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Moving on, the review from JMeSeKaiiCHi; "ch 3 was just insane! I mean I only read half of it. If you were also creeped out while writing it, why did you even decided to write it? That was torture for me! It's not because I'm against incest, but seriously.. This is making Gwen looking like a whore who only wants to have sex..Disturbing." ... Okay, okay, I see where you're coming from. First things first, the number one rule of viewing any sort of media is to stop viewing it if you find it distasteful or disturbing. If its being shoved down your throat, say something about it, as "I don't like this, get it away from me," but I'm not forcing you to read, so the whole cry of "torture for me!" is strange, because you've decided to continue reading something you didn't like. Also, the whole 'Gwen being a whore' thing... I mean, there was a plot... and.. and... fuck it.

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Rant is now over. I've had time to cool down, focus, take a breather, and now its summer. Oh, and look! 47 reviews! Most of them are positive or helpful this time! How grand! Now, due to popular request, the chapter after this will be focusing on everyone's favorite musclebound giant fourarmed fucker- Fourarms. Yay. But for now, we'll throw in some Wildmutt.

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Go Wild

It had been a few weeks after their first session of lovemaking, Ben's experiment with his aliens, and the rather strange incident with Grandpa Max that had made things awkward between the man and his grandchild. Since then, Ben and Gwen had been staying busy, what with their chores around the Rustbucket, countless museum trips with their grandfather, and saving the world many times over from the hostile alien forces constantly breathing down Humanity's neck. But, throughout it all, they still time to make love to each other. Whether it be on a weekend that Max once again spends his time collecting firewood, or when the Rustbucket inevitably fails and a trip to the hardware store to buy a replacement part is needed, or during trips to the amusement park, or at night when they managed to sneak out of the RV for the night. However, ever since the first day, neither Ben nor Gwen had thought or mentioned the use of the Omnitrix's abilities in their recreational activities. Their last experience had left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, including Max's, although he still hasn't the foggiest clue of what happened.

However, today was the day that Ben had decided to change that. He decided to broach the subject with Gwen on using his power's for both of their pleasures. On this, once again, scalding hot day, the family was down on a lakeshore, identical to the ones that they always seem to find whenever they want to go to a fucking lake. In any case, they were on a lake. Everyone wore their bathing suits, Max's swim trunks somehow still being inappropriately tight, as if it were a speedo. The strange thing is that he wasn't wearing a speedo, just an average pair of swim trunks that were his correct size and everything. They just really hugged to his crotch and neither of the two cousins enjoyed the sight. Luckily, most of his time was spent sleeping in the sun on a beach towel, working on his full body sunburn. Ben wore simple two tone trunks, with the inner thigh area being colored Omnitrix green while the rest was shaded a deep black. Gwen was the most visually pleasing, with a rather form fitting seafoam green bikini that, while not being promiscuous or whorish in any way, left little to the imagination, as it hugged and followed every one of her growing curves while exposing her slim figure to the open air. The sun had already started to tan her skin slightly, as well as lightening her hair from its normally robust shade to a shade of strawberry blonde.

Ben and Gwen had been keeping themselves entertained mostly by throwing a frisbee back and forth from less than 10 feet away, although Ben had spent some time trying to swim but couldn't get anywhere due to the rather ridiculous amount of algae that had accumulated while Gwen had been trying to do something on her laptop, but the goddamn fucking glare and overall assholeish light given off by the sun meant that she couldn't see shit. Lakes are fucking great fun. Either way, they went to find what the Rustbucket was willing to cough up on the entertainment front, finding a half eaten tennis ball and a singular dented, bent, partially melted, and chewed up frisbee that flew about as well as a dying horse can. It was due to this that their proximity was so close, while Max slept and burned like an old man.

The two of them would've run off at any point, put Max kept snoring himself awake, that asshole. Everytime they snuck out behind a bush, they would hear a loud snort then a cough before the sounds of "Ben, Gwen! Where'd the two of you go?" to which they would always respond "Oh, we're right over here, Grandpa!" This seemed to satisfy him, as he usually lulled back into loud snort-snoring a few moments afterward. After this same process continued several times, Gwen went to gather her spellbook to figure out how to keep the old man asleep. Finding a collection of a few choice words, she uttered her command and Grandpa Max ceased all breathing. "Uh... Gwen, I think you killed him." Ben said as he motioned to the motionless body that lay in front of them. "No doofus, he's just... sleeping really deeply." was Gwen's response. Conveniently, immediately after her statement, a large, slow breath was drawn in by Max and exhaled with some effort. "See, I told you. Now, let's get out of here." Gwen had said as she walked around the obstacle her grandpa had become. Ben followed her some distance around the lake before disappearing from the Rustbucke'ts view behind a bank of trees and bushes.

