Chapter 3:

Harley and Ivy managed to get the "diaper" on Robin.

Robin had on only his red shirt, his mask and his "diaper".

"I think he still needs to be dressed more like a baby." Harley said.

Ivy noticed the computer.

She went on it and logged on to google.

She googled "teen sized baby clothes".

One of the first hits was a place called "Sassy baby".

It happened to be located in a small town just a few minutes away from Gotham.

"Harley, I found this baby store that has Robin-Sized baby clothes and accessories. It's just outside of Gotham." Ivy told her.

"Okay, let's go then!" Harley replied.

Robin reached his arms out for Ivy to pick him up again. So she did.

Harley tied her hynenas up so they couldn't get loose.

Ivy took the driver's seat. Harley sat in the passenger's seat.

Robin was in the back.

After a few minutes of riding, Robin started to cry.

"Harley, you check what's wrong with the "baby"." Ivy told her, keeping her eyes on the road.

Harley looked into the backseat behind her.

"Aw, what's the matter, Little Robbie?" Harley asked, in a babying tone.

"I hungry." Robin said, in baby tone.

"Red, he's hungry! What should I do?" Harley asked.

"I think there's some crackers in here somewhere." Ivy replied.

Harley found the crackers but they were stale. Robin was still crying out of hunger.

Luckily, They had finally arrived at the baby store.

The first thing they did was buy Robin a baby bottle and some milk.

Harley then took Robin back to the car and fixed him the bottle.

Then she gave him the bottle and his crying ceased.

Robin happily sucked on his bottle.

Then Harley and Ivy selected other things they would need for Robin, paid for it and left.

To be continued.