Sex Tales, Sex Tales

Hey guys, what's up? Mango here. As you may have noticed, if you are a devout follower of me, I normally write Naruto fan(porn)fiction. However, I have always like Ben 10 because of the possibilities and different combinations of what can be done. That's also why I kinda like Naruto stuff. Also, incest, because Ben and Gwen are literally the only boy and girl in the show with any development whatsoever. So here you are, Ben 10 porn, because why the fuck not? I like it. So, this here story is less of a story and more of a collection of short stories, all of which revolve around Ben and Gwen fucking with various different alien transformations on Ben's part. So, I think I'll write two short chapters, being Ben and Gwen vanilla sex, then the next being Ben's first idea.

Oh! If you are a devout follower of Mango, Manganese, as I like to call you (It's the name of an atomic element- Come on, I write porn for an Anime/Manga. Did you expect anything besides a nerd?), I am currently working on the third chapter of Kunoichi's Libido, hitting a bit of a rut with the Naruko story. So there's that. I promise to have that up before the end of the year. I'm not certain whether I'll be able to finish that story before I finish the Christmas story that I plan to write for Naruto. And hey, if I like writing for Ben 10, maybe some of that too. Whatever. Who can ever tell nowadays?


Disclaimer: I don't own Ben 10 dammit, and if I did it would literally only be sex. And if you seriously think the owner or creator of the show would write porn on it, then you have way to much time on your hands.

Tastes Like Ice Cream!

Ben and Gwen were both laying down in the Rustbucket on a hot summer day. The sweltering heat had crushed any idea of fun in the sun down by the lake on this day. Grandpa Max had gone out to the forest to collect firewood for that night's campfire, although none of the three had knowledge of whether or not the day would cool enough to even think about having a fire that night. Worse yet was the fact that the Rustbucket's air conditioner seemed to be going on the fritz, kicking in at some points before rattling to a stop and sometimes blowing hot, though not quite as hot as the summer's, air into the RV where Gwen and Ben were both currently enduring the heat. Well, Gwen was enduring, while Ben was simply complaining. "Man, is it hot." He groaned out from his stripped down cot, which held neither blanket nor pillow, as Ben had deemed them too bothersome in such an aggressive heat. "You can stop saying that now, dumby. We've already established that." Gwen replied from her position on her own cot, laying on her back with her knees in the air in order to support her laptop. She had the thought to keep her pillow to prop up her head, but it seemed to be an unwanted source of warmth, so she too had banished it to the end of her mattress. Ben just shot her a sour look, to zapped from the intensity of the sun to even argue with her. He let out a long exasperated sigh before beginning to unbutton his pants.

Gwen tossed a glance his way and was shocked to see what he had begun doing. "Benjamin Tennyson! What in the hell do you think you're doing!?" she shouted with an agape mouth. "Geez mom, calm down. It is way too hot to be wearing pants." "Ben, I'm your cousin! You shouldn't be taking off your pants in front of me! It's rude and wrong!" Ben just gave her a deadpan look before removing his pants and tossing them onto the floor, revealing his Sumo Slammers boxers to her without a care in the world. Gwen stared at the considerable bulge hidden underneath the fabric before snapping her eyes back to her computer screen with a flush on her face, something she would attribute to the heat if asked about. Ben did see her eyes dart to his bulge and then back, but he didn't voice his thoughts over his embarrassment. He simply dedicated his time to looking at the wall or the ceiling for the next hour. Gwen, on the other hand, had grown quite aroused at the sight she had witnessed. "What did my brother always get caught watching? Pron? Prom? No, no. Was it… Porn?" Gwen said in her head before opening a new browser tab and doing a quick search for "porn." The results came up with hundreds of thousands of results, the first of which advertised "XXX Hardcore Teens and Pornstars Sucking and Fucki…" Curious, and wondering what "Fucki…" was, Gwen clicked on it, allowing the page to load before quickly clicking into a new tab because she had seen a completely nude woman standing in front of a black leather couch, cupping her breasts. Gwen shot a cautionary sideways glance to see Ben turned on his side, facing the wall. Seeing that he was completely ignoring her, she continued to shift her body and laptop to the side in order to make sure Ben couldn't see the screen. She slowly returned to the page before clicking on square with the naked woman she saw before. A video loaded onto her screen, automatically playing for her. She saw the woman fully clothed, when a deep male voice began to talk to her. "Crap!" Gwen thought in her mind before quickly plugging in a pair of headphones she had handy. She put them on, and the male voice continued talking "… so all you have to do is show us what you can do, maybe suck a little, fuck a little, and you should be set for your career in the entertainment industry." Gwen recognized that word again, and still couldn't help but wonder what it meant.

