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Chapter 8: Beware, Beware...


Rider and his horde charged. From the mob's rear, fireballs, lightning bolts, and eldritch energies flew in the air towards the three other Servants. Assassin and Gilgamesh quickly moved out-of-the-way, while Berserker and his mount stood their ground, taking the attacks sent their way.

Gilgamesh quickly rained down his treasures on the mongrel horde. By that strike, a dozen of the creatures fell, fading from existence. But still, there were still about five-dozen more of the creatures that continued to strike at Gilgamesh, and the process of dodging was becoming tedious. From the gate, he called forth a dozen shields to protect him from the attacks.

The shields held fast as Gilgamesh landed, for none of the attacks had pierced his defensive perimeter. However, the creatures holding weapons began to pound on his barrier, intent on smashing through it. They were having some success, for some of the weaker shields were cracking from the strain from the attacks, most notably from the creatures in the glowing black armor.

In response, Gilgamesh quickly had weapons rain down upon them, snuffing them out of existence. Now where was Rider?

*Hey ugly* Gilgamesh heard a whisper from behind him and instantly fired his Gate of Babylon at the source. The Mongrel would not get to backstab him again. But instead of the yowls of pain Gilgamesh expected to come from the dog, he heard only the sound of his weapons raining upon the ground. Given the thief's tenacious history, and the fact that he at very least had some aptitude with magic…

Gilgamesh quickly made his treasure form a defensive perimeter around him, and began to fire his treasures in almost every direction while circling the area, purposefully leaving a small hole in his defense on his left flank to draw the mongrel in.


Rider's army had proven as little more than a distraction, as Berserker had easily destroyed all the forces sent his way. While he may have been impressed at the sight of them, that feeling quickly faded as he found that they were almost not worth the effort it took him to kill them. Rajaion quickly killed any and all the creatures that tried to attack him at close range, while Gurgurant made short work of any who struck at him from a distance, each only taking one blow end.

Really, it was quite disappointing. He wasn't even in his berserk state anymore. The only ones left were the three warrior ghosts, with any luck, he'd be able to drag at least some fight out of them-

Berserker quickly moved his head to the side just in time to dodge a knife that flew past his face. He quickly slashed at the source of the knife with Gurgurant, but found nothing there when he had finally tuned around.

Perhaps it was Assassin. That one seemed intent on running of into a dark corner when a real fight was about to begin, and after the creature initial volley he had disappeared.

Berserker's thoughts were interrupted when two blasts of frost and flame struck him from above. His magic resistance helped him shrug of most of the attack, but Berserker still felt the attack. He grinned at the sight of the two dragons overhead. Finally, a challenge! And from the look of thing's, both of them would go all out against him, instead of holding back as the dragons he was used to fighting were so set on doing.

With great haste, Berserker directed his mount upwards. But just as he was about to take off, the three ghosts all attacked from behind with a mighty shout:


The shouts combined might knocked Berserker off Rajaion. He landed ungracefully on the grass, and began to pick himself up from the ground, smiling as he did so. He had finally found something to make the worm's second command worth following.

"Ha ha heh…" Berserker laughed. "Rajaion! Take to the sky and keep the other dragons off my back! I found some wretch's who may yet be worth the effort it takes to kill them!" he ordered.

His mount obeyed, and took flight. Berserker turned towards his quarries. "You have made a point to elevate yourself above the rabble. Come then! Prove yourselves worthy of my blade!"

With a bloodthirsty grin, Berserker and the three ghosts charged as three dragons dueled overhead.


Gilgamesh continued his strategy, waiting for Rider to take the bait. His and Berserkers pets flew above the battlefield, caring little for anyone else. Really, it was growing rather irksome, waiting for the thief. From what Gilgamesh had seen, the dog should not have grown wise after such a small display of his King's power given his earlier stunts. So what was taking him so long to find Gilgamesh?

In response to Gilgamesh's impatience, a hoof beat was heard to the left, steadily growing louder. Gilgamesh, intent on springing the gambit that the mongrel no doubt had in play, turned a number of the portals and fired at the sound before he even turned to look at the source of the noise. When the creature finally came into Gilgamesh's view, it had already been skewered thrice by the torrent of weapons fired at it. The beast that had been struck was the skeletal horse aflame with purple fire.

