

The three waited anxiously for the minute the potion required to work; finally the parchment placed in the basin absorbed both the potion and the blood.

The three watched as Blackreach removed the parchment, muttered an incantation which made the parchment glow softly for a moment, before holding out the parchment to Harry.

Harry held the parchment for a moment, his hands shaking, before unrolling the parchment and reading it.

Lily, James and Rose Potter were waiting in Dumbledore's office for Harrison to return, they knew he had gone to Diagon Alley earlier in the day and had intended to have an inheritance test performed, that test was the only way to prove or disprove whether he was their son.

Lily and James were nervous about meeting their son who they had missed for many years, Rose was nervous about meeting her older brother (who had had to save her from Weasel already).

They were at the opposite end of the room from the fireplace so Dumbledore could speak to Harry and learn the results of the test, keeping them out of sight just in case he was wrong.

James was in fact pacing the width of the room, something he'd only done during the last war when his friends were on high risk missions or when they'd gone into hiding. Lily appeared to be reading a book but was staring at the same spot on the page, glancing between the clock and the fireplace regularly. Rose was just sitting on a chair next to her mother, rocking gently backwards and forwards just like her mother did when she was stressed. Dumbledore and Minerva were waiting close to the fireplace but stood a cautious distance, they knew from memory that Harry had inherited Lily's finesse for using the floo.

Everyone jumped as the fireplace roared with green flames, Rose jumped up and ran to a spot beside the headmaster and jumped slightly as Harry came out of the flames, stumbled but remained standing.

She watched in fascination as he patted himself down, glanced around at his body and the floor in disbelief and suddenly jumped up and cheered. "Yes! Finally, after three years," he yelled happily, confusing everyone but the two teachers but his celebration was short lived.

The fireplace flames roared green again and a sixth year girl shot out on her back, skidded on the floor, and swept Harry's legs from under him.

The third year had been facing the fire so he landed face down on top of the Hufflepuff, his head in an embarrassing place.

Tonks went pink while Harry just looked up and glared at her, ignoring certain parts of her anatomy right in front of his face.

"You just couldn't let me have this one, could you?" he said crossly, Tonks looked very sheepish.

"You do know there are a lot of guys in the school that would kill to be in your position, right?" she asked, hoping to distract him and partially succeeding as Harry looked down and noticed his position.

He went slightly red as he got up but kept glaring at her as he said "sadly I'm more partial to redheads," he added "that I'm not directly related to," as Tonks turned her hair red.

Tonks pouted as he pulled her up, to her mother's amusement as she stepped around the pair to Dumbledore.

"How did your trip go?" Dumbledore asked, his mind racing as he watched his former student.

"Good for the most part, but this is what I think your waiting to see, sir" Harry replied, handing Dumbledore the parchment.

Dumbledore opened the parchment and read the results, Minerva and Rose reading over his shoulder, his face lit up in shock but relaxed into a smile.

"Only you, old man. Only you," Harry said, smiling at his headmaster fondly before looking to the girl beside Dumbledore.

Rose shied away a little but relaxed when Harry smiled as he took a close look at her for the first time.
She was about four inches shorter than him, with wavy dark red hair that went halfway down her back; she had the beginnings of womanly curves and a very pretty face. Her eyes were what held his attention though, they were the exact same shape as his but hazel coloured with a certain mischievous quality behind round glasses.

"Hey, it's Rose, right?" Harry asked, still smiling gently.

"Yes, thank you for helping with weasel yesterday," she replied, relaxing as she started to get more comfortable.
"He had no right to say THAT to you," Harry scowled at the memory but then added, "I wouldn't have been a good brother if I hadn't defended my little sister."

Rose blinked twice before stammering a "What? You mean… you're really my big brother?"

Harry nodded and showed her the parchment; she read the first three lines and threw her arms around him in a big hug.

Harry wrapped his arms around the smaller girl and hugged her back, tears he'd been trying to hide spilling down his cheeks, dripping onto Rose's hair and catching her attention.

"Harry, why are you crying?" she asked, pulling away just enough to look into his eyes. He smiled a little at her before answering, wiping some of his tears away.

"Nothing, it's just…" he started, trying to think of the right words. "I have always wanted to know my family, and now I have a sister, now I have a family," he told her.

Rose smiled brightly at her brother and hugged him again; Harry hugged her again before looking up to see his parents smiling through tears of happiness at them.