"Dark side of the moon? Are you a part of the Dark Moon clan?" I asked him.

He chuckled, "No, I think it is an insult to be mistaken for those failures and fakes. But I will let that slide my dear. Prince Diamond is and always has been my arch nemesis. But we did have one thing in common. We were both desperately in love with you. Now I have you all to myself."

He stuck out his hand to touch me but I smacked it away.

"You are just as feisty as I remember," he chuckled again.

"I still don't remember you," I said and backed up.

"Then allow me to refresh your memory Serenity. Allow me to take you back to the good times," he said and suddenly my eyesight went black.

"Hey what's going on? Give me my eye sight back!" I yelled and backed up a little more.

Suddenly I felt hands wrap around my head and I screamed.

"Calm down princess I'm only refreshing your memories," I heard Keir say.

I gasped as images swam through my head. Then the story appeared.

"Be careful my love," I called to Endymion as the guard led me back into the palace.

"Serenity," I heard my mother call.

I glanced over and saw her. She had white hair and she was beautiful. She stretched out her hand to me and I took it.

She and I were led to the safest place in the entire kingdom. We entered a secret room that had a picture of all of the planet's symbols. We descended down steep steps and entered a large room full of diamonds and rubies and many other gems.

"You will be safe here your majesties," said one of the guards. We will come and get you once it is safe."

"I want a constant update of what is going on," said the Queen.

The guards nodded and left.

"Mother, what is going on?" I asked.

My mother smiled and held my cheek, "Don't fret Serenity. This will be over soon."

"But I shouldn't be down here. I should be up there fighting with my friends and Endymion," I said and turned away from her.

"Endymion? The Earth Prince?" she asked.

I took out a star shaped locket from a small pocket in my dress and opened it. It played its soft lullaby and I felt tears fill my eyes. I was so worried. Anything could be happening up there and I would never know.

"Serenity," said my mother and she placed her hands on my shoulders.

Suddenly the door burst open and several shadow youmas entered. My mother shoved me behind her and I closed my locket and clutched it. My heart raced in fear and I gripped my mother's hand.

The youmas surrounded us and my mother narrowed her eyes.

Then he appeared. Prince Keir. He walked up to us with the youmas close behind him. He smiled at my mother and then he looked at me and I saw his expression change to something else I couldn't read…but it terrified me.

"Why have you come Prince Keir?" asked my mother.

"My dear Queen, what makes you think that this isn't just a visit?" asked Prince Keir.

"You have attacked my kingdom so you must want something. What is it?" my mother asked.

"All right you caught me," he smirked. "My prize is in this very room right now. You can end this all, my Queen. I only require one thing."

"What is it? The jewels? The silver crystal?" asked my mother.

"No, no my Queen. This prize has no value to anyone but me," said Keir and he looked at me with piercing eyes. "I wish for you daughter, Serenity."

I felt my heart leap into my throat and my eyes widened.

My mother's grip on my hand tightened. "You can't have her."

"Shame that it has to come to this my Queen. You either give me your daughter, or I destroy your kingdom. It is your choice," said the Prince.

My mother shook with anger, "You are a terrible creature Prince Keir."

He smirked.

I knew as a Princess I needed to go with him. If I didn't, then my kingdom and my people would fall. I let go of my mother's hand and stepped forward.

"Serenity no," said my mother and she grabbed my hand again.

"Mother, I have to. What choice do we have?" I asked her.

My mother had tears in her eyes and she clutched my hand. "I can't let you do this."

"I'm sorry," I said and took my hand out of hers again. I walked faster towards Prince Keir so that my mother couldn't stop me again.

He looked at me with lust and his eyes were cold and black. He held out his hand and I hesitated then took it.

He pulled me near him and his face was inches from mine. He pulled me closer and his mouth was next to my ear, "Wise choice my flower."

I felt chills on my arms. He pressed his lips against my cheek and I felt tears slide down my face.

Endymion my love, I'm so sorry.

"Let her go!" I heard someone yell.

I looked up and saw him at the top of the stairs.

"Endymion!" I yelled and smiled.

Keir slapped a hand over my mouth and held me against him. Then he took out a sward and held it against my neck.

"Endymion," Keir sneered. He snapped his fingers and the youmas grabbed my mother and also held weapons against her.