An instant later, Rider made his presence known to Gilgamesh by sinking his boot into the earth. It had been rather difficult to pick up given the noise of the battlefield and the lightness of the step, but Gilgamesh managed to. He was actually trying to sense it after all. The few portals that were covering his back fired above the mongrel's head was to box him in. he began to turn himself and his armory around, both blades in hand, ready to get the first strike. He could hear, or ever so faintly, the mongrel's bone made boots hit the ground, running towards him.

When Gilgamesh had completed his about-face, he was quite surprised to see that Rider was not standing before as he predicted, but about two meters away from the King of Hero's, sword-thing raised as if Gilgamesh was standing right in from of him. Gilgamesh decided to improvise, throwing his blades at the mongrel, and then readied a barrage to remove the dog from existence.

The mongrel's response to the twin blades flying at him was to continue with his blades downward stroke. To Gilgamesh's immense surprise, however, the abominable things tip began to lengthen, bridging the gap between Rider and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh attempted to move out-of-the-way, but his footing and motion betrayed him, as he was incapable of dodging the strike.

As one of Gilgamesh's thrown blades pierced Rider in the shoulder, Rider's eldritch blade struck Gilgamesh across his chest.


Berserker laughed gleefully as Gurgurant parried another strike from the woman's blade. These ghosts were simply fantastic! Already, they had landed several blows on him, a good half of which had managed to make him bleed (his renewal skill had yet to heal most of the damage)! Truly, this was a fantastic war! Even the medallion seemed to hum with approval, as its blue fires were growing brighter with each passing moment.

Berserker then counterattacked, the woman barely managing to dodge the strike. Her companion with the axe struck from his left, and even landed a blow against Berserker's armor. The force of the attack pushed Berserker back, but nothing more. Berserker responded by reminding him of his black eye.

Truly, these warriors fought well. The elder went down first, but not without Ashnard feeling the sting of his blade. The other two still fought, but it seemed that the axe wielder would fall soon. Berserker moved his blade to deliver the killing strike-

His instinct screamed, and Berserker quickly moved to his right to dodge a blow from behind, but was too late. A knife found it's way in the back of his neck, making a deep cut. Blood began to pour out of the wound as Berserker desperately tried to stop the bleeding. He took a blind slash at his attacker, which didn't connect as the assailant rolled under the strike. The would-be assassin revealed himself to be a forth ghost dressed in a robe.

Taking advantage of Berserkers sudden disadvantage, the two warrior ghosts quickly recovered and began to press their attack. Their blows were swift, and with one of Berserkers hands preoccupied with trying to keep as much blood in his neck as possible, the battle was slowly turning in their favor. The robbed ghost added his dagger into the storm blades, only making things harder for Berserker. His renewal skill couldn't work fast enough, and so Berserker decided to change strategy.

With his signal, Rajaion broke of from his skirmish with the other two dragons and landed behind Berserker's assailants. In their momentary surprise, Rajaion bit down on the ghost with the axe, quickly causing him to disappear. Berserker took advantage of the remaining ghosts lack of focus and rushed to mount Rajaion. The two other dragons had not been idle however, and descended onto the battlefield quickly. They breathed frost and flame upon Berserker, who did his best to avoid it, and began to take off. Rajaion began to pull up, and Berserker gave a slash at his earthbound opponents. Both were struck, and while the robed one fell quickly, the woman gave one last defiant final shout before fading away.


The shout made up a blue sort of energy that struck Berserker and Rajaion. Berserker quickly inspected himself and Rajaion for damage, but found none. Was it perhaps some sort of curse? He didn't feel different…

Then Berserker saw the shouts power. The Medallion, instead of producing its normal blue flames, the medallion was now absorbing some sort of strange blue energy. Berserker panicked. Whatever that woman had done, he had to remove himself from the battlefield and Asses the damage immediately.

Grabbing a nearly dead Kariya from somewhere, escaping the other two dragons, and his own wound barely registered in Berserkers mind. The Medallion was still under the influence of the woman's shout, and was incapable of driving men mad anymore (he had tested it on Kariya). Whatever happened, Berserker must fix the medallion. The dark god must not be silenced.


