It was a beautiful day in Tokyo. The sky was a bright blue and there wasn't a cloud in it. I smelled fresh cut grass and heard the birds chirping away. It was the beginning of summer and school was finally letting out in a couple of days.

Oh excuse me, where are my manners? My name is Tsukino Usagi. I am fourteen years old and I have finally finished…well almost finished eighth grade. I have long golden hair tied into cute buns, also knows as odangos. I also have bright blue eyes. My hobbies include eating, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends.

My life was pretty normal until one day a mysterious cat with a bald spot in the shape of a crescent moon followed me home one day. She introduced herself as Luna. You read right, she talked. I was pretty freaked out. I remember thinking that I was asleep. Anyway Luna said that she had finally found me and that I was the lost Sailor Senshi Sailor Moon. Of course I didn't believe her. Then she gave me this super cute broach and told me to say 'Moon Prism Power Make Up!' So I did. Then I transformed into the beautiful Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon!

Luna helped me battle with various Monsters and bad guys. Then we found my friends! I'll introduce you to them.

Mizuno Ami was the first to join our team. She is super smart and super cute! She has the highest grades in our school and helps me with my homework a lot…although it doesn't really make a difference. I still seem to fail. She has cute blue hair that stops a little below her chin. She has kind blue eyes as well. She is Sailor Mercury!

The next person to join our group is Hino Rei. Rei is a stubborn pain in my ass. But I can't deny that she is definitely one of my best friends. She is also gorgeous. She has beautiful long raven black hair and wide violet eyes. She lives in a beautiful temple with her grandfather. She is Sailor Mars!

The toughest of our group is Kino Makoto. You don't want to mess with her. She may be beautiful but she is the toughest girl I've ever met. She is really tall and muscular. She has long brown hair that is always in a high ponytail. Her green eyes reflect how she truly is on the inside. She may be tough but she can be soft on the inside. She always wears beautiful pink rose earrings. She is also the best cook I've ever met. She always shares her bento with me. She is Sailor Jupiter!

The last member of our group is the beautiful Aino Minako. She has long blonde hair tied back with a red ribbon. Her navy blue eyes complete her goddess like look. Everyone says we could pass as sisters. Minako used to be my idol Sailor V! But she gave that up when she realized her true identity. She is Sailor Venus! She knew about the Sailor Senshi before any of us thanks to her companion Artemis. Artemis is a white cat with the same crescent moon on his forehead.

I also have another friend who technically isn't part of the Sailor Senshi but he is always there for me. Chiba Mamoru or my Mamo-chan. He and I are destined to be together. When I was Princess Serenity in a past life and he was Prince Endymion, we both loved each other very much and would die for each other. I guess we still have those feelings for each other. We have been dating for a couple of months now. We actually recently discovered that we would be married in the future and have a little girl who goes by the name of Small Lady where she comes from but here we know her as Chibiusa.

That's basically everyone. I smiled and walked home from school with my arms behind my head and not a care in the world. So far for the past three months we haven't had any enemies.

"Usagi," I heard my name called.

"Huh?" I spun around and looked around but there was no one there. "Is someone there?" I asked but there was no reply.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued towards my house.

"Usagi," I heard a different voice call.

I looked up and saw Luna on top of a wall.

I smiled, "Oh Luna!"

Luna jumped down onto my shoulder and purred. "How was school? I know you had that big math test today. Did you get your English test back?"

I laughed nervously and pet Luna's head a little too hard.

"Usagi-chan, let me see what you got on your English test," said Luna with an angry voice.

"Oh Luna, sweet little Luna, can't we just enjoy how beautiful the day is?" I asked her and started walking again.

Suddenly Luna pounced on my face and made me drop my bag. All of my papers fell out and so did my English test.

"Ow! Luna!" I cried out and held my nose, which turned bright red. I felt the water works coming on.

Luna found my test and looked up at me with an angry expression. "USAGI!"

I cowered and looked down. I poked my two fingers together looking ashamed. "I really did try but Haruka-san gave me that grade on purpose."

"Usagi a teacher doesn't give you a twenty out of one hundred for no reason!" yelled Luna.

I felt the tears coming out of my eyes and I wailed. "Don't hate me Luna! Why are you yelling at me I tried! Mama is going to hate me too!"

I heard Luna sigh, "Alright Usagi-chan I'm sorry. But did you really try? Did you really study for this test?"

I stopped wailing and cried silently as I thought about what I did the night before the test. I had my English book open…but I also had my comic book open as well. "Well…I…um," I started.

Luna sighed again and started walking towards my house. I followed her with my head down. I was still crying.

I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye and spun around, "Who's there?"

"Usagi-chan?" asked Luna and she looked at me questioningly.

I wiped my eyes and looked around again. There was nothing there.

"It must have been my eyes playing tricks," I said and Luna and I both walked home.