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Super Saving Santa Adventure 2!

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: I Don't Even Anymore…

Last year a crack team of characters were sent to save Santa… while it really wasn't necessary and it was pointless they would go down in the annals of history of a group that attempted to save Christmas.

Although technically they didn't save Christmas…. But who knew maybe they would one day…

And that day would be soon!

In a ramen stand Naruto and Luffy were eating together…

"So what are you going to for Christmas?" asked Luffy.

"Don't know…" said Naruto.

"Something bad will happen to Santa this year?" asked Luffy.

"I hope so! He owes us." Said Tomo sitting next to Naruto.

"He doesn't owe you anything." Muttered Naruto.

"I mean he owes us a chance to save Christmas!" said Tomo.

Both Naruto and Luffy stared at her.

"So…" said Luffy deciding to change the subject," Have you seen Pinkie Pie since last Christmas?"

"No…" said Naruto, "I get that she's a magical talking pony, but where did she come from?"

"Don't know…" answered Luffy.

"Don't ignore me!" yelled Tomo.

Up in the North Pole, Mrs. Claus was very worried. Why? Because her husband was kidnapped again.

However this time it was personal.

Very personal.

Mrs. Claus was a vampire, rather powerful one. And there was a group decided to making vampires look like a joke.

Why did they kidnap Santa? To her send her a message to not use her vampire powers to scare people into not kidnapping her husband or turning him into one…

"What are we going to do?" asked an elf.

"We'll get those that tried to rescue him last time!" said Mrs. Claus, "Use that new teleported you invented."

"WE haven't tested it out yet!" said a second elf.

"Test it out now!" yelled Mrs. Claus.

Both Elves Flinched and knew they had to…

In the noodle place, suddenly Naruto, Luffy and Tomo all began to glow and they disappeared.

At another restaurant, Lina and Gourry were pigging out when suddenly Lina disappeared.

"What just happened?" asked Gourry.

Meanwhile Ash and Pikachu were sitting on a bench, when both of them disappeared.

Haruhi was briefing the S.O.S. Brigade about their Christmas plans.

"All right! Here's the plan!" said Haruhi.

That was when she too disappeared leaving everyone confused.

"What just happened?" asked Kyon.

"Santa Claus was kidnapped again and his elves used an untested transporter to transport Haruhi Suzumiya to them…" explained Yuki.

"Okay…" answered Kyon.

Konata in that store when she was teleported away.

Causing all the clerks to freak out that "Legendary Girl A" vanished.

Negi was walking down the street taking a break from Azusa who was still pissed off about how the manga ended when he disappeared.

Meanwhile Ranma was running away, from what? Who cared it was Ranma and someone was in a bad mood.

That was when he disappeared.

At the same time, Usagi and Mamoru were having a date by the lake, the two leaned for a kiss.

However Usagi disappeared concerning Mamoru.

"What just happened?" he asked.

In Ponyville, Pinkie was happily humming while skipping when she suddenly disappeared.

Many of the ponies who saw this gapped at what just happened.

At the North Pole, all 11 of them appeared on the platform for the transporter.

"What's going on?" asked Naruto.

"You're here to rescue Santa…" said Mrs. Claus, "Again…"

"Seriously?" asked Lina.

"You'd think his security would improve." Said Konata.

"I don't want to talk about it." Muttered Mrs. Claus.

"Money?" asked Lina.

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" yelled Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus took a breath.

"Luffy The Pirate, Lina the Sorceress, Naruto The Ninja, Haruhi the Goddess, Negi The Mage, Usagi the Magical Girls, Ash The Pokémon Trainer, Konata The Otaku, Ranma the Cross Dresser, Tomo the Nut Job and Pinkie Pie the Pony…" said Mrs. Claus, "Please save my husband…"

"Don't call me by that title!" yelled Tomo, "I'm not a Nut Job!"

"Please tell me it's not this Demon King again." Said Lina.

"No… he was kidnapped by the Sun Diamonds." Said Mrs. Claus.

"The Sun Diamonds?" asked Lina.

"Really?" asked Negi.

"Are they like Diamond Dogs?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"I know we got along last time, but who are you?" asked Lina.

Pinkie was about to sign a song.

"Please don't." said Mrs. Claus.

"Who are the Sun Diamonds?" asked Naruto.

"I've heard of them." Said Negi, "With the recent surge of certain vampire literature. The Sun Diamonds aim to bring the reputation of Vampires to an all new low."

"Why?" asked Ranma.

"If the reputation is at a low, then no one will think they're a threat, and if no one thinks they're a threat then there's more victims." Said Mrs. Claus, "I'm against them of course and due to my power I can persuade otherwise to go against them…"

"They kidnapped Santa to get to you." Said Lina.

"That's right…" said Mrs. Claus.

"So wait… this time it's not about Stealing or Stopping Christmas… he was just kidnapped because he's your husband…" mumbled Haruhi.

"That's right…" said Mrs. Claus.

"{And it just happened to be on Christmas…" said Naruto.

"Yes…" answered Mrs. Claus.

"Seriously?" asked Lina.

"That's even more lazy than last time!" said Konata.

"However all 11 of you stepped up to try to save my husband last time!" said Mrs. Claus, "That's why I brought you here!"

"But you kidnapped us!" yelled Haruhi.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black." Whispered Naruto to Luffy and Pinkie causing tem to both laugh…

"I heard that!" yelled Haruhi.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you get your dues this time!" said Mrs. Claus.

"All right! Let's go save Santa!" said Tomo, "And Christmas!"

"Wait one question." Said Luffy, "Why is the group called Sun Diamonds?"

"That sounds like a stupid name for a group of Vampires. "said Naruto.

"Isn't it obvious?" asked Mrs. Claus, "It's because of the thing that jumpstarted this trend…"

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Oh right… vampires that sparkle…" muttered Konata.

"All right!" yelled Luffy, "Time to lock and load!"

"Did you really have to put it that way?" asked Lina.

"What makes you boss?" asked Luffy.

"No Luffy's right… most of them do need weapon!" said Mrs. Claus.

"All right! Let's Lock and Load!" said Konata.

"I just said that!" yelled Luffy.

And so the second Adventure to Save Santa began! This time Christmas was just an after thought…

But still!

Next Time: They get their weapons and learn more about the Sun Diamonds, will they be able to beat them save Santa? Well they still have to get ready first!