I tried to scream out for my mother but it was muffled by Keir's hand.

"Take another step and the Queen dies," said Keir.

Endymion looked furious. His sword was covered in blood and dirt and he looked at me with a pained expression. He lowed his sword and put it at his feet.

I heard Keir laugh, "Wise choice."

"Bubble Spray!"

"Fire Soul!"

"Supreme Thuder!"

"Venus Love-Me Chain!"

The air was suddenly thick with cold fog and I felt a chain grab my wrist. I kicked Prince Keir hard in the groin and he released me. I was pulled away from him. I was pulled right into Sailor Venus's arms. She held me tightly and I held her tightly.

"Don't worry Serenity, you are safe now," she whispered to me.

"My mother!" I suddenly remembered and I spun around but couldn't see past Sailor Mercury's fog.

"Serenity!" I heard her call.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

"Burning Mandala!"

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"

"Mother!" I called back and was about to go into the fog after her but Venus held me back.

"Wait here Serenity, I'll go get her," said Venus.

I watched Sailor Venus run into the fog and saw bright colors fly and many shrieks and screams sounded in my ears.

Someone touched my shoulder and I gasped and turned around. It was Endymion and I wept when I saw him. I held him close and he held me.

"I'm so sorry Serenity," he said.

Suddenly I felt pain in my side and I tasted blood in my throat. I started gasping for air and I fell against Endymion.

"Serenity?" he asked and when he saw, me his eyes widened and he knelt down and held me in his arms. "Serenity!"

I felt blood and tears run down my cheeks.

Endymion looked up and his eyes narrowed. "You did this to her! You're killing her!"

"If I can't have her…no one can," I heard Keir's voice say.

"No!" yelled Endymion and I felt his tears hit my cheek.

"Fall back!" yelled Keir and he vanished as well as his youmas.

"Serenity!" the Senshi yelled and they all knelt down next to me. I saw my mother and she screamed and took my hand.

"Endy…mion," I struggled to say.

He sobbed and held my hand tighter.

I took my hand out of his and reached into my pocket and took out our locket. I opened it and the air was filled with our lullaby.

I saw blackness around my eyes and Endymion stared at the locket for a long time and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Endy…mion, look…at me…please," I struggled to say.

He opened his eyes and looked at me. I held the locket up to him and he took it.

"I…love…you," I said and I felt my breathing stop.

His teardrops fell onto the center of the locket and my crescent moon on my forehead started to glow.

I felt the wound in my side close and heal. I heard everyone gasp and the blackness around my eyes faded.

I gasped and started to breath normally again.

"Serenity!" yelled everyone and Endymion helped me sit up.

My mother hugged me and kissed my cheek.

I only looked at Endymion who looked at me with love.

A couple of hours later when I was on my feet Endymion and I went back onto the balcony.

He turned to face me and I to him. He held out the locket and I took it and opened it. It played our lullaby and I smiled.

"I want you to have this my love. That way you will always remember me when you are at home," I said and handed it back to him.

He smiled and me and took it. "You are my home," he said and then we kissed for what seemed like a lifetime.

"Enough!" shouted a voice and I was back in the dark room. I was thrown to the ground and Keir looked down at me with a snarl.

"You killed me," I said.

"Ah but there is where you are wrong Princess. If I killed you, you wouldn't be here right now," said Keir.

"But you intended to kill me," I said.

"Yes and it pained me to do so but you must understand. I love you until the ends of the universe. You and I are destined to be together," said Keir and he knelt down next to me and helped me up. Then he took my hands and stared deeply into my eyes.

"Please give me my broach back," I said.

"You will have your broach again when I can trust you," he said and pulled me with him towards a door that seemed to form out of nowhere.

We walked through it and I had to blink a couple of times to get used to the sudden light.

"This is your room," said Keir.

I looked around expecting to see torture machines and such but this room looked just like a Princess's bedchamber. It had a large bed with blue drapes around it. It's walls were all white and the floor was a creamy marble. It looked beautiful but to me it was still a dungeon.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Where is Mamo-chan?" I asked.

Keir narrowed his eyes at me and I narrowed mine right back. "I am trying Serenity." Then he left me alone.

I stared after him and sank down to the floor and wept.

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