Though shallow, Rider's artifact made a cut in Gilgamesh's armor. Gilgamesh could do nothing but stare in shock at what had just happened. This mongrel, however slightly had pierced his armor. This Mongrel somehow had pierced his armor. This MONGREL had pierced his armor. THIS MONGREL HAD PIERCED HIS ARMOR. HE. WOULD. DIE-

Distracted by his rage and pain, Gilgamesh had failed to notice the mongrel pull out the sword that had stuck itself in his shoulder, healed the wound with his magic, and followed up his initial strike with a shield bash to Gilgamesh's face. In an undignified heap, Gilgamesh clutched his wounds, firing his treasure to keep the mongrel at bay. No matter how righteous, he had to keep his anger in check. It was giving the dog openings.

As Gilgamesh sat up, the dog's two pets descended upon him, and Gilgamesh took evasive maneuvers. Then, Gilgamesh scoured his memory for anything he could use against the mongrel. The dog had said something about being a guild master of…something, and a mage of a college. Gilgamesh was certain about that. But he had said something else too. Something in whatever barbarian tongue that passed for a language from wherever he was from…Dovah something…Dragonborn! That was it!

Armed with that knowledge, Gilgamesh prepared one of his finer treasures for the job. Gram was the blades name, and he quickly aimed it at the sky, towards the thief's two pets circling above the battle. Gilgamesh took aim, and fired. And with a blinding flash of light, the two beasts were struck.

They both screamed out in pain, the corpse slowly dissolving into a purple energy and the red one, which had been near the center of the blast, was burnt down to its bones, which crashed down to the earth before fading away into nothingness. The mongrel simply stared in shock.

Gilgamesh smiled. The dog had finally realized just whom he was dealing with. Gram was ready to fire again. Gilgamesh took one sparing moment to memorize the look of pure shock on the thief's face. And in that moment, the King of Hero's knew nothing else he would gain in this war could rival such a treasure. And with that pleasant thought on his mind, Gilgamesh fired Gram.

The pure, unfiltered feeling of content washed over Gilgamesh as he watched Riders doom sail through the air. He supposed he'd have to break open a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion after Rider was dust.

Gilgamesh's pleasant thoughts were then interrupted by a shout:


Gilgamesh looked on with increasing rage, as the Mongrel became a translucent ethereal blue, much like one of the ghosts he had conjured just as Gram hit its mark.

Refusing to allow the dog a chance to survive, immediately after the blast ended, Gilgamesh sped into the crater it had formed. The mongrels shouting had really become far too much of an annoyance. Gilgamesh was going to deal with that.

Sure enough, the mongrel was still there, and still translucent. He quickly returned to normal, and in that moment, Gilgamesh struck. A knee to the mongrels groin immobilized him for a precious few moments, which allowed Gilgamesh to knock away his foul weapon and lifted the dog up by the neck.

Rider began to struggle, desperately kicking and clawing at Gilgamesh's hand to save himself. The attempts did him little good, and Gilgamesh's grip held firm, his other hand swatting away any potential problems such as the mongrel's master, who seemed to have climbed down from the roof and tried to free his servant. A well-executed backhand was all that was required to leave him whimpering on the ground.

But then, as the last life was about to be choked out of the mongrel, something odd open book appeared at the mongrel's chest, facing Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh glanced at the book, curious. What did the mongrel hope to accomplish-

The book's purpose was swiftly made clear as several writhing tentacles emerged out of the book and grabbed Gilgamesh. The Golden Servant began to struggle with the tentacles, but it was no use they slowly dragged his hand away from the mongrel's neck and forced him to give into the eldritch tome.


Waver groaned as he pulled himself up. He had climbed down from the top of the manor when the three dragons began to duel, as anywhere closer to the ground seemed to be better than near the three dueling titans. He had done his very best to stay out of sight up to the point where Archer had started to choke Rider. He couldn't allow his Servant to die, and…well, he didn't really know what had come over him. He glanced at Rider who was gasping for air.

"Are you all right?" Waver asked. Rider did not respond, instead opting to finish gasping for air, and then picking up his sword. Rider moved towards Archer, who was staring intently at the black book he was holding as if it was the only thing in the entire world, and swung. Instead of hitting Archer, blade bended out of the Golden Servants way, earning a growl from Rider.

"Damn it…" Rider growled out, throwing the blade away, and summoning a new one made of steel. As he was about to strike with it, a knife flew through the air at Waver, forcing Rider to block it with his shield.