The woman had gotten up from the couch and removed her shirt and shorts, her panties not following long afterward. "What is going on!? Isn't there a guy in this room? One that, from the sounds of it, she doesn't even know!?" She then lazily seated herself on the couch, leaning back and spreading her legs, showing her pale creamy legs, which led up to her pink core. Gwen covered her mouth, unsure of what to think. The blonde woman in the video began rubbing her slit vigorously, moaning and groaning from her ministrations. Gwen's blush spread, becoming darker by the second. She felt her lower half growing hot, which confused her. All she knew was that the heat was already unbearable, so she too removed her tight, sweaty jeans. It was at this point where Ben spoke again, causing Gwen to all but jump out of her skin. "This heat wouldn't even be so bad if I wasn't so bored!" Gwen stammered back a "BUh-buh-uh ya- Yeah, I mean. I'm bored too." Ben just snorted and said "Yeah, right. At least you have a laptop to play on. I've just been sitting here in my boxers, bored to tears." His whining making a return. "What are you doing?" He said before lazily sliding off his bed. Gwen had only a moment to panic, not enough time to close out of the video, let alone the porn website she had found herself on. Ben grabbed onto her screen, turning it towards him and his green eyes widened at what he saw. A man had now taken position on top of the girl, her legs folded up and over his shoulders, his rod pounding into her wet core, causing the girl's face to contort into a scream of pleasure.

"What the hell is this Gwen?" He confusedly asked Gwen, who's face now looked quite close to a cherry in appearance, before she grabbed the lid of the laptop and shut it hard, locking it. "I'm not really sure Ben, but you shouldn't just be looking at my computer whenever you feel like it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a shower. I'm sweaty and icky." She had said without looking at him before standing and brushing past him, her hand barely touching the rock that had seemed to form in his pants. She hadn't noticed and refused to look at him due to her embarrassment. However, her touch had been on the sensitive head of Ben's penis, which he had just noticed was extremely hard and about five inches long, sending a jolt of pleasure through him. The tip was poking out from the hole in the front of his boxers, a problem he had never encountered before. His head was light, and he suddenly and vividly noticed every detail of Gwen's pink-pantied butt as it swayed it's way to the Rustbucket's bathroom. Gears turned in Ben's head, and you could almost see a light bulb ping into existence above his head, radiant as the sun. He announced "Gwen, hold on!" before sliding on his knees to hip's level and pulling down the lacy panties Gwen had been wearing. "BEN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She shouted at him, before he sensibly pointed out "Wait, Gwen, see! I have one of the things that the guy in the video was putting inside of her thing! And you have one of her things too!" Of course, he was right, as Gwen was a girl and Ben was a guy. To prove his point, Ben removed his boxers, leaving them both in only their ruffled shirts. Ben's penis had sprung up after his boxers were removed, twitching and throbbing slightly. Gwen had turned towards him and glanced at his rod, before crossing one arm over her flat stomach to grab the other one's middle and averting her eyes to the floor.

