Alucard had had a busy few weeks. It all started with a little blond haired piece of crap Fop two timing on women after in which case the party had been found out, had gone and accused him, Alucard, of being the one who started the whole mess. That was all just fine and dandy up until the point the little bastard had challenged him to a duel. That would have been intimidating... well if he was actually intimidating, but it had been his first chance to actually measure himself up against the magic in this new world. His new master, the petite pinkette/ strawberry blonde had begged him not to fight. He gave her a coy smile and had simply assured her victory.

The fight proceeded just as anyone would have guessed, The arrogant ass hole introduced himself, runic name, etc. Summoned Bronze statues to swing their swords at him... He stood there got sliced up, blood splattering everywhere. When the boy, Guiche had stood triumphant, a victorious smile plastered upon his face. The walking corpse that is Alucard started laughing, his body reforming from mist, following that regneration he simply trashed the golems, hypnotized the young boy into surrendering, after deeming him no threat, and made him run around like a puppy for a good hour.

Later whilst avoiding his master before a Talent show held before the entire school to showcase familiars in their skills, he had simply wandered off away from his master only to stumble upon a large earth Golem. Same song and dance as before as he was greatly underestimated, he got squashed by the mound of earth, laughed maniacally.

The battle between Alucard and the large golem was short lived. It swung and stomped trying to squash him like a cockroach, to which he responded with taunting comments like "Missed Me!" and "Whooop whooop whoop whoop!" In between its attacks. Fouquet unfortunately stood as little chance as her golem did, before she had been sucked dry of blood, her soul taken as currency to extend his own even further.

Next a Queen showed up following the incident, nothing major other than some kind of bond between her and his new master. Adventure to a foreign kingdom to retrieve some stolen ring, another asshole riding a griffin was trying to hit on her, due to memories he had gained from Fouquet, he was quietly disposed of.

Now he stood at the foot of a large field, the small town where that maid he had scared on his first night of exploring lived. A large grin slowly spreading across his face as airship began to descend from the nation of Albion. They had arrived hours earlier before the army of Tristain and Germania had arrived. He took in a long breath of air before his gaze turned toward his master, her eyes widened with fear and horror. "My Master... Louise Vallerie!" He growled out his voice barely containing his unrelenting eagerness, "Order me as I have told you before!"

The young girl took a long hard gulp staring up at the menacing figure of her servant, "By my command...release restraint... level zero...Search and destroy..." She whimpered out afraid to what she might unleash.

The offending army had begun landing its troops, some ships still airborne. All rushing toward the lone figure that stood before them...until they stopped in their tracks. Their blood was ran cold, as a cold mist rolled in suddenly a seemingly endless darkness spreading.

"HERE STANDETH THE BIRD OF HERMES!" Alucard's voice rang out across the frozen army. "I eat my own wings to keep myself tame."

Thousands of glowing red eyes seemed to drain from the man's shadow and across the field of mist, bodies seemed to grow out of each one as thousands upon thousands continued to sprout up from the ground. Cries of from the opposing Army of Necromancy and Monster arose from the offending army as the frontline tried to fight back the undying monsters, there was no one upon the battlefield that could utilize holy items, nor anyone that could use Holy magic save for his very own Master. Spells were being shot off left and right, the ranks of Nobles and that of the common soldier rank fell into chaos as the never ending horde of undead flooded into their lines, and ships. Enemy upon enemy being impaled and lofted above the battlefield, two more unique forms arose from the red eyes. That of a thief riding a giant stone golem and another knight mounted upon a gryphon. This would be a battle that Albion will never forget. Their ...the massacre of Tarbes against the no life king, the Immortal Vampire Dracula!

AN: yes I know it's late, yes i know you weren't expecting an update! And Yes I know it's not that long! But Minions I was bored and was stuck on what to do with guiche and fouquette, sorry about typos . I don't really care in the end, oh btw Minion Creeves asked if I know of a claptrap, who I totally not am! Sir Hammerlock can go lose one of his limbs in a skag den!