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Ch. 1

"Kendall, Get up! Up, now!"

I growled and rolled over, shoving my head under my pillow to block out the annoying requests of my best friend and roommate, Alice.

"Kendall, come on! It's almost one! You shouldn't sleep this long, it's unhealthy! Besides, our summer break is almost over and then it's back to school! You should be getting back into your normal routine!" I growled at her again and before I knew it, I heard the whoosh of my blanket being pulled off and the cool air on my legs. I sat up, grumbling.

"You're way too obsessed with school. We have almost two months left. Besides, I was up until almost three a.m. last night, I have an excuse."

"What on earth were you doing until three a.m.?!"

"That's nothing you need to worry about! What do you want, anyways?" Alice rolled her eyes and grabbed my hands. She yanked me out of my bed and laughed.

"You need some fresh air. Let's go to Starbucks! I could use a latte."

I narrowed my eyes until they were almost slits. "You woke me up for STARBUCKS?"

"Of course not! I was just bored." Alice winked at me, and I sighed.

"You're so lucky I love you."

"But of course. Now get ready, I'll meet you at my car." She dashed out the room before I could even object.

'Screw that,' I thought. No way am I getting fancied up for Starbucks. I changed into some comfortable sweats with my campus's name on it, University of Texas at Austin, or UT for short. Then I put on a T-shirt and my glasses, grabbed my purse, knocked off a bunch of papers on the counter, and shot out of the dorm.

Alice sighed when she saw me. "You could have at least tried."

I ignored her as I pulled my hair up into a sloppy bun. "It's Starbucks, no one important is going to be there."

Alice shrugged her shoulders. "You never know." As she started the car, I finally comprehended her warning.

"Is your boyfriend going to be there? If so, I'm changing."

"No, of course not! Besides, we broke up yesterday."

Alice focused on the road as we pulled off campus and onto the freeway. Her face showed no expression.

I sighed. "What number is this?" Alice laughed.

"Not sure, I think I've lost count." That was the weird thing about Alice. She was so concerned with school but she had a new boyfriend each week. At least she could get a boyfriend. I'd never had one in my entire life.

"Well, I'd tell you that you're too good for him, but I've told you that every single time…" Alice laughed again and I smiled.

"Kendall Lane, you're quite the comedian." She reached over and turned the slick black knob that turned on the radio. The rest of the journey was spent singing horribly to popular songs on the radio.

As we entered the main part of Austin, traffic was hell.

"Why are there so many people here this weekend?" I asked, staring out the window. We were moving two feet every five minutes.

"Wow, you really don't get out much. There's some kind of nerd convention here this weekend. It's been all over the news. And Facebook."

"I'm hardly ever on the computer, and I for sure never watch the news. You know that."

"Well, sorry." Alice sighed. "We're going to be here for a while."

I snorted. "Have you ever seen so many nerds in your life?" Alice smiled. She didn't know my past. I used to be a nerd, was all of middle and high school. I knew everything about everything. Trust me; it's hard to be a nerd in Sacramento, California, with all those perfectly tanned girls and all.

About twenty minutes later, we finally made it to a place to park. It wasn't exactly close to Starbucks, but we could walk and there was no way we were going to sit in traffic any longer. As we walked along the crowded streets, I thought about my family and home. College was almost over, and then what would I do? Would I ever get a boyfriend? Would I ever get married and have children? What would I do with my life? I had just come to college to get my degree. I didn't have a certain job in my life. Unlike most people, I was undecided.

And I should have been paying attention when I walked in the door. He slammed into me just as hard as I slammed into him. The cold slick coffee covered me head to toe and soaked my shirt. I fell to the ground, sighing with frustration. Great, now some goober was going to yell at me for not "looking where I was going."

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" He squatted down to help me up, but I didn't look at his face. I looked at his shirt.

What the hell was a Tobuscus? Great. Was he one of the nerds here for that convention? Was a Tobuscus some kind of super science project the government was working on? I was probably going to get yelled at even more now.

"Hey, are you ok? I'm really sorry; I should have been paying more attention. But, hey, coffee is a good look for you." I finally looked at this strange man. He had curly mouse brown hair, deep dimples and a really great smile. Not only was he not yelling at me, but I think he was flirting with me as well. He stood there with his hand out, and I was guessing he was thinking I was a little weird for not taking it.

"Thanks," I whispered as I took his hand. Looking around, I noticed that Alice was already at the counter, waiting in line. I was guessing she didn't realize I had run into a stranger and he had dumped coffee all over me.

"The name's Toby by the way, and I am really sorry. I guess that's what you get for recording instead of paying attention to the real world." He grinned again. That was when I noticed the phone in his hand, the little red light indicating he was in fact recording.

"Kendall." I mumbled. Here I was, looking like crap while I stood in front of a really attractive guy. Was this God's some way of karma? Guess so. We stood there in the doorway before Toby suddenly jumped.

