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"It's not going to work," M'gann sobbed, burying her face in her hands. She knelt in front of her old team leader and stared into his lifeless eyes. "I'm so sorry Kaldur. I didn't know." Conner put his arm around her shoulders trying to calm her tears.

Nightwing glanced out the window and saw Kid Flash and Artemis approaching the ship in uniform. He turned back to the Martian and the Atlantian. "You can do it, M'gann. You're the strongest Martian I've met," he murmured, desperately hoping that they could save Kaldur'am. He was still dressed in his Black Manta uniform, causing Dick to frown. They should have never sent him undercover. "I know you can bring him back to us."

Miss M nodded and wiped her tears away. She placed her hands on either side of the boy's head and dove into his mind once more, her eyes glowing green. Meanwhile, KF and Artemis boarded the bioship. Nightwing left M'gann's side to meet them. Artemis was chewing on her lip and staring at Kaldur in worry. Wally leaned in so Megan wouldn't hear. "How's it going?" The look on Dick's face was enough of an answer. "That bad?" The raven haired boy nodded before they both turned to watch M'gann's process. That was probably the worst part. There was no way of telling if it was working or not.

The ex-boy wonder stepped over and touched the Martian's shoulder, she didn't even break her connection. "We're leaving now. Keep working," he whispered, hoping she'd hear enough not to jerk out when the bioship started moving. He nodded to everyone else, signaling for them to take their seats and took his seat piloting the ship. Entering the coordinates into the bioship's computer, he quickly planned their route and took off.

Artemis watched as they left the Earth, her eyes filling up with tears. She hadn't even gotten a chance to talk to her mother before she left. Wally's hand found hers. She smiled at him because they still had each other. Wally smiled back before his gaze flicked to Nightwing. "You need to apologize," she whispered. The redhead raised an angry eyebrow.

"He's the one who needs to apologize," he snapped quietly.

"It had to be done and besides, Wally, he's your best friend."

The ginger sighed and shrugged. "Let's just get this mission finished first." He looked around then back at her. "I didn't know how much I missed this. Back with just the six of us. Almost enough to consider picking up the gig again."

"Let's face it, Wally. We never left. How many nights did we stay up to catch news from each city? How many times did we call to make sure our friends were still ok? This is who we are." KF nodded before lifting up her hand and kissing it.

M'gann's gasped startled them all. "Kaldur!" she exclaimed. The old leader didn't look any different than before, leaving them all wondering why she was so excited. "There's a spark. I can feel it. He's coming back," she explained happily.

"Good," Nightwing said. "Keep going. We'll get him back."

Nightwing picked up his fallen comrade and head towards the bioship. They had gotten Kaldur back literally hours before the start of the mission and he had insisted on going with them despite his weakened state. Now, he was unconscious from blood loss. He'd gotten hit with a plasma bullet and was now bleeding profusely. Dick dumped his friend into one of the seats on the ship and tore of some of the Atlatian's pant leg, using it to tie over the wound and stop the blood loss. "Just stay alive," he muttered as he ducked out of the ship again.

Outside, plasma bullets flew in every direction. Ahead John Stewart, ran towards the bioship with an unconscious Hawkwoman in his arms. "The others' are behind me," the lantern yelled as he sped pasted and into the ship. He could see Artemis covering Kid Flash as he carried M'gann, who had also been hit, to the ship. Superboy blocked any shots towards Artemis with a shield he'd ripped from a Rimborian guard's arms. Superman flew above them shoot heat rays to scare the Rimborians out of position as Wonder tried to pull him back to the ship. Martian Manhunter sped into the ship to get it ready for the extra passangers. Batman was behind all of them, making sure they all made it in safely. Two bullets ripped through his right leg causing him to fall, another bullet his his left shoulder as he went down.

Without thinking, Nightwing took off towards his adoptive father. He ran past Conner who yelled at him to get back and dodged the flying fire. When he reached Batman, he helped him up and put his arm around his shoulder. "No," the dark knight protested. "You'll get shot too."

"I didn't come all this way to leave you, Bats," he replied, leading him towards the ship. A bullet went whizzing past his head, leaving a ringing in his ears. It had barely missed his head.


"I know." They made it passed Conner who protected them with his shield and followed them into the bioship. Everyone who'd gone to Rimbor, except the Icon and Hawkman, had boarded the ship. Martian Manhunter had her up in the air before everyone was seated. Kaldur's seat had transformed into a bed. There were two other beds for Hawkwoman and M'gann. A fourth one popped up for Batman. He tried to refuse but Dick helped his up anyway. Artemis, John, and Kid Flash tended to the injured. Nightwing helped stop Batman's bleeding.