Upon their arrival, Gwen immediately spun on her heel and dragged Ben into a dramatic, heated kiss. She ran her slim fingers through his hair, gripping and pulling him deeper into the kiss. Ben had grown accustomed to Gwen's assertive and rather demanding form of lovemaking. As such, he responded almost immediately, grabbing her at the waist and pulling her body into his. Their bodies lined up and melded together, her soft, supple breasts, and already hardening nipples pressing into his chest while her smooth stomach rubbed up against his and their groins connected and begun to grind into each other. This action elicited moans from both of them. Ben broke the kiss to trail small kisses down her neck, eventually ending in a large hickey he placed in a rather obvious location. He knew how much she enjoyed that sensation. And enjoy it she did, judging by her moans turning into small, breathless pants and one of her hands traveling downwards to reach his package. She grabbed it with a sudden and unforgiving squeeze, causing a bit of a yelp to escape from Ben's throat but not much else.

Ben responded by pulling one leg of her's up to his hip level, spreading her legs more and pressing her heat into his already solid erection. The pressure of him at her entrance caused her to throw her head back and let out a small cry. He took advantage of this by giving her another, smaller hickey at the nape of her neck. She looked at him after recovering and asked "Daring today?" to which Ben replied "Always." with a cocky smirk. That smirk had been the sign of many a good and bad thing alike happening, which Gwen took note of. Whilst this thought ran through her head, Ben reached for her other leg and lifted her into the air, her full weight supported by him, mostly directed at the pelvis. Gwen gasped right as Ben began pumping back and forth, grinding their two cores together, causing a fresh, dark blush to spread across Gwen's body, originating around her bosom.

Between her wild gasps for air, she leaned in, arching her back to whisper in his ear "I need it badly," breathily. With that, Ben almost popped in his pants, but stayed composed, dropping to his knees in order to lay her on the soft bed of grass in the area they were standing in. He pinned her to the ground with a strong, aggressive kiss before groping at her breasts through her bikini top. He shifted them up and down, left and right, and kneaded them in every way he could, causing her to cry out in a minor orgasm right as he found her broke the kiss before proceeding to rip the bikini top in half in order to expose her creamy, flushed mounds to the open air. Gwen took a moment to give him a look of disdain, muttering "You have got to stop doing this to all my clothes..." This moment was short-lived, however, as Ben dived right back in, one hand occupied with entertaining her breast, the other sent south to rub her already soaked pussy. She squirmed in ecstasy, barely containing her moans and cries for pleasure as he continued to furiously work at pleasuring her. He proceeded to move his mouth to clamp down on one of her nipples, suckling and nipping at it while flicking at it with his tongue every few seconds. The added stimulation pushed Gwen over the edge once again, causing her back to arch on the ground and her hips to buck against his expertly placed hand as she once again all but screamed out her pleasure.

Ben gave her a moment to recover from the two orgasms she just had. He lied down next to her panting, breathless form and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

"How was that?" Ben queried, looking into her eyes.

"That *pant* was *pant* amazing, Ben. *Pant* You sure are wild today..." Gwen replied, her bare chest heaving up and down with each pant.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Ben said with a mischievous glint in his green eyes, once again flashing the smirk that told Gwen to expect trouble.

Gwen watched Ben shuffle out of view and felt him place his hand at the top of her abdomen, feeling his hand slowly down her stomach, massaging it before reaching her pantyline. He lifted one side of the seafoam panties over her wide hips, then the other until just her most sensitive and sacred spot was kept hidden. He once again lightly rubbed against the fabric, causing her legs to visibly squirm at the sensation. He removed the bikini bottom in one swift motion, reveling momentarily in the splendid sight of her fully exposed, delicate body. All Gwen had heard next was a few clicks, a mechanical noise that sounded a lot like the Omnitrix activating and a green flash before she felt hot, forceful breath on her private parts.

