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Sitting next to Maggie in the car wasn't as awkward as I thought it was going to be. She didn't ask why Daryl was mad I was taking her instead of him matter a fact she didn't ask anything. I liked that about Maggie, she knew when to keep quiet and let me tell her when I was ready.

"Thanks for coming," I said as I turned towards her.

"My pleasure, I had to get away from that place for a little bit. Kinda getting intense in there," she added.

"Yeah tell me about it," I answered turned back towards the front.

"So where do ya wanna go," Maggie asked as we neared the town.

"Drug store would be best," I answered quietly the nerves in my stomach bubbling.

"Kay drugstore it is," she said trying to hide the curiosity in her voice.

"Thanks," after a few minutes of silence "Maggie... I think I might be pregnant," I blurted out before I lost the courage to say it.

Maggie's eyes went wide before looking over at me, "What?! Oh my God, Tiff what do you mean,"

"There might be a baby growing inside my uterus... I don't know how else to put that.." I answered in my sarcastic manner earning a no shit look from her "Sorry," I murmured.

"Wow... and I assume you told Daryl this," she asked.

"Yeah," I shifted my eyes away from her.

"Is he excited I mean you saw him with Judith, he apparently loves kids," she tried to sound as happy as she could because she knew I didn't like kids.

"Yeah, that's awesome," I added hiding the most important part but she didn't have to know that yet.

She pulled the car to a stop and she pointed to the corner where the nearest drugstore was. I opened the door slowly and took a peek outside to see if there were any of our best buddy walkers out there; it was clear. I grabbed my bow and shut the door, with each step my heart started to race even more, I never thought I'd have to be doing this; especially under these circumstances. Loading an arrow into my bow I quickly opened the door to the store making sure to make enough noise to scare the walkers, if there were any, in the store. A low growl sounded from the back of the store as we stepped inside, Maggie automatically readied her weapon and stalked slowly towards the back while I went the other way. As my eyes found him a pulled back the drawstring taking a breath to steady my hand, I exhaled and let the arrow fly; it hit his going looking head with a smack.

"Got him," I yelled.

"I got what you need," Maggie yelled from the corner.

"Great," I mumbled as I reluctantly started for the place she was standing.

"There was one left… maybe its fate," She shrugged.

"If its fate, it sure has an odd way of playing out," I grabbed the test from her.

"What do ya mean," She asked following me back down the aisle.

"Nothing," I answered flatly.

As we drove back to the prison I twirled the rectangular box from hell around in my hand over and over again. Eventually I would open it and read the directions on how to use it exactly, but now would not be the time.

"What're you guna tell everyone if you are prego," she asked after almost half way through the ride.

"Eventually they'll notice," I answered softly hoping to god I never had to speak about this again.

"I guess," She answered.

When we got back to the prison it was dusk, so the walkers were getting more active. With the car parked and Maggie ready to get out I took a long deep breath.

"It's guna be fine Tiff… at least you'll know by morning," She offered.

"Yeah," I answered.

Glenn met Maggie at her door, gave me a wave hello and helped her out much to her disapproval. They were so cute, I have no idea how they have managed to keep that honeymoon stage in their relationship; it was cool they did. I opened my door and stepped out, making sure to hide my soul crushing box as best I could. Inside the walls of our stinky blood smeared prison everyone was on the lower level, Rick was getting ready to say something; I guess. I quickly found a spot next to Daryl who looked me up and down, his way of seeing if I'm okay, and waited for Rick to say something.

"Andrea came to say the Governor wants to meet in the morning, he has a proposition he wants me to hear," Rick's voice echoed through the empty prison.

"Wait Andrea's alive!" I whispered to Daryl.

"Apparently," he huffed.

Rick went on to say he was going to be taking Daryl and Hershel, of all people, with him on this little outing of his. I had to admit I was a little upset he wasn't going to be taking me along, but maybe at this point it was for the best. As he finished everyone went off to their cell/room things for the night, making the cellblock much to quiet already. I too went into my cell and sat down on the thin material of the cot, my thoughts started racing as the silence start to set in around me. fuck this. I got of the bed, trudged out of the cell, and up the stairs to where Daryl was.

"Daryl," I whispered as I stood in the doorway of his cell.

"Yeah," he answered looking up at me to reveal a light bruise underneath his eye.

"I can't sleep… I know you gotta be up early but can I stay in here with you," I asked not wanting to be alone in this place especially with Merle lurking around.

"If ya want," he moved over on his bed.

"Thanks," I said as I stepped inside.

I sat down on the bed next to him, leaving some space between us just in case he wasn't feeling up to the human contact. Just him being there made the screaming in my head start to subside, but it was never going to be completely gone… not until I know…

"Do ya know," he asked quietly.

"In the morning," I answered just as softly.

"No wonder ya can't sleep,"

"Yeah," I paused "You should get to bed,"

"With you sittin' here," he grunted with a yeah right face.

The look on his face made a low giggle escape my mouth "Daryl," I said as I calmed down.

"What," he asked.

"I think I want you to kiss me now," I said softly as I looked up into those light blue eyes of his.

The look of shock on his face made me almost want to take back what I said, but after the shock faded the look in his eyes was completely different. The butterflies started to flutter in my stomach and the nerves were starting to take over the rest of my body. Just as I was about to awkwardly take back what I said he leaned forward closing the small space between us and pressed his lips to mine. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me closer to him, letting the kiss deepen. When I finally pulled myself away, not because I wanted to but because I needed to breath, I couldn't get the smile off my face. Yeah, I've missed my redneck. Just for those few seconds I felt okay again, I felt like maybe it would be okay, just maybe; but I was going to find out in the morning.

"Hey, I'm leavin' in a few minutes," Daryl's voice woke me form a deep sleep.

"What? Its morning?" I asked my voice cracking with sleepiness.

"Yeah," he answered.

My eyes shot open "Its morning!" I repeated.

I threw off the thin sheet that was covering me and started down the stairs, with Daryl following right behind me. I ran into my cell and dung through the bag I put the test in, my fingers wrapped around it and I pulled it out.

"Now or never right," I said turning towards him.

"I guess," he answered.

"Daryl! come on, say your goodbyes were going," Rick yelled from the door.

He furrowed his brow and stood there for a second longer "You want me to stay," he asked.

"No, go ahead I have Maggie and Hershel," I paused "I'll see you when you get back,"

"Kay," he turned "No matter what I'm here for ya,"

"I know that," I smiled at him giving him a wave goodbye, I hated when people left now, especially Daryl, because I knew know if they will be coming back.

Now that everyone awake was gone I stepped out of my cell and headed for the bathroom; with each step my heart started to race again. The swinging door to the bathroom never felt as heavy as it did, and I don't think it ever will after today. I pulled out the test and did my business; this was going to be the longest couple of minutes of my life. I sat in the stall my hands resting on my head as I waited for the minutes to pass. Taking a long deep breath I slowly opened my eyes and slid them over to the test; my mouth dropped as my eyes fell on the answer. Tears started to well up in my eyes and fall without any control what so ever. It felt as if my world was starting to close in on me, my breathing was starting to become ragged as the news set in; it was positive.