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When She Cries

Without mercy he smacked his oldest daughter, Hinata. Silently she fell to her knees. I felt myself flinch at the horrible sight and run to my room to escape the vision. Please tell me this is all a nightmare... Uncle would never lay a hand on innocent Hina! How could my mind conjour up such a thought? Instead of pondering my awful imagination i choose to embrace darkness and flick my light off, crawling into bed. Sleep doesn't comfort me and i find my self praying to whoever will listen. She trys... why did he... smack her?

"Neji-Nii-San, it is t-time to wake up..." A soft spoken voice rips me from my paradise, where everything is perfect and right in the world. Carefully sitting up i meet her lilac eyes in a gaze, allowing a million thoughts to pass between us. I was dreaming... wasn't I?

"Morning Hina-Chan!" I smile brightly. In return her face turns scarlet before she bows, leaving me to my thoughts. Quickly I prepare for the day and make my way to the familiar kitchen. The scent of toast and eggs wafted through the air. On my way to the lovely smell i'm stopped by yelling. Without thought i run to the commotion in record time.

"Hinata you idiot! Can you do anything right?!" Uncle yelled before raising his hand. The dark haired beauty whimpered at his intentions. Then I forced myself in between them, taking pressure off the fragile girl. "Uncle, whats wrong?" I ask mustering all my politeness. He grunts in distaste and shrugs simply, "Your idiot cousin can't prepare coffee! I wanted cream on the SIDE!" He spat in her direction. Anger boiled throughout my entire body. Stay calm, I reminded myself, I have to get Hinata away from him.

"Forgive me uncle I must have took your coffee by mistake." I apologized respectfully. He sneered and hid a growl. "It's okay Neji..." He sighed, "Leave me." He waved us off like servents. What gives him the right to treat us like that? Slowly we entered the kitchen side by side. The second the door shut behind us she hit the floor, losing all of her stregnth. Salty tears streaked down her porcelain features. "Hinata?" I whisper in disbelief.

"What d-did I do Neji?" She cried, "Why does my own father hate me? Am i truly w-worthless?" She deserves so much more then this! No one should have to go through this! Especially not Hinata!

"I'm getting you out of here." I speak calmly, "You don't deserve this." I sigh, pulling her into an embrace. "I'll protect you." She grips my shirt, holding me in place. "I swear to you, Hinata." I don't know why this has to happen, but i do know one thing. Wrong or, not I love Hinata-Sama.

And I die a little each time she cries.

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