The ship retreated from the planet rapidly but specks appeared from the planet and gained on them. "Enemy ships are approaching out rear," J'onn called.

"Out run them, shake them off, just lose them somehow," Nightwing answered. "Everyone, buckle up."

They strapped in the injured before finding a seat and strapping themselves in. The bioship pulled a few maneuvers, turns and flips, anything to avoid being hit by their guns. Dick's stomach flipped several times with the ship, almost making him nauseous.

"Going into camouflage mode," M'gann informed them as the ship neared Rimbor. She landed in an empty field outside where they were keeping the League members. Kid Flash and Aqualad transformed their suits into stealth mode as they got ready to leave.

"Remember," Kaldur'am said. He had taken his place as leader as soon as he was able and Nightwing was ready to give the position up to him. "This is a stealth mission. We get in, we get the Leaguers, and we get out. We leave no one behind."

So much for that idea, Dick thought. He knew he would have to be the one to tell Raquel what had happened to her mentor. Icon had fallen, died almost instantly, and they were forced to leave his body at Rimbor. He remembered Wally's explanation of Mrs. Crock"s reaction when Wally had told her Artemis would have a closed coffin funeral. He knew from his past that knowing a body was there helped him remember that the dead had lived once. It was a weird emotion but one he understood.

Martian Manhunter had lost the Rimborian fighter ships, allowing for a smooth flight home. So, to get his mind of the death of two League members, he stood up and checked on Batman. Most of the passengers were preoccupied by other things so no one but Batman saw him moving. He checked the old hero, glad to see that the bleeding had come close to stopping completely. Dick watched the injured man for a moment before Batman broke the silence. "I thought I had told you to leave me behind. You could have gotten killed."

Dick smirked. "Honestly, I don't care. I wasn't about to lose another... Leaguer." He was about to say "parent" but he'd changed it last moment. Yet, somehow, he suspected Bruce knew exactly what he was going to say.

"You're a stubborn kid, you know that."

"I learned from the best, old man." There was a pause. Nightwing glanced out the window at the stars that passed. If his mental calender was correct, they been gone for close to one and a half months. Rimbor was a great distance away from Earth and it didn't help that the coordinates were off just enough that they had over shot the planet, gotten lost, and had to back track when first coming to the planet. Luckily, there had been enough provisions from the Batcave and an underground supply room under Mt. Justice that had escaped the bombs wrath for them to get out there and, hopefully, back. But, that wasn't really at the top of his worry list at the moment. Right then, Dick was worried about Barbara, Tim, and Alfred. He trusted them enough to leave them to care for Gotham but he was beginning think about all of the worst case scenarios they may have been put through while he was away. Were they capable of handling the city on their own?

"Worried Robin and Batgirl failed the city?" Batman asked, as usual somehow reading his mind. He nodded slowly and backed away. "They'll be fine. We trained them."

"Get some rest, Bats."

They snuck through the halls of the Rimbor jail. Already, they had almost been spotted three times. M'gann was invisible ahead of them, looking for the cells that held the captured Leaguers. Artemis' arm shook slightly. She tried to calm herself enough to stop it, knowing that small shake would destroy her aim. Wally was constantly checking behind them out of paranoia. Training was the only thing that stopped Nightwing from suffering from similar cases. Not that those two weren't trained, but he had been doing this since he was nine after all.

I think I found them, M'gann thought. They all nodded and headed around the corner to follow her. She was right. Up ahead, several cages and containment cells held the captures heroes. Superman was alone in a cage apart from the others. He was laying on the ground and barely moved. Wonder Woman sat in a containment cell, also be herself. Batman shared a cage with Hawkwoman and Icon while Martian Manhunter and John Stewart sat in a containment cell together.

They hurried forward, each one heading to a cage or cell. Conner tried to help Superman but when he got close he suddenly realized why the man of steel hadn't just broken himself out. The bars of the cage were fused with Kryptonite. With one glance towards M'gann she understood the dilemma and switched cages with Superboy.

The last cell was almost broken out of when a group of Rimborian guards turned the corner and spotted them. The group called out in another language and alerted the whole compound to their existence. They freed the last heroes, J'onn and John, before sprinting back towards the ship. Superboy ran at the front, hitting the guards first. He managed to dodge the bullets and grab a riot shield one of them happened to be carrying. Nightwing tried to keep tabs on everyone but chaos soon made it impossible. He watched as Icon fell and knew there was nothing he could do. It was a horrible felling, really.

This wasn't how Nightwing had imagined saving the world. He would have never thought that it would have started with saving his old mentor. Yet, here he was, actually saving Bruce instead of the other way around.

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