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Chapter 5: Here Comes Christmas!

The castle was mostly destroyed, many of the vampires were dead. Then again it was the Dragon Slave…

The dragon slave was overkill after all.

"Is everyone all right." asked Lina.

"We're fine…" muttered Ranma.

"Well there's no kill like overkill." Said Naruto.

"I have the feeling that the Sun Diamonds will no longer bother my wife." Laughed Santa.

That was when two elves appeared.

"There you are." Said the one of the Elves.

"We need to hurry back." Said the other.

"Why?" asked Naruto.

"Santa's late for his AA meeting." Said the Elf.

There was an awkward silence among them.

"Oh yeah, if we go by the date this story was published it's the 3rd." said Pinkie.

Everyone stared at Pinkie.

"Okay…" said Naruto.

"What is she even talking about?" asked Haruhi.

"I don't want to know." Said Konata.

That was when there was a bright flash of light and Twilight Sparkle suddenly appeared.

"Oh I found you!" said Twilight, "We were so worried about you."

That was when she saw everyone else.

"What's going on?" asked Twilight.

"Remember that story I told last Hearth's Warming Eve?" asked Pinkie.

"Yes…" said Twilight wit her eye twitching.

"Well it's all true!" said Pinkie.

She motioned over to the other.

"Do you say or do random things too?" asked Naruto.

"No…" mumbled Twilight who began to face hoof.

"We do need to clean out her party cannon out of garlic." Said one of the elves.

"What?" asked Twilight, "You know what… never mind…"

"Oh you look confused." Sais Santa who reached into his coat and pulled out a flask, "Wanna drink."

"Could someone…" sighed one of the elves.

Naruto, Luffy, Lina and Ranma all whacked him in the head.

"You should all prepared for transfer." Said the other elf.

"What?" asked Twilight.

That was when they were all teleported to Santa's workshop.

"Now we need you to return the weapons you barrowed." Said one of the elves.

While almost everyone returned the filters, gloves and other weapons, Tomo didn't.

"You have to promise that I'll get one for Christmas!" said Tomo.

"I don't know." Said Santa.

"Please!" said Tomo with her eyes glittering.

"I'll think about it." Sighed Santa.

"Here." Said Tomo taking it off and giving it to Santa.

"Please don't…" said Ranma.

"What can I do…" said Santa, "She did an extremely good deed…"

"But…" said Ranma.

"I'm just thinking about it, don't worry." Said Santa.

Pinkie also gave the elves the party canon to clean it out.

"You didn't tell me what's going on." Muttered Twilight.

"I'll tell when we get back." Said Pinkie.

That was when Mrs. Claus walked towards them.

"So I heard what happened." Said Mrs. Claus.

"Yeah…" said Lina.

"At least it's not a PR nightmare." Said Mrs. Claus, "I mean how would I be able to control the great Lina Inverse. There's nothing that's not scared of you."

Lina glared at her and began cracking her knuckles.

"I meant that as a compliment." Said Mrs. Claus laughing, though inside we was panicking.

"Will everything be okay?" asked Konata.

"Lina did blow up a huge castle." Said Haruhi.

"Stop talking…" muttered Lina.

"Don't worry that castle wasn't important if anything it was a rather cheaply built one and less than a 200 years old." Said Mrs. Claus, "So don't worry about it…"

"How can you talk about a castle like that?" asked Sailor Moon.

"Well I am very old…" said Mrs. Claus.

"We know…" everyone but Twilight says.

"What?" asked Twilight.

"Oh she's a vampire." said Pinkie like it was nothing.

Twilight could only face hoof as a response.

"Your party canon is now clean and it's going to smell like gingerbread for quite a while." Said an elf.

"Thanks!" said Pinkie.

Pinkie trend to the people she ended up saving Santa with twice.

"I guess I should back to Ponyville with Twilight! I hope I can see you again!" said Pinkie.

Before Twilight could teleport them away, an elf gave her something.

"What's this?" asked Twilight.

"Some of Santa's alcohol I managed to confiscate. Trust me, when Pinkie tells you what happens you're going to need it." Whispered the elf.

"I see." Said Twilight.

"Bye bye!" said Pinkie waving as Twilight teleported away.

"Well… I guess we know a little more about her." Said Lina.

"Yeah, that not all ponies are like her." Mumbled Ranma.

"Perhaps you should all go home." Said Santa.

"He has his AA meeting soon." Said Mrs. Claus

"But you just got kidnapped." Said Sailor Moon.

"Yeah… shouldn't you take a break?" asked Konata.

"He needs it." Said Luffy and Naruto at the same time.

After all they were the ones that saved him when he got drunk that one Christmas Eve.

They all went onto the teleportation platform to go home…

Days later it was Christmas Eve and Haruhi and Konata gathered all their friends to together and told them what happened.

"I can't believe it." Muttered Kagami.

"Oh it happened all right." Said Konata.

"And I'm sure we'll get lots of presents." Said Haruhi, "We did save him for a second time."

"I still can't believe Mrs. Claus is a vampire…" muttered Kyon.

"Me neither." Muttered Kyon.

"But I'm, sure it was fun." Said Tsukasa.

"But something still concerns me." Said Konata.

"What?" asked Itsuki.

"What if Tomo does get that flame thrower from Santa." Said Konata.

There was an awkward silence among them.

"I hope he's smart enough to not give her one." Said Kyon.

"Who knows though." Said Itsuki.

"The chances of Santa deciding it is a good idea is 78.69 percent…" said Yuki, "There are many factors why he would think it's a good idea."

There was another awkward silence.

"We're doomed aren't we… said Kyon.

"Look that way." Said Itsuki.

And soon Christmas Morning came…

And so did Tomo she rag towards the tree and began to pout.

There wasn't a flame there but there was a note.

"I am so sorry Tomo but after much pleading from the elves I have decided to bestow your gift to someone else… signed Santa."

"I will find them and hunt them down!" yelled Tomo.

Meanwhile in Ponyville.

"Look what I got!" said Pinkie showing her friends her new flame thrower.

"Where did you get that?" asked Applejack.

"Santa gave it to me…" said Pinkie, "He thought it would be a better idea to give to me rather than someone else."

"Who would… give you that?" asked Rarity.

"Like I said Santa." Said Pinkie, "Any one want to see what this can do?"

"I'm in." said Rainbow Dash.

Twilight took out her bottle of booze that the elves gave her.

However all those that participated in the rescue got what they wanted from Santa.

Not only that but Lina received the bounty from many the vampires she ended up killing.

However the little girl vampire swore revenge… thought who knows if she would ever act on it…

After all she had no idea what kind of powers Lina had, if she tried something it would be far worse.

And so Santa and in turn was saved once again… but who knows about next year… After all Santa was the type of person to almost every year get kidnapped or something.

But knows… perhaps the next year he wouldn't…

The End!

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