I could still see the marks he left on my leg, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday... not that was really that long ago... It was right after I came back from hunting with Manny, there was nothing different about that day then any other, but when can you ever tell when your world is about to change.

I'd been living with this group since the outbreak began, we weren't many but we survived. Originally, I came down from Pennsylvania, knowing the world was probably going to shit, i wanted to get some place warmer. I made it all the way down to just outside Atlanta when I found a group that took me in, well me and my dog Jasper. In the short period I was with them I learned a lot, I mean I had too, hunting was the hardest part though I hated killing animlas. I also took on the role of doctor, being the only person there with some kind of medical training, though in the real world I was only a dental hygentist.. but something is better then nothing. Anyway, that night is when everything went down at the camp. The hord came out nowhere the first scream came from Nina, but by the time she was heard it was way to late. Shot after shot the walkers went down I wasnt great with a gun but I hit my targets. Kenny, our leader, and I were backed against the the trees with 30 walkers still chomping at us. That's when Kenny got taken down, i tried to get the walkers off but there were just too many for me to handle alone. So i ran, Kenny grabbed my leg his nails digging into my skin and i fell hitting the ground hard.

"If none of us can get away you can't either you fucking coward!" He screamed at me.

I'll never forget those words.. ever.. I pulled my leg away kicking him in the process and ran into the woods leaving Kenny, and the rest of my camp behind.

~~~ i know this is short but it does get longer it was more like a prolog then anything. this is my first try at this so please be kind :)~~~~