"So… What do we do now?" Gwen had asked. "Well…. Both of the people in the video were naked before doing anything, so maybe we should try that." Ben cleverly replied. Gwen seemed to accept this answer and pulled her shirt off, exposing her small, yet well-developed breasts to him. Ben already had his shirt off by the time she had hers, and he was slowly walking toward her, his arousal evident on his penis. They both had a funny feeling in the pits of their stomachs, and Gwen asked "Wait, we're cousins… Isn't this wrong or something?" This was one subject she had no knowledge on. Ben ignored her and reached out to touch one of her breasts. Gwen didn't protest, but averted her eyes. "I've always wanted to know what a girl's chest felt like. I wonder why we're not allowed to touch it…." Ben said before flicking his finger at one of Gwen's nipples, receiving a gasp from her in the process. "What, did that hurt you?" Ben asked fearfully. Gwen shook her head, replying with "No, it felt… amazing. " Ben flicked it again, causing Gwen's legs to shuffle and another gasp to escape her lips. Gwen hesitantly added "I think… I think the guy in the video put his mouth on them. Without biting or anything." Ben gave her a funny look before complying, lowering his head to her chest and sucking on the hard nub on Gwen's soft breast. "Oh! Oh god, Ben, that feels so good." She could feel her lower body, more specifically her core, become hot again. Ben put a hand on Gwen's other breast, kneading it around. "Aaah. Aaah." Gwen mewed at him, her body beginning to shake and heat up with pleasure, her slit growing wet and a sheen of sweat covering her body. She then let out a high-pitched scream, reaching her first ever climax, before falling forward onto Ben, who caught her by the arm, surprised.

"Gwen! What was that? Are you okay?" Ben asked once again, earning the same response, with a bit more of a shaky, breathy voice from his cousin. "No, no Ben. That was…. Incredible. Amazing. Astounding. It was like… A massage that went through my whole body… It was just… great." She sighed sleepily and closed her eyes, leaning into Ben's chest, before noticing something poking her stomach. Ben groaned as she moved her body away to take a look at it, his penis rubbing down her soft, smooth stomach on its head. "I still don't have any idea what to do with this." Gwen said as she crouched down, steadying herself by grabbing onto either side of Ben's hips while looking up at his face in a questioning manner. He just shrugged and replied "Maybe we should start out by touching it…" Gwen seemed satisfied with this answer and grabbed his rod with one hand, squeezing against his hardness. "Gah! Geez Gwen, take it easy down there! It's not a hammer or something!" "A hammer? What a dumb expression." Gwen had replied, but complied with his request either way. "So, are you feeling anything?" "Yeah, it feels like you're squeezing my penis… I guess it feels kinda good. But nowhere near what you looked like you were experiencing." Gwen just looked at his stiff member and thought to herself. "Hmm… The man in the video was going in and out, back and forth… so maybe…." She started tugging, slowly and roughly at first then, recalling more details from the video, faster and looser, allowing Ben's foreskin to ride up and down his actual organ. "Ah! God Gwen! It feels so good! Don't stop whatever you're doing!" Ben yelled quickly and suddenly from the massive increase in pleasure he had felt. Gwen stopped for a moment before releasing his member and opening her mouth, encasing it with her pursed lips. Moving her head back and forth, she lapped and wrapped her tongue around his cock, making slurping noises as her head moved. As she was sucking him off, one hand moved to fondle one of her breasts while the other reached down to her nether regions and began rubbing her lips quickly. This sent a flame across her body, spreading mercilessly and causing her to writhe in pleasure. Ben made several loud, passionate sounds as his body tightened and his balls retracted, sending sperm shooting out from the tip of his penis into his cousin's unsuspecting mouth. As he came, so did she for the second time that day and in her life. She pulled back from surprise and need for fresh air, causing Ben's semen to squirt on her face and chest, covering her breasts in a shiny gleam.