"Gah! Here, let me go get some napkins." Before I could even object, he rushed to go grab something to wipe off all the coffee. I took a deep breath. I could tell which coffee this was, because it was the exact thing I usually ordered. Instead of continuing to stand in the doorway like an idiot and moving to the side each time someone came in, I followed Toby.

When he turned around, he jumped. I guess he wasn't expecting me to follow him. This whole situation was really awkward. While part of me hoped it would be over soon, the other part was hoping it would never end. You know, that whole angel and devil on the shoulder kind of ordeal.

"Here." He handed me a glob of napkins, and I began to pat my shirt. Well, I guess wearing clothes that looked like crap did have its highs.

"God, I'm so sorry." He ran his fingers through his hair.

"Really, it's fine. I felt like someone was going to dump coffee all over me so I made sure to wear clothes I didn't care about." I grinned, and fortunately he did too.

"Here, let me buy you a drink. It's the least I can do," He smiled, and I couldn't help but blush.

"Are you sure?" I looked longingly at Alice, who was just now noticing I wasn't by her. She looked at Toby and I, and a huge grin spread on her face. She sat down at a table farthest away from where we now stood, smirking. I sighed.

"Of course I'm sure! I dumped coffee all over you!"

I grinned, trying to pretend like I had millions of guys buy me drinks. Hopefully he was falling for it. "Sure. You can buy me a drink. I'll have what I'm wearing."

"Is that your favorite? Or are you just making a really bad joke? Trust me, I have plenty of those."

"Well, they do say you are what you eat." I said, shrugging. He laughed again.

"Or in this case, what you drink. Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Hun, it's ok to like the same drink as someone."

"I know, I'm just making sure. No one really likes exactly what I get."

"I'll be over there," I replied, pointing to a table near Alice. I didn't think Toby knew I came here with Alice, since she didn't notice I had been knocked flat to the ground. He nodded his head and headed to the line. I found my way over to my best friend and glared at her.

"What the hell was that?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

"What do you mean?"

"You totally ditched me."

"I hadn't noticed you weren't behind me until I turned around and saw you laughing with that guy." She jabbed her thumb in the direction of Toby. "Who is he anyway?"

"I have no idea! He ran into me though and spilled his entire cup of coffee on me. Then he started flirting with me." Now, although Alice didn't know about my nerdy past, she did know that I had never had a boyfriend.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it! A guy? What's his name?"

"It's Toby. I don't know much about him. Yet."

"Well, I'll leave you to your biddings. Sit at the table in front of me, and make sure his back is to me. He didn't see me walk in with you; he doesn't know who I am." She smiled so big, I thought her cheekbones would burst through her tightened skin.

"Yeah, sure." I sat down and Toby came over a few minutes later. Handing me my drink, he asked as he sat down, "So, do you live here?"

"Naw, I'm here for college. It's my last year; I graduate this spring. Do you live here?"

"Uhm... no." My heart sank before he could continue. "I live over in Los Angeles." Slowly, my heart began to rise.

"Hey, I'm from Sacramento!"

"Nice, I have friends up there!" He grinned and casually leaned down to scratch his leg.

"Are you from Cali?"

"Actually I'm from Florida."

"Ah, an east coaster." Toby blushed.

"Yeah. So what are you studying in college?"

"Basic stuff. I really just want to get my degree."


We talked for almost an hour about our lives and our hobbies. I couldn't get over how kind and goofy this guy was. He made me smile. Every once in a while I would peek over Toby's shoulder and see Alice smiling. She would give me a thumb up and go back to texting whatever guy she was dating at the time.

Toby pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time. "Crap, I have to go."

"I forgot to ask, if you don't live here, than why are you here?"

"Oh…uhm, I'm actually here for the Rooster Teeth convention, I'm helping out."

"Oh! That makes sense."

"I'm sorry, but I really have to go. I was supposed to go right back."

"That's fine. I'll see you around," And with that, Toby rushed out of Starbucks and I sat across from Alice. She stared at me.


"Nothing, I'm just happy for you, that's all. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen you happier!" Alice grabbed my hand and pulled my straight out of my seat and into an awkward hug over the table. I forced myself to give an odd chuckle.

"Thanks! I just really hope this turns out good. You're gonna have to show me what to do, since I-" Alice put her hand in front of my face to shut me up.

"Oh course Ms. Goodie Two-shoes!"

Later that day after I had taken a nice long shower and put in my contacts, I sat on my bed with a sigh. Alice was out running some errands, and I had really nothing to do.

That is, until my eyes caught sight of my purple MacBook. I wanted to know what a Tobuscus was, so why not Google it? I pulled the laptop into my lap and flipped it open. Opening a new tab, I typed in the first three letters, and instantly results popped up. There was a bunch of Toby's first, Toby Mac, Toby Keith, Tobey McGuire… and some guy named Toby Turner. I wasn't sure who that was, but Tobuscus was the option below his name so I clicked on it.

And boy was I surprised.