Lee stood up staring down at the walker's body with a grim look before he looked at Jennifer. "I guess you've saved my life twice now." He nodded, as if to say thanks. His gaze then slid over to Clementine and he kneeled before her. "Hey."

She seemed shy, answering slowly. "...Hey."

"Clementine, right?" She nodded, slowly.

"Where are you parents?" She glanced at the picture of her with her parents sitting on the bench.

"In Savannah...they left me with Sandra, my babysitter...those things...they got her a few days ago." Lee frowned, as Jennifer stepped outside, looking around to make sure no one or nothing would get a chance to surprise them.

"You've been alone through all this?" She nodded.

"Yea...those things can't get in my tree house. The only time I've gone down in the past few days has been to gather food and resources...and to look around...like earlier when I saw you two..." She looked away. "I was trying to decide whether to wait for you to walk under the tree house and drop a hammer on your head or not."

"Hey, guys? We need to get going. It's going to be safer at day time then it is at night." Jennifer stood in the screen door, looking at Clem and Lee, a look of longing quickly replaced by a look of grim determination. Lee stood up, holding out a hand for Clementine. Hesaintly she took it.

"Let's go look for help." Together they started towards the door, stepping out and turning around the side of the house, towards the road. The trio that would look like a family to any other stepped out and pushed open the gates freaking out two people.

"Whoa! Don't eat us!" Lee held up his hands as the pair backed up against their truck.

"We're not gonna hurt you, but if you let us go with you, we'll help you out." It was Jennifer who had spoken.

"...Alright...this car's in the way of our truck, and as long as it's here we can't go anywhere."

Lee started towards the car, Jennifer and Clem moving to do the same. "Alright let's move it away." He leaned to speak to Clem. "Clementine why don't you keep watch for us, and tell us if any walkers show up." Clementine nodded.

"Ok Lee." As they started to move it, Shawn spoke to him.

"Is she yalls daughter?" Lee pushed at the same time as Jennifer, Shawn, and the last guy.

"No. We're neighbors, and we came together to survive this stuff...we were getting out of Atlanta...but the plan changed when we found Clementine." Slowly, they moved the car just as Clementine shouted.

"LEE! Walkers!" He looked backwards, and then ran to her picking her up and jumping in Shawn's car as Jennifer and Greene (or whatever he's called) got in as well.

~3 Days Later~

The car sputtered and died and Lee got out, holding the door open for Clem and Jennifer. "Guess that's as far as she's going."

Lee looked forward, speaking. "Then it's far enough."

Jennifer sighed before looking at the pharmacy. "I really hope that pharmacy has some supplies..." Lee glanced at her, getting the message.

"Even if it doesn't, we'll find some stuff somewhere. I know what to look for...I uhh...worked in pharmacies before this all started." He also knew not to piss her off, especially not if she didn't have any supplies.

Even as they started towards the pharmacy Duck pointed at a man scavenging through a truck. "Hey dad look!" All of them looked and Kenny started shouting.

"HEY! We could use some help if yo-ah fuck." The man looked up, and half his face was peeled off, blood covering his face, with flesh in hands. Even as the echo of Kenny's shout started spreading outwards, walkers began to pour out of everywhere.

"Shit. I'm not in the fucking mood for this shit." And to Lee's surprise, Jennifer pulled a shotgun out of her backpack, pointing it toward where the majority of them were coming from. She didn't even aim, just pointed in the direction and pulled the trigger. After three shots, the only sound that answered was the clicking sound of an empty clip. "Damnit...Lee, protect Clementine."

Lee didn't need to be told that, pulling out a pistol as he aimed at one of them. He'd die before he'd let them get to Clem. "Kenny! Get Katjaa and D-" Several gunshots rang out.


"COME ON, GET IN!" Standing at the door to the pharmacy, a lady was shooting walkers, a guy holding open the door. Clem and Jennifer ran for the door, followed by Katjaa and Duck. Kenny, Lee, the lady, and the guy ran inside, the guy slamming the door shut and locking it with a padlock as he went into the store itself.