I clutched the claw and yelled out in pain again. I could feel the hook against my bone. Blood was gushing everywhere and the pain was literally unbearable.

"Let her go," said Jupiter.

"You honestly think I will listen to you? You are all just as foolish as we thought.

I let go of the hook and reached my hand up to my tiara.

"Moon Tiara-," I started.

"What are you doing?" demanded the youma.

"Action!" I shouted and my tiara thrashed into the youma's stomach.

"No!" it shrieked and then it disintegrated into dust.

The hook was still in my arm and I slowly unhooked it from under my bone. Then I took it out and threw it to the ground. It landed with a clatter and I sank to my knees and clutched my arm.

"Usagi!" shouted everyone and they rushed over to me. Keir took my hand and Ami looked at my arm.

"We are all going to have to go to the hospital but this is definitely going to need several stitches. Here let's put some gauze on it for now. Are you ok? Do you feel woozy at all? You've lost a lot of blood," said Ami.

"I'm fine. It just hurts like hell," I said and Keir squeezed my hand.

I looked up at Mamoru who was looking at Keir with hatred. What was with him? I stood and transformed back to my white dress. I wondered when I would get out of the thing.

As if reading my thoughts Jupiter spoke up, "Usagi-chan I brought you some clothes." She ran into the other room and came back with my favorite blue dress and my crescent moon necklace.

I sighed with relief, "Jupiter you are a lifesaver."

Jupiter blushed and helped me stand with my good arm.

"Here Usagi-chan, I'll bandage that up for you," said Ami and she picked up some gauze from off of the floor. She carefully wrapped it around my arm and then tied it. It wouldn't last long but it should hold until we got to the hospital.

I took my clothes from Jupiter and she and I walked towards the bathroom.

Jupiter is super tall unlike me. I'm the shortest in the group and I have to look up at Jupiter to talk to her.

Jupiter stopped me in front of the bathroom, "Usagi-chan…I never got to thank you again. You gave me forgiveness way too soon. I don't deserve it…and I'm sorry."

"Mako-chan, you were possessed. There was nothing you could do to stop it. There is no apology needed," I said to her and smiled.

Jupiter looked down at me and smiled back. I hugged her and she hugged me back. We both winced in pain and pulled apart then we laughed a little.

"I'll only be a second," I said and went into the bathroom.

I changed and fixed my hair then I walked back out with the white dress in my arms. I really loved the dress and I could use it for a costume party or something. But I wasn't going to just throw it away.

When I walked back into the room everyone had transformed back into their regular selves.

"What now?" I asked.

"Hospital," said Ami.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"What if they call our parents and what are we going to tell them about these injuries?" asked Minako.

I smiled, "I have an idea."

"And how did you get this again Miss…Smith?"

"I was mountain climbing when my rope snapped and I fell. Thank goodness there were bushes to break my fall," I said.

I used the Luna Pen to transform myself to an American adult named Molly Smith. I was wearing climbing clothes and my hair was super short and red.

"Why didn't you visit a closer hospital?" asked the doctor.

"Well I'm a very stubborn person and I didn't really think anything of my injuries so I just kind of ignored them. When I woke up this morning in a lot of pain I realized that my injuries were probably more severe than I thought," I explained.

The doctor looked at me for a long time then shook his head and wrote down information on his clipboard.

I was given several stitches in many places and I was also given breathing exercises to help heal my ribs.

Once I was sewn back together I walked out of the hospital and met up with my friends. They were all fixed up too. They were also different looking due to my Luna Pen. I smiled to them as I looked at all of them, they all had bandages and gauze and Ami and Minako had casts on their broken bones.

Keir and Mamoru walked out together. They were both fixed up too. We all looked much better and knowing that we had everything fixed up we would all heal sooner than most people due to our planet powers.

"We should talk about Skia," said Minako-chan. "Luna and Artemis are already looking up more information about it."

I sighed and shook my head, "I want to see my family first."

"Usagi-chan, you can't. Not like that," said Rei. "We wiped their memories of you. Of course we can return them but they would not like to see you covered in bandages and things. Just wait until we heal."

"Where am I supposed to go Rei?" I asked.

"You could stay with me Usagi-chan," said Mamoru.

Everyone turned to him including me. "Thank you Mamoru. Are you sure you are comfortable with that?" I asked him.

He nodded.

I nodded as well and turned to the others. "Ok…let's go find Luna and Artemis."

Once we were with Luna and Artemis at Rei's temple. We got down to business.

"What have you found out guys?" asked Minako.

"Well we have found out that Skia is a planet on the other side of the galaxy. The only reason why we are hearing from them for the first time now is that it has moved closer to our Sun. It's still pretty far but close enough to be worried about it. At the speed it's going we think it will be about a month before it's visible to Earth by using a telescope," explained Luna.

Artemis nodded in agreement, "As far as the planet itself, it's supposedly deserted…no forms of life. It's also completely dark. There is a black smoky substance surrounding the entire planet. That's all we could find about it."

"Great," said Minako. "Let's talk about the enemy. Keir can you tell us anything about this creature?"

Keir looked at all of us and sighed, "I guess the best way to start is from the beginning."

