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It was the eve of the fourth Holy Grail War; in which seven servants would match steel, spell, wit and will for a chance to win one wish from the holy cup.

However, all was not well with the Grail. In the previous war, the spirit of all the evils in the world had corrupted the cup when he was summoned as a servant. This former servant went by the name of Angra Mainyu.

Angra Mainyu, like so many other counterparts of his throughout the multiverse, decided that since this was his very first Grail War he was in charge of, that it would be utterly hilarious to replace most of the servants that would be fighting with six others no one had ever heard of.

But unlike his other counterparts in the multiverse, this Angra Mainyu decided it would be even funnier if only a few servants would be anything close to traditionally heroic, and the rest had questionable levels of morality, if any sense of it at all.

That, and have all of them to have enough power to destroy a building in a few seconds.

This version of Angra Mainyu also thought that there was not enough destruction in the world. Comes with being all the worlds' evils.

So he set to work, using the stored power of the last three flops to conduct it.


Kotomine Kirei's expression was neutral. All his life, he had searched for a purpose. And all his life, he found none. The Grail War was simply the latest attempt at it.

His father Risei, and the head of the Tohsaka family, Tokiomi, had formed a secret alliance to win the Grail War. As he had been given the command seals, they had decided that he would call upon Servant Assassin to fight, one of the many heads of the Hashshashin, with a bone mask that had once belonged to one of the Assassins.

However, the servant he had just summoned was most certainly not the Servant Kirei had expected. Standing in front of him, was a man in a green vest over a dark shirt with matching dark pants. Covering most of his face was a mask, and a headband with a leaf-like symbol rested lazily over his left eye. His hair was grey colored, spiked, and leaned to his left.

The man then spoke to him in a rather lazy tone. "Yo, I'm Assassin. Are you my Master?"

Kirei simply replied "yes." and with that, the contract was formed.


Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi was rather peeved. He would have been beyond irritated, but now he was just peeved. The reason for his anger began back when his original summoning catalyst was stolen by his student, Waver. His fiancée, Sola-Ui, hated him. And to top it all of, the Servant he had tried to summon, Diarmuid, had not answered his call!

Then Kayneth got a good look at his Servant, and his rage quelled. Standing in front of him, no, kneeling in front of him was an enormous mass of a man. He had to at very least be at least twice the size of a normal man, and holding a Bisento even larger than him! He wore tan-colored pants, and a purple sash as a belt. He wore no shirt, only a large white jacket, unbuttoned and showing his chest to the world. On his head he wore a simple bandanna, and on his face was a massive white mustache.

The Servant looked down at him in the eye with a burning intensity. "I am Servant Lancer. Are you my Master?"

Kayneth answered "y-yes." He found himself incapable of doing much more under such a gaze.

If his Servants mere size and gaze was anything to go by, his Servants power might be greater than Diarmud's.

Wait until Kayneth got a look at his Parameters.


Waver Velvet smiled as the smoke cleared away from his newly summoned Servant. Finally, he would be able to prove to the mage's in the Clock Tower that he was worthy to be their equal. He had summoned a Servant for the Holy Grail War!

He didn't know which servant he had summoned, but knowing his teacher whom he had stolen the catalyst from; they would have to be mighty indeed.

As the smoke finally cleared, Waver could see the Servant. He was clothed in a primitive armor made of animal fur and iron. On his head was an iron helmet with horns attached to either side. He carried an iron shield and on his hip was a sword, and was fair-haired and blue-eyed.

The Servant spoke. "I'm Servant Rider. Are you my master?"


Matou Kariya stared at the product of his last gambit to save Sakura from his father Zouken's clutches. As Zouken watched, he had poured all his hopes for Sakura's freedom into the ritual, praying that the grail would hear his pleas and send a servant who would save her from this wretched house.

As it turns out, the grail was aware of Kariya's plight. Unfortunately however, the grail was aware of Kariya's plight.

Standing in front of the Matou was a man who wore a regal dark red cape, and black armor, that for some reason had pointed feet, with gold trimmings. On his shoulders were two asymmetrical and spiked pauldrons. The man had well-kept dark blue hair; as well as a well-trimmed beard.

The most powerful thing about the man was the look in his eye's and the smile on his face.

They told of not only of a king's power, but also of a man who was utterly was psychotic.

"I am Servant Berserker," he said in an eager voice, surprising both of Matou. Was he not under the effects of a mad enhancement? "Witch one of you two is my Master?"

"I am." Kariya replied. Berserker frowned at that.

"Humph." Berserker grunted. "I was afraid of that. you are rather weak."

"Already disappointing your Servant, Kariya? I can't say I'm surprised." Zouken said. "Just remember what's on the line if you lose the war. If you ever forget your will to fight, feel free to come back here anytime during Sakura's training to get a reminder."

Kariya felt himself shudder. Elsewhere, Angra Mainyu chuckled.


As it may come to no surprise, the Servant standing in front of Emiya Kiritsugu and his wife Irisviel was not the one that had been hoped for.

Instead, a man stood in front of them in a white robe with a black trim, and a purple sash on his waist. At his side was a sword that looked to be of Japanese origin with a green handle. His eyes and were brown, and so was his hair with a single bang drooping down from his slicked-back hair. On his face was a warm smile, and the man seemed to give of an aura of friendliness.

"I am Servant Saber," the now identified Servant said. "Witch one of you is my Master?"


Author's Notes:

Oh Infamous Man, what would we have ever done without you?

And that's the chapter. Yes, Gilgamesh is the only cannon Servant, like in SEESWildCard's story. Why, you ask? Because at least one Cannon servant must be summoned as a general rule of thumb in these stories, and he is the only servant that could hope to match any of the servants whom have been summoned from across the multiverse.

However, I am trying to have a few original ideas here. I'm going to give a good go at smashing the stations of canon to pieces.

And yes, the Servants were shown in a somewhat accurate descending order of morality, and yes if you don't already know Berserkers identity from the rather vague description I gave, he much worse than a mere jerkass.

And for those of you wondering who Caster will be, don't assume he is arguably worse than either Berserker or Saber.

He is arguably exponentially worse than Berserker and Saber.

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