My alarm clock rang and I stuck out a hand from under my covers and shut it off. It's Saturday, I thought to myself.

My mother burst into the room and I sat upright quickly. "Moon princess Halation!" I said groggily.

"Usagi! You are going to be late for school! Honestly Usagi you only have today then tomorrow. Then school is out for the summer. Get up!" she yelled and yanked the covers off of me.

I glanced over at my clock. Once I did I yelled and jumped out of bed. I put on my uniform and did my hair as quickly as possible. Then I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"Usagi! Usagi-chan are you awake?" I heard Ami's voice outside.

"Ami-chan!" I rushed over to my window with my toothbrush still in my mouth.

Ami sighed but she looked serious, "Usagi-chan please hurry we have to meet up with the others before school starts."

I nodded my head, "I'll be down in a minute."

I spit out my toothpaste and ran downstairs. I grabbed a piece of toast and stuck it in my mouth. I waved to my mother who kissed my cheek.

I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my bag. I shut the door behind me and ran over to Ami who was checking her watch.

"Usagi-chan we have to run!" she said and we both ran.

We finally made it to the gate. Everyone was waiting for us there, except Mamo-chan. I tried to hide my disappointment.

"Mamouru-sama had to get to his classes," snapped Rei who saw my disappointment.

"What made you think I didn't already know that Rei," I spat back and stuck out my tongue.

Rei stuck her tongue back at me.

"Guys stop. We can't really talk because Usagi was late," said Minako and she folded her arms across her chest.

"Hey, I thought it was Saturday!" I said and pouted.

"I guess we can settle one thing. How are you Usagi?" asked Minako.

I turned to face her, "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"

"You fainted," said Mako-chan. "Mamouru-sama had to carry you back to your bed.

I blushed, "So that must have been why I had such lovely dreams." I giggled and thought about my Mamo-chan.

"Usagi focus," snapped Rei.

"We have to figure out who this new enemy is," said Ami. "When I came across it, it was…well it's hard to explain."

"Yeah and we have to figure out what happened with Usagi and her new powers. Where did they come from?" asked Rei.

"I am perfectly capable of conjuring up new powers Rei," I said through gritted teeth.

"Oh sure, sure," said Rei and she waved a hand at me. "Oh is that the time? We had better go Minako," said Rei and she checked her watch again.

"Bye guys, why don't we meet at Rei's temple after school?" asked Makoto. "Is that alright Rei?"

"Yeah, I'll get some snacks," said Rei.

"Can we study a little after we talk about the new enemy? We have our high school entrance exams soon," said Ami.

We all dropped our heads as we were reminded about one of the hardest tests we would ever have to take. Suddenly the bell rang and we all jumped up and ran in our separate directions.

I clutched my growling stomach and I felt faint. I didn't have dinner last night and ate only one lowly piece of toast. I had forgotten my bento this morning because I was rushing. I had tears running down my cheeks and I felt like I was about to die.

"Tsukino Usagi, where is your bento?" asked my teacher Haruka-sama.

"I…forgot mine," I said through strained breaths.

"You make me tired," said Haruka and she shook her head and walked out of the classroom.

"Usagi-chan, come here," said Ami from the doorway.

"I'm too weak Ami-chan. I have no food in my body…no energy," I said and let my head fall onto my desk.

"Mako-chan has an extra bento," said Ami-chan.

I jumped up and ran out the door towards the picnic tables outside. I found Mako-chan sitting under the large oak tree with her bento. Then I saw it, it shone like the sun and I was pulled towards it.

"Oh Usagi," said Makoto when she saw me.

I couldn't hear her. My eyes were locked on the extra bento sitting next to her.

"I figured you would forget your bento; here you go," said Makoto and she held it out to me.

I grabbed it and opened it. It was so beautiful. I started to cry, "Mako-chan you are too good to me!"

Makoto laughed and continued to eat her bento.

I dove into mine and ate until the bento was clean.

After school let out, Makoto, Ami, and I all walked towards Rei's temple. Luna joined us as well as Artemis.

"Artemis, where is Minako?" asked Makoto.

"She is with Rei, I thought I would uh…escort Luna to you," he said nervously. He had some pink blush on his white cheeks.

Ami, Mako-chan, and I all giggled.

We made it to the temple and walked into Rei's room. She was setting out snacks with Minako.

"Oh good you're here," said Minako and she smiled warmly.

I lunged for the cookies Rei had set out and I wolfed five of them down.

"Usagi you fat pig!" yelled Rei. "Save some for us!"

I turned to face Rei. My mouth was still full of cookies. "Rei-chan, I…I'm so hungry." I started to cry again.

Everyone sighed and took their seats around Rei's table. I sat down still sniffling.

"Ok so we need to find out what this new enemy is and what it's after," said Minako.

"What did you see when you found it?" Luna asked Ami. "You were alone when you found it right? What were you doing?"

"Well, I was walking home from my night classes. It was such a beautiful night so I decided to walk through the park. That's when I came across it. It looked like it was…looking for something, or someone. I followed it and then I called all of you on the communicator," explained Ami.

"Luckily I was nearby," said Makoto. "Ami-chan and I both transformed and tired to beat the youma. It was super strong."

"Then I came and transformed," said Minako.

"You all know when Usagi and I showed up," said Rei.

"That's another thing I noticed. The youma stopped and gave off some sort of energy when Usagi and Rei showed up," said Ami. "Do you remember what it said after Usagi introduced herself as Sailor Moon?"

"It said 'Sailor Moon,'" said Minako.

"So?" I asked. "A lot of youma in the past have wondered who we are. How is this one any different?"

"But don't you see Usagi-chan? The youma only went after you after that," said Ami. "No way it knew right off the bat that you were the most powerful of all of us."

"I looked like a threat I guess," I said and took another cookie. Makoto took the cookie away from me and I pouted.

"Usagi, what happened when you were passed?" asked Minako.

I remembered it vividly. Only problem was that the vision scared me. I had no idea what it was and what was going to happen. But, my friends were my friends; I knew I had to tell them.

"Well, I was running through a forest and I was dressed like Princess Serenity. Then these voices started whispering my name," I said.

"So they started saying Serenity?" asked Minako.

I shook my head, "They called me Serenity, Sailor Moon, Usagi."

My friends suddenly looked at each other with worried expressions.

"I think I know what it wants now," said Ami. "I…I think it wants you Usagi."