The only information you need to know before reading this is that it is set after the events of 'Lockdown'. Enjoy.

It was your typical day at County. A few major traumas but there rest of the patients were routine, at least for Carter. After doing this job for as long as he had Carter could now most things without really thinking about that. There was a problem with this. It gave him for time to think and most of his thoughts were to do Abby. Ever since those kisses during the lockdown they had been avoiding each other, well she had been avoiding him. He had known that by kissing her he would risk everything that they had before but he just couldn't stop himself. She had looked so beautiful to him at that moment. She was everything that he wanted and for that moment he had it. That was why he didn't regret doing it, hell if he could go back in time he would do the exact same thing. He just guessed that Abby was feeling confused and didn't want to face up to what had happened. He didn't blame her; in fact he had seriously considered doing that himself. However after he got back home he had spent the whole night just lying there thinking, thinking about the future. When morning came he had decided that he would go for it. Every time he thought about her he had to fight a smile from creeping across his face. Ever since she had first come into his life he had on some level wanted her. Now he was prepared to act on those feelings if only he could find her.

It was relatively quiet on Abby had taken this opportunity to go on her break. She had told herself it was because she was feeling tired but really it was because she couldn't do anything but think about Carter. They had kissed! She couldn't believe it. Carter had kissed her and she had kissed Carter. This changed everything. Their relationship had also been close but they had never done anything to make it more than that. After the ending of her relationship with Luka she thought that Carter was ready to do something but he didn't. Then he had got with Susan who he happened to have had a crush on since like forever. She had thought that was his way of telling her that he didn't want her anymore. It had taken awhile but she had accepted that and tried to move on. Then they kissed. Not just kissed but passionately kissed. She knew that he had broken up with Susan but she didn't know why. Was it because he wanted her again? Abby had tormented herself with question such as these ever since she had got out of the ER after the lockdown. Someone, she presumed Carter, tried to call her that night but she ignored it. She didn't want to have face Carter, not then and not now. She needed to discover the answer to one question before she faced what they did that night. Did she love him?


Abby had successfully avoided Carter during her shift. She was helped by him not starting his shift until she only had one hour left to go. However she didn't like having to look about constantly and fearing who would walk through the door that's being opened. She had to stop this and talk to him. She owned it to him. He had always been so good to her and when he finally expresses his feelings she does this to him. This was helping anyone. She should just do it and get it out of the way. But she couldn't. She still didn't know the answer. She tried to figure out how long she could avoid him and see exactly how long she had to make a decision. It all depended on what shifts they both had. She could try getting her shifts at different times to him, no people would notice that and begin to talk and she didn't want that. She couldn't handle people gossiping about them. She guessed that at best she had a few days until he would eventually bump into her, probably less since he would be looking for her. Then she had one of those light bulb ideas that just hits you and make you stop in your tracks. She could take a vacation, she had just days left and Weaver had been telling her to use them up quickly. She quickly went to find Weaver and see if it was possible. She found her filling out some charts in the lounge, "Hi"

Weaver replied without looking up, "Hi Abby." When Abby didn't move she looked round and saw she was looking quite nervous. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, you know you were telling me about my vacation days running out and that I should use them up."


"I'm thinking doing it so I was wondering if I can have the time off."

"How long were you thinking about going for?"

"I don't know. A week?" Abby really didn't know exactly how much she should go for. She just guessed that a week was probably just long enough for her to decide and just short enough for Weaver to accept. She was right.

"Okay I think we can manage for a week." Weaver was smiling when she said this. She knew that something was going on between Abby and Carter and that Abby probably really needed a vacation to sort everything out. "Where are you planning to go too?"

Abby considered lying but thought better of it, "I don't know. I haven't decided yet."

"Spur of the moment thing then?"

"Sort of."

"Well have fun." And with that Weaver returned to her charts, Abby took her stuff from her locker and went out of the lounge. She felt a lot better. She wouldn't have to sneak around trying to avoid Carter and she could make the decision on her own time. She couldn't wait to finish her shift and start packing. Packing? What should she pack? She would have to choose where she would go. She was thinking about whether she would prefer a hot beach or some European culture when she walked round a corner and bumped into someone.

"Excuse me. I didn't see you there." She started to look up to see whom she had bumped into. When her eyes reached his eyes her face immediately dropped to the floor and she mumbled, "Sorry."