Lee Everrett sat silent looking out the window, thinking of his wife and the senator he'd killed. His wife...he didn't even know where she was now. Sitting beside him in the cop car was a girl that couldn't be older than twenty. She sat with a grim look on her face, staring at the helicopters and cars rushing by. He barely noticed as the officer up front spoke. "I reckon you didn't do it then." Lee looked up, surprised.

"Why?" The officer chuckled looking forward, speaking as if the girl wasn't there.

"Because nows the time they usually start screaming and shouting I didn't do it." He turned off the radio, annoyed. "One time I even had a crier, shouting and screamer about his mama and how he was innocent."

"...So did he do it?"

"Yea he did! They caught him beating his wife to death, and had to pull him off with all their strength." Suddenly the girl screamed, shouting at the cop.

"WATCH THE FUCKING ROAD!" The cop looked up, and jerked the wheel to the side, flipping the car...and narrowly missing the civilian that had been standing in the way of it. Lee blacked out as the car fell down the side of the hill, flipping over several times before landing with a loud crash at the bottom.


When Lee woke up, the girl was unconscious, blood dripping from a wound in her head. There was a similar wound in Lee's leg. The cop was barely noticeable, his body on the ground a few feet away with a trail of blood leading between him and the car. After a few minutes of uncomfortable repositioning he managed to kick the window out, pulling himself out. He looked back at the girl, and started to wake her before remembering his hands were still cuffed. It'd be easier to wake her if his hands were free.

His gaze slid from the car, to the trail of blood...to the dead officer. The keys were probably on him. Great. He started towards him, uneasy. It didn't feel right, messing with the dead. He'd killed once...and even then it had only been in anger. He hadn't been thinking right. He sucked in a breath, and reached down yanking the keys up and jumping backwards as if the body would bite him. It didn't actually move, of course.

He sighed relaxing and turned around, starting towards the car...not noticing the cop shift, and start to push itself upright. Lee uncuffed his hands, and then stepped up to the car shaking the girl. "Hey...hey..." She woke up blinking and then she turned to look at Lee. He looked back, holding out the keys. She gladly took them, uncuffing herself.

"Thanks for that." She rubbed her wrists and then turned to where the cop was moments before and she frowned. "Who's blood is that?" Lee turned speaking.

"Well it's the...holy fuck..." And then the walker jumped out at him and he pushed against it, as it snapped at him trying to bite him, he just barely managed to push it back. He looked around for a weapon and his eyes fell on the car. "Get his gu-Ahh!" The walker grabbed his leg, yanking him down and jumping atop it, and Lee struggled again before the telltale sign of a gun being fired sounded, and the walker slouched a top him. He shoved it off of him, scrambling backwards. "What the fuck was that..."

The girl didn't answer, instead she bit her lip. "I don't know...but there are more than one of them." Lee looked up, and paled. There were a ton of them, all around. He looked up then, seeing a silhouette of a person.

"Hey...HEY!" The person looked at them, and then turned running away. The girl ran after the figure, and Lee stumbled upwards following her, all to aware of the things following him. He just barely pulled himself up and over the fence collapsing and gasping with the girl a few feet ahead of him, examining a tea set before looking back at him.

"By the way, my name's Jennifer. And whatever the fuck is happening...I get the feeling that it's best if we stick together."

Lee nodded, gasping as he spoke. "The name's...Lee...and I have no problem...agreeing with you."

To be continued...