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"I beg of you… My slave who lives somewhere in the universe! I desire and here I plead from my heart! Answer to my guidance!"

A young female voice pleaded into the nothingness, her whims echoed through space and time.

Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit!

I desire and here I plead from my heart! Answer to my guidance!"

The man sat silently in his private dungeon, the dank walls and damp smells filled the room as well as a hint of copper. His red clothed figure just sat there swirling a goblet filled with a thick red liquid. Even in the dark interior of the room he wore unique yellow shades to cover his eerie red eyes. His eyes darted through the room as the words somehow sought him out. A young woman, a virgin, summoning him, "interesting" was his only reaction followed by a large toothy grin as a portal appeared in front of him, the markings looked almost similar to the ones that were painted across his gloves, his tongue rolled over his sharp teeth as he thought to himself how he wanted this to go down, as he placed the goblet filled with blood onto the nightstand next to his 'Throne', his wicked smile not fading as finally decided on what he was going to do. His body seemed to disassemble itself into thousands of bats flying directly into the portal.

Meanwhile back in Louise the Zero's realm!

In front of the short strawberry blonde a large explosion scattered dust everywhere, covering hers and her entire class's field of vision, the coughing of those around her only displaced her feelings of disappointment even further, had she summoned her familiar only to make him explode? She bit her lip in frustration and in fear, this was her last chance to prove herself as a Mage, as a Noble. The dust slowly began to settle down as Professor Colbert waved his hand slightly as if trying to dispel the dust from his person, "Miss Louise…" He paused. Her hands suddenly clenched tight in fear, "Professor…." She stuttered as the dust finally settled across the entire field everyone pausing for a moment as they saw and heard something within the area, the flapping of leathery wings, everyone paused, even the Zerbst managed to keep her mouth tight lipped for a moment. Louise stared at the creature for a second in bewilderment. 'A Bat… I summoned a simple bat?' she questioned only herself.

"Louise the Zero summoned a simple bat! Look at that everyone" Someone in the crowd jeered

The bat itself just took in the surroundings fully aware of what was occurring around it, 'A simple bat, eh, I think I should change the situation somewhat' The entity thought to itself

Louise narrowed her eyes as she looked into the crowd before the Professor regained her attention, "Ms. Louise you need to finish the summoning." He pointed out.

She glanced back at the bat for a moment, it had simply just remained flapping there. Suddenly from the surrounding woods more bats seemed to flock down upon the area toward the one bat that had just simply been flapping there not too long ago. Slowly the forms began to merge into a singular form of a man of unusual height garbed in red Victorian styled clothes. A voice measuring in authority echoed out, the others gathered stared in shock and horror at the figure. "Are you my master?" the figure asked in a deep voice. Louise mouth was agape staring at the figure… the bats just turned into a man…EAT THAT ZERBST! "Girl! I ask you! Are you my master!?" she was shocked with the tone the figure had taken with her, she was scared, the man was huge, his gleaming red eyes only added to the horror she felt, she struggled to answer "Y…Yes." She finally managed to leak out.

Professor Colbert stared at the figure his eyes narrowing watching the figure closely, he clearly sensed the danger that surrounded this new entity his student had summoned, Sure a simple bat would have been fine, but a something that turned into a human was surely unnatural. He let out a breath that he had known he was holding, the raven haired figure wearing the hat was solely intimidating just by height alone.

Louise slowly regained her composure once again approaching the large man, "My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." Louise then proceeded to seal the contract with a hesitant kiss. The figure didn't even flinch as the runes were carved upon his hand, the runes glowed through his gloves which already were covered in alchemic seals. "My master Louise Françoise, all of my past Masters have called me…Alucard."

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