Hey, I'm new here. That's my first fanfic..I'm still adjusting some things.I completed chapter 1 now, and I hope you like where the story is going!


Good morning, my pretty lady.. " Arizona wrapped her arms around Callie, kiss her shoulder, and whisper in her ears " Are you going to take a shower with me?"

Callie always liked when Arizona woke her up making this proposal, cause she knew it always end with a really good sex that always made her day better.
"Ooh, making those proposals early in the morning. I like it!" Callie laughed and pressed a kiss against Arizona lips, and suddenly broke the kiss.
"Arizona, Sofia is going to wake up in like.." she glanced at the clock " in like 20 minutes! You know how our little girl is.. She's just like you, honey.. you and your time to do everything. Do you think we can take a bath in 15 minutes?you know.. before she wakes up? Look, I really wanna take a bath with you but if she starts crying? We are going to get out all wet, and.."

Arizona laughed and pressed a kiss against Callie's lips
"Relax baby, everything is gonna be alright. You know I'm the best! I've got it.. But, we should go now, because I wanna enjoy every minute that we got."

Callie laughed " Oooookay.. I'll let you control the time, but just because you gave me the best dinner of the year yesterday."

They raised from the bad, and laughing and tripping over stuff walked in to the bathroom.
Both entered the bathroom and Arizona started to kiss Callie's neck
"oooh, you know you can't do this."

Arizona laughed "Why, baby? I like to feel your smell."
Arizona turned Callie so they could make eye contact and grab Callie's hand and pressed a kiss, still making eye contact. And continued kissing callie's arms until she grab the ear. OOH, Arizona loved ears. She whispered to Callie
"You look hot with this sleep dress. But, I like you more without him."
Arizona grab the tip of the dress and at the same time that the dressed was being raised, Arizona was kissing the path between Callie's breasts. Finally the dress was on the floor. Callie was really excited.. Arizona had a way with her that nobody never had. She raised Arizona's face with her hands and faced her.

"You know I'm really turned on, right now, don't you?" Callie said

Arizona smirked. She knew she was the best, and loved when Callie demonstrated that. She leaned again toward Callie's ear
"That was my intention. But you know you have so much waiting for you.. and I can wait to show you."
Then Arizona kissed Callie's in a passionate way, grabbing her hair with one hand to pull her close, and with the other touching Callie's source of pleasure.

" Hey, Robbins ! I didn't know you were so.. you know.. so me! You have a way, hum?" And then Mark laughed

" MARK! What are you doing here?" Callie asked trying to hide her body behind Arizona

"Go away now, Mark! NOW!" Arizona yelled

"Chill out, Robbins.. It's not like I've never seen." Mark smirked "It's a good view, I know. I'm just appreciating"

Arizona glanced Callie, and at that moment Callie knew Arizona was becoming really pissed
"Hey, I don't want to bothered it's just.. Lexie broke up with me and I need to talk to you now." Mark tried to apologize

" Like you never bothered.." Arizona was now staring at Mark

"Relax Robbins.. I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention. You know what? I will come back later"

"No, no.. Wait Mark! Sofia is already wake, she's crying. I will just take a quick shower and I catch you there in like 5 minutes, ok?"

"Ok..I'm sorry Robbins. And for the record, that was a scene I will never forget." he smirked and quickly went toward Sofia's bedroom

"I'm sorry Arizona, I think we are going to finish that tonight, that's okay to you?"

Arizona was just staring.. She couldn't believed in the scene that happened
"Ook, ok baby. I'll just take a shower in the other bathroom."

"Wait, I mean.. we can't have our 15 minutes, but I still want your company. So, we are going to the shower, and I will lather you, ok?"

"Okay." Arizona smiled.
And they entered in the bathroom stall..


They dressed quickly and in 10 minutes were outside the room. They entered in sofia's bedroom and that was Mark sitting at sofia's bed play with a doll and making a strange voice to speak with Sofia. Arizona stepped inside and went directly to Sofia.
"Hey baby girl, mama missed you! Your daddy was playing with the dolls with you?"

"Yes, mam!" Sofia shouted, and Arizona smiled at the vision of Mark so concentrated playing with Sofia.

"Good Mark! You're a good doll! A nosy doll!" Arizona smirked

"Thank you Az! You don't know how much your compliment is important for me" Mark giggled

"Mark come on, let's make us breakfast and you can tell me what happened!" Callie shouted.

"Ok, boss! I'll come back blondie.. Don't miss me to much! I'll be right there, just in case you get bored. Because I'm a best doll than you are, at least I'm funny!"

"ok, mark! And I will not have time to miss you." Arizona smiled "Hey Sof, let's make you a pretty braid!"


Callie and Mark were at the kitchen and then Callie asked:
" So, you entered desperate and you're not going to say anything? You don't seem as desperate as you were. What is going on, Mark?"

"So, she didn't break up with me.. yet!"
"Why didn't you said that before?"Callie threw the spoon at him

"Wait! It just Robbins was killing me with her eyes. Look, I slept with Addison while I was trying to come back with Lexie, and now that we are ok, Addison came here and said she wanted us to be a couple for real this time."

"Aaaand? What did you said?"

" I said I will think."

"Wait, are you in doubt?! Really Mark? What do you want? You know Addie is my friend, I even like little Grey. So, for Addison come here and propose you a real relationship she must be really involved. Wait! How long have you gotten together?"

"I don't know .. I think a couple weeks."
Arizona appeared grab a piece of bread, and kissed Callie's cheeks.

"Calliope, I'm going to work now.. Are you going to lunch with me today?"

"Ooh, yeah..I will! See you there! I love you"

"I love you too!"

Mark I'm late, and you need to choose what you want. I'm going to work, eat that bread and come on.


"Chief, do you know if Addison came to do any surgery today?"

"Ooh, yeah. She's right there..Her surgery is in 30minutes"

Callie went do Addison and quickly hugged her!
" I miss you Addie! You're so pretty! How are you?"

"Well, I'm fine.. And I was just speaking with your blondie.. She's really good. I arranged with her for us to go to Joe's tonight, that's ok for you?"

"Yeah, yeah.. If she said it's ok, it's ok. I will just have to check my schedule, and I'll text you, ok?"

"Ok! So I will go do my beautiful work..A mommy is waiting for me!"

"sure, sure.. See you later!"

"See you!"


Arizona was pissed today with Mark. And she had to discuss her case with Spencer the girl from cardio that she was dating when she met callie.

"Hi, ! I need a consult for this kid, Fred. He came to do a Heart transplantation. He's that guy that my intern told you the case last week."

"Hey, Az! You finally came to see me..I missed you.. I haven't seen you around. Are you running away from me?" Spence smirked, she was a really confident woman. She already knew Arizona was MARRIED to Callie, but liked to tease Arizona.

"Oh, no.." Arizona was clearly trying to avoid Spencer but laughed instead

" Yes you're. Hey, I'm going to see my patients and maybe we can lunch together and you can tell me the case."
Arizona had to organize this case today. And the idea of lunching with Spencer didn't seem ok for her. She loved Callie for sure, but she knew Spence would tease, and joke, and make inappropriate comments. But she needed that consult so she would make it quick.

"Fine. 12'o clock I will be there"

"Okay, bye"