We all fell silent and looked at him.

"Before I was born my parents used to be a part of the Black Moon clan but then they left due to unfairness I guess or something like that. They were actually good people. They planned to find sanctuary at the White Moon…that's what they called it. It was your Moon," said Keir and he looked to me.

"Was the Black Moon existent then?" asked Ami.

Keir nodded, "They have been around for years but they didn't see a reason to attack anyone…yet. They didn't have the power to do anything until they met…what's his name?"

"Wiseman," I said.

Keir nodded, "Anyway, they 'landed' on the wrong side of the Moon. Then by some rare chance, the planet Skia and the Moon aligned. Then it shot shadow creatures and pure evil to the dark side of the Moon. My parents were affected and the shadow creatures made them their King and Queen. A castle was built and the shadow creatures ruled over everything using my parents as puppets."

"Skia was aligned with the Moon?" asked Rei.

"It is possible," said Artemis and Luna nodded in agreement.

"When my mother found out she was with child, she couldn't have been more happy. Of course it wasn't a good kind of happy considering she was pure evil. Anyway when I was born the shadow creatures also used me as a puppet. I was born into pure evil so I became pure evil. Then when I was twelve the shadow creatures killed my parents so that I could be King. The worst part…I wanted them dead. I commanded the shadow creatures to kill them…I didn't care."

Keir looked down and rubbed his forehead. I placed my hand over his and gave him a reassuring smile, "It's ok, continue."

"Well that's when I introduced myself to Queen Serenity. I was a child and I told the Queen that she had better watch her back and that she wasn't the only ruler of the Moon. That's when I saw you Usagi. Of course you know all about that."

I blushed a little and nodded.

"Anyway when I returned the shadow creatures introduced me to their General. They figured that I was ready to rule this palace and know everything. I thought that this creature was their 'ruler.' I guess it wasn't," said Keir.

"Thank you Keir," said Minako. "Do you know their weaknesses or anything?"

"Shouldn't that be obvious? Sunlight…any kind of light," said Keir.

"Right, of course," said Makoto.

"Well I'm hungry," I said and stood up.

Everyone laughed a little and stood.

"Where should we eat?" asked Rei.

"That place next to Crown Arcade!" I said and my mouth began to water as I thought about delicious food. "Let's go!"

Before anyone could say anything else I ran out of the room and towards food.

I stuffed my face with rice and sushi and noodles and slurped my soda.

I looked up at everyone staring at me.

I swallowed and started to laugh nervously, "I haven't eaten in a while."

Everyone tried to smile and continued eating.

"Hello Usagi-chan!" I heard a voice behind me say.

I spun around and saw Naru-chan. Naru has been my best friend for a long time. Unfortunately we haven't been able to hang out a lot due to my being a super hero. I had only found out recently she was dating the class nerd, Umino.

Umino used to have a huge creepy crush on me. But when I told him I wasn't interested he turned his interest to Naru…weird thing was that she returned the interest.

"Naru-chan!" I said and stood up. We hugged and I pulled her into our booth.

"Hello everyone," said Naru with a smile.

Everyone smiled back and exchanged hellos, everyone that is…but Keir.

"Oh where are my manners. Naru-chan this is Keir. He recently moved here from…uh," I paused. We never figured out Keir's backstory.

"He's moved here from Great Britain," said Ami quickly.

"Really? That's super interesting. So you speak fluent English?" asked Naru.

Keir looked at us and Minako spoke up, "Oh, he doesn't speak fluent Japanese yet so he doesn't know what you're saying."

"Oh! Sorry," Naru said in English.

Keir was still lost.

Makoto spoke up this time, "He's just really shy."

"Oh ok…well my name is Naru," she said in English again.

Keir just nodded.

"Alright well how have you been Naru-chan?" I asked her.

"Pretty good Umino and I have been going strong," she said with a smile.

Everyone including me tried to smile at that. Don't get me wrong Umino was a nice guy…but he was just so…geeky.

"Oh come on guys he's not that bad," said Naru.

"No, no you're right Naru I'm sorry. Umino is a really sweet guy," I said.

"Well it's too late for you know Usagi-chan."

I screamed and jumped up.

Another thing about Umino…he always popped out of nowhere.

He had his fingers around his huge glasses and a dorky smile on his face as he sat down next to Naru. "I'm sorry to tell you, Usagi-chan, that I am now only in love with Naru-chan. I hope you understand."

My friends and I all laughed nervously. Naru, however, started to laugh hard which made up all freeze and stare in shock.

"Well Naru-chan we had better go if we want to make that movie," said Umino.

"Ok, bye Usagi and everyone else. It was nice to meet you Keir," she said in English.

Keir nodded and we all said our goodbyes.

Naru and Umino walked out but Naur turned around and smiled at me, "Usagi-chan let's hang out soon ok?"

"Ok Naru-chan," I said and smiled.

She waved then left.

I frowned. I really never saw Naru-chan any more. She is so nice and everything. I miss her.

"Usagi-chan, we are going to pay the bill are you done with your food?" asked Makoto.

I spun around with a smile on my face, "Yeah, I think I'm full now."

Really I was just too upset to eat anything anymore.