"I go trailing a dragon for a few minutes, and suddenly I come back to find this…" Assassin's voice drawled out as he glanced towards Waver. "Anyway, I guess were fighting now…"

Rider's scowl deepened at that. He looked at Assassin, and then turned to Archer…or perhaps the book. He then growled in displeasure.

"Waver, were leaving. I need to find a strategy." Rider summoned his black horse and half-dragged Waver up on to the saddle.

"You don't think I'm just going to let you leave?" Assassin asked.

"Yes." Rider said. "Tokiomi or whoever he's called is being attacked by my few remaining summons."

Assassin quickly looked away from Rider, and with that both parties sped of, one to escape and the other to save his ally.


Gilgamesh survived his surroundings. He was standing on some sort of hollow pumpkin-shaped structure above a sea of dark green liquid. In the center of the structure was an open book with constantly moving symbols. In the far distance, he could see other structures, all tall dark towers.

The sky of this place was composed of green clouds, and if Gilgamesh strained his eyes, he could see flailing tentacles erupting from the cloud cover.

"Ah, Gilgamesh, King of Uruk…" a deep, almost soothing tone echoed throughout the landscape.

"Show yourself." Gilgamesh commanded. This voice seemed to be able to recognize his king. It was about time someone other than Tokiomi did that.

"As you *yawn* wish…" the voice responded. In front of Gilgamesh, several tentacles came into existence. They stayed hovering in the air, gently moving around the air. Soon, many eyes began to pour from what was likely the center of the clusters of tentacles.

"Name yourself for your King." Gilgamesh proclaimed. The voice sorted at that. Gilgamesh stared with intense disapproval at the floating eyeballs. "I am Hermaeus Mora. I am the guardian of the unseen, knower of the unknown. And I have a proposal…"


Class: Rider

True Name: Many to many people, Dovahkiin or Dragonborn most common

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength: B
Agility: B
Endurance: B
Mana: B
Luck: EX

Noble Phantasm: E-A+

Class Skills

Independent Action (A): Rider is able to live in the world for a week without a contract, although an outside source of prana is required for high-cost Noble Phantasms.

Magic Resistance (B): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for Rider to be affected.

Presence Concealment (B): It is possible for Rider to become extremely difficult to be detected. However, efficacy will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.

Riding (EX): Augmented by his Bend Will shout, Rider can ride any creature, even Dragon Kind.

Item Creation (A): Rider is extremely skilled in the arts of enchanting, smiting, and alchemy. Any potion, enchantment, or other item he wishes to create can be made.

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation (A): Makes it possible to fight even with deadly injuries and remain alive so long as Rider does not receive a decisive fatal wound.

Charisma (B): Suitable for the Dragonborn of prophecy.

Divinity (A++) Rider is the Dragonborn of legend, a mortal born with the soul of an immortal Dovah. To further add to that, Rider has received the blessings of 16 Daedric Princes, the eldritch god of the void Sithis, and is an agent of the two Aedra Dibella and Mara. However, due to his extreme dislike of one of the Daedric princes, this score is lowered to A++.

Dovahkiin (EX): the one they Fear

Rider was born with the soul of a Dovah, allowing him to use the words of power to form shouts. These shouts do everything from calling forth enormous elemental forces and summoning Dovah allies to fight for him to manipulating the weather. Furthermore, as Rider's soul is that of a Dovah, it is nigh invincible from any harm it may receive, and corrupting it would receive takes an extremely long time or an enormous amount of power on par with that of the Ideal Masters.

Expert of Many Specializations (A+): in his adventures, Rider has master almost every skill he has come across, and thus may use almost any skill he needs at rank B or above.

Magecraft (A): Rider is an expert mage, and thus can use spells that range across several fields of expertise from the schools of Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, and Illusion. With this he can summon a small army, turn invisible, call forth all manner of destructive forces, and much more.

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit (A): negates the effects of charisma used in the same rank.

Noble Phantasms

Endless Inventory

Rank: E-A+

Type: Support

Rider may call upon any and all weapon, armor, potion, or other such item he came in possession of in all of his travels from seemingly nowhere, and dismiss them just as easily. This power is at its mental command and is nigh instantaneous, and each item he summons is a Noble Phantasm in its own right.

Rider may summon Shadowmere anytime he pleases.


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