"Ben, what the..." Were the only words that escaped her mouth before she felt something large, long, and wet prod against her dripping core. She groaned at the immense pressure that was being pushed at her entrance, confused as to what was going on. The organ that was prodding at her discontinued it's efforts momentarily, before rubbing at the base and traveling from the bottom of her slit to the clit, flicking it with the end of the large organ. Gwen's hips bucked up into this as well, before she bent forward, attempting to catch a glimpse of what Ben was doing to her. To her surprise, the giant orange creature known as Wildmutt was intently focused on her pussy, and the pressure she felt before was the vulpimancer's large tongue. She was about to start yelling at the alien to revert back to Ben, but the creature resumed its licking with renewed vigor, causing Gwen's head to snap back as her slender body arched into the large alien that had taken upon itself to eating her out. Wildmutt's tongue was rough, but it moved fast and coated her in saliva that stopped it from being painful. Her pussy was aching at that point, but in the best, most pleasurable way she could imagine. The tongue enveloped her so fully that her lips were on fire as saliva dripped down her legs and was flicked up her stomach.

Suddenly, Wildmutt changed his tempo and location, sliding his large tongue underneath her and licking from inside her cheeks before continuing up, traveling over her lips and ending at the base of her stomach. These licks were slower, more forceful, but controlled in a way. Gwen's enter lower body shifted with each stroke and her eyes were screwed shut from the pleasure, the blush that originated from her chest beginning to creep into her cheeks and down the rest of her body.

With her body sufficiently enflamed in the throes of passion, Wildmutt once again discontinued his ministrations, instead placing his tongue at her entrance again, pushing against it, asking for entrance. Gwen, wanting something inside her as soon as possible at this point, widened her legs, until they were as far as they could stretch, allowing the large tongue to finally pop inside of her. The immediate sensation of being filled was enough to cause Gwen's cries to resume twice as loud as before. The beast's tongue twisted and lapped around her insides, applying pressures at different areas and wiggling as much as possible while still pushing deeper. Breathing and panting heavily, Gwen placed one hand on her breast and the other at her clit, trying to get as much pleasure out of the experience as possible. She was once again reaching a climax, as her fingers worked furiously at rubbing her clit and kneading her sensitive, flushed breast. She then reached her peak, and with a loud gasp and high pitched scream that broke her voice, she came, causing her legs to close and muscles to contract, causing her to squeeze around her lover's tongue, making her orgasm rock her harder. She bucked her hips, arched her back, and curled her toes for several seconds before all the muscles in her body immediately and totally relaxed, causing her to plop to the ground and releasing Wildmutt's tongue. She rolled over onto her side as she panted heavily and her own pussy juices flowed out onto the grass mixed with a small amount of Wildmutt's saliva.

Gwen's rest was short-lived, however, as she felt herself being roughly rolled onto her stomach as a weight pressed against her back. Gwen, too dazed from the haze of multiple orgasms, didn't understand what was happening until she was penetrated by a stone-hard member that was much thicker and harder than the tongue. Gwen, in shock from the penetration, opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. The beast began to pump and piston into her, driving her naked body into the dirt in front of her. Gwen's eyes began to roll into her head from the massive amount of pleasure and stress being put on her body. Deep, guttural grunts began to escape from her at each thrust that Wildmutt gave. He began to pick up speed, simultaneously pushing himself deeper and deeper into Gwen's slit, eventually going so deep as to pierce into her womb. Gwen, looked down, as she could feel and now see her stomach expanding from the massive cock that was sliding in and out of her body. She could feel her labored breathing and grunting and sweating and the mix of intense pleasure and pain coming from everything and she exploded, her pussy gushing juices out from around the huge organ that was inside of her, tightening around the thick, corded cock that was pushing into her. Wildmutt let out a single, triumphant roar before he came into her womb, flooding her full of his thick, alien semen that flowed out of her almost as quickly as it flowed in. Gwen, from her view, could see her stomach expanding to contain all the fluid while also feeling its expansion and the remainder flowing out of her.

Gwen soon plopped to the ground in exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep, her stomach heaving while her pussy continued to overflow with her alien lover's sperm. Ben reverted back to his human form and curled up behind his cousin, tugging her close to him before falling asleep as well.

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