"Oh God Gwen, that was it. That was definitely what you were feeling." Ben panted out while bending over and resting his hands on his knees. His dick was still rock hard though. Gwen noticed this and decided to make a suggestion. "Hey Ben… Remember what the two were doing in the video? Where they touched their things together? I just felt mine. When you touched my boobs… it was incredible. But when I touched my thing, it was… indescribable. Like what I felt before, but a thousand times better. Do you want to try what they did?" Ben looked at her, her shy face and unkempt hair, the sheen of sweat coating her, making every curve of her body glimmer and shine. How could he resist? Ben simply nodded, out of breath, before grabbing her and pulling her up before grabbing a handful of her butt and pulling their hips close together. Gwen gasped for two reasons; for one, the butt grab was unexpected and surprisingly pleasant, feeling right and room and therapeutic. Two, His tool was now in the gap between her core and thighs, rubbing up against her lips. He guided her to the bed, laying her down gently before lifting her legs over his shoulders, curling her body as he did. Gwen wondered how anybody could be comfortable in this position, as her body was contorted on top of itself as it seemed to her. Her thoughts were quickly wiped away as she felt something prodding against her entrance. She looked up at Ben, their green eyes connecting for several moments before she nodded ever so slightly, allowing him to push in. He did so very gently, parting her folds and causing them both to break out in pants and gasps, as her virgin core was extremely tight. He pushed about three inches in before hitting a wall. Gwen reacted by bucking her hips in pain, driving him into the wall a bit. She let out a pained moan, not knowing if it was actually more pain than pleasure. "Go… faster… Ben." She bit her lip and screwed her eyes shut as he pushed in the last few inches, all the way to the base.

She sat there, in an intense mix of pain and pleasure while he sat paused waiting for his cousin to overcome whatever pain he had caused her. After the sensation subsided, Ben placed his hand on the right side of her face, rubbing it ever so gently, comforting her. She simply smiled at him again before giving another allowing nod, to which he pulled out, aspiring to be like the man he had seen before. He pushed in, and Gwen's teeth drew blood from her lip. He grunted and pulled out before pushing in again. Gwen only felt soreness and pain. This continued on for another few thrusts, before Ben began picking the pace. He began to fall into a steady, paced rhythm and Gwen's pain subsided, quickly replaced by a squirming, electrifying pleasure. Her breath drew in cold and quickly, no matter how hot the air was, and was forcefully pushed out by the piston-like force of her cousin's pumping. Before she realized it, she was moaning and groaning loudly, closing the distance between their faces for passionate kisses, and panting his name as he continued to give her pleasure. With a few great, powerful, final thrusts he came into her tight pussy, causing her to come for the third time and shriek loudly. After a few seconds of her voice shattering scream, he connected their lips in a deep, lustful kiss, wrestling their tongues for the next few minutes until they had both calmed down. Once she had stopped shaking from the strength of her orgasm, Ben turned her on her side and laid on his side behind her, pressing their bodies close. "Ben… when that liquid stuff went inside of me… That was the best part of all we did today." Gwen panted out sleepily. Ben was absentmindedly squeezing and groping her boobs and nipples, before snapping out of it and saying "Yeah… Yeah it was." They fell silent for a few moments, Ben continuing to absentmindedly massage her breasts. "Ben. I don't know if what we just did was right or wrong… I don't know. It felt so right, but if it's so great, then why don't people do it all the time? Grandpa Max hasn't ever done this as far as I know." Ben sat still and pondered for a few seconds before replying with "You know what Gwen? I don't really care about right or wrong. Right now I only care about you. I know that I don't say this enough… but I love you, cousin." Gwen smiled, closing her eyes and scooting her butt closer to his hips. "Love you too, cuz." She replied before drifting off to sleep in the hot RV.

Well that was a five hour, one day story. That was fun. I guess I was just really inspired to write this, so yeah. There you go. I like this story, and will update it anytime I feel… horny. And creative. Or want to add another alien sex scene. How would I do Hotshot? Is that his name? Maybe hothead… I don't know, I stopped watching that show years ago. Anywhore, I'll just go ahead and wrap up, and I guess I'll start on the second chapter of this story right now. Or do some actual work. Eh, whichever one comes first. Anywhore, stay tuned for the next installment of… well, porn I guess. Bye bye!