Arizona and Spencer were both with the interns next to the room of the kid who had received the heart.
"Now you!" and Arizona pointed a finger to the intern that would present the case "You're going to present us our little miracle" She smiled and they entered the room

"Good morning" She stated to the parents that were obviously really nervous

"Did something happened? He is getting worse?" The parents asked worried about their son

"Oh, no! Of course we just came here to check if everything is ok" Arizona smiled and gazed the little boy lying at the bed confused. " Hi, Steve! Are you ok? Feeling well? Because I have a super new for you!" And she smiled satisfied

"Hey, Dr. Robbins.. Yeah, I'm ok.. Better than ever! What is the new?" He rose slightly, excited "ouch!"

"Calm down, Steve. You are getting better, but still need to rest." Arizona approached and helped him to straighten up again. " That's this basketball player that you like.. I talked to him about"

"No way, Dr. Robbins!" She grabbed Arizona's hand and pulled into a hug. " You're awesome"

Spencer was just looking to the scene, trying to not disturb the connection that Arizona always had with her patients. It was really magical. It was difficult to see a doctor care so much about a patient like Arizona usually did.

"Ooh! Someone is paging me" Arizona looked and saw that Callie was waiting for her in one on-call room. "I've got to go. I will leave you with a really good doctor! . performed you surgery and will come here with me sometimes to see your improvement." She smiled. " I assure you she's going to take care of you really well." And she blinked to Steve, approached Spencer and whispered really fast that she was sorry but the next time she would stay.


Arizona knocked on the door and entered. Callie was sitting on the bed

"You paged me.. What's going on?" Arizona asked confused but Callie just smiled

"It just.. Look, I need to see my wife at least once a day. You didn't come home last night.. And I missed you" Callie raised from the bed, towards Arizona. She stroked Arizona's blond hair and kissed her lips gently.

Callie broke the kiss, and held Arizona's hand. "Tonight is girls night. Are you going? I mean, are we going? You must be tired.. I told Bailey I would asked you first before confirmed.

" Suuure! Of course we are going! I'm not so tired.. I slept here between surgeries. Besides, we need some fun!" She smiled " Yay!"
Callie giggled. She always loved Arizona's joy. If she was tired, or sad, next to Arizona everything got better. "Yay!"

"Babe, I need to go now.. I left in a middle of a consult. And I have so many mooore, to do! My shift probably finishes before yours, so I will go home to rest and.. I see you at Joe's, ok?"

"Ok, See you there."

Arizona turned around to left the on-call room but Callie grabbed her hand and pulled her into her arms.

"You don't get to left before at least kiss me goodbye" Callie said serious but with a smile hidden in her mouth

Arizona kissed her and then asked smirking "Now you let me out?"

"Yeah, now you are allowed to go" She smiled.

Arizona left and closed the door.


Addison was talking with a tall handsome man. He was probably in his forties

"Yeaah, Yeah! See you later!" Addison smiled, waved bye to the man, turned around and saw Callie facing her with a malicious look.

"What?! Stop looking at me like this" Addison tried to hide the excitement she was feeling, making a serious face "He's a patient!"

Callie laughed "Ahaam! And he also has vagina too?! Cause as far as I know you're gynecologist.." And she continued to make notes in the chart that she was doing.

"I'm still a doctor you know!? A take care very well of penis too!" Addison shouted through the hall catching attention of people around.

"Ok, now everybody is sure about it" Callie smirked and looked around to see people looking at Addison

"What you guys are looking?! I'm a doctor, and all of you are too! Get back to work" Addison approached Callie "And you, you're very malicious" She smirked. "But yeah, he is a handsome man"

"Ookay.. Look, I don't if you are going to be busy today with that man doing whatever you do or don't." Callie smirked " But today is girls night. We all are going to Joe's to drink a little and maybe after we are going to play something, and you are totally invited" She smiled

"Yeaah, I'll go.. But please, I'm going to call this man to tell him that I'm busy tonight and I can't go on a date tonight. So don't reschedule again in the last minute to do whatever you do with your Blondie." She coughed jokingly "Otherwise I'll kick your ass until Joe's!

"Oh, god! That is not going to happen.." Callie laughed " See you later, then"


Callie was preparing a basketball player for knee surgery when a blond woman with green eyes appeared. It was Dr. Spencer Stone. "What she's doing here? As far as I know she's from cardio." Callie thought

"Hey are you that famous basket player everyone is talking about?" Spencer smiled

"Ooh, ouch! You don't know me? I guess I'm not as famous as I thought" He joked and both women laughed "What can I do for you?"

"So, I'm sorry Dr. Torres. May I come in?" Spencer smiled for Callie

"Sure, Dr. Stone. I'm just finishing prep him for the knee surgery."

"Hey, baby what can I do for you?"

Spencer never did something like this, but now she was with Arizona's patient and he was a kid. She just wanted to do her job and left, which means she wasn't the doctor you should speak if you were a patient. She just did her worked and answered the basic questions. Maybe it was a reason she liked Cristina Yang. It was like she was her younger.

"Hi, I'm here because I have a patient, a little kid" Spencer said and Callie quickly looked at Spencer in the moment she realized it was Arizona's patient too "And we did a heart transplant a couple days ago and, as you are a basketball superstar I was wondering if you could go see him, just to say hello, something like this."

"Yeah, Blondie.. If you are asking me this I can't deny."

"Ok, thanks. I will tell Dr. Torres where is Steve's bedroom and you can go there." "Thank you, Mr…?"

"Jodd Smith, pretty!" He blinked

"Okay, Mr. Jodd Smith thank you" And Spencer glanced at Callie

"Ohh, hey I finished, I will just talk with and I will go prep myself and I will send an intern to take you to Steve's room, ok?" And Callie left the room, closed the door and met Dr. Stone.

"Hey, I think you messed with him" Callie said smiling, trying to start a conversation with Dr. Stone.

"Yeah, this happen a lot. I have that effect on men" Spencer smirked. "So, Dr. Torres here is the number of Steve's room."

"Oh, thanks!" Callie said grabbing that piece of paper. " Hey, I know you're new here, but.. I don't know.. If you want, we are going to Joe's tonight for girls night..Me and some other doctors. If you want to appear you are invited" Callie smiled a bit satisfied to start making new friends. Addison spent the week talking about this Dr. Stone, how she was good, and fun.. The least she could do was invite her for the meeting.

"Oow, thanks for the invitation." Spencer smiled " Actually, Addison had invited me a few minutes ago" She smirked "But, It's really good to be invited by you! I think I'll go. So, I have to go.. You know, surgery! See you later."

"Okay, bye!"


Bailey, Callie, Teddy, Addison and Spencer.. they were already at Joe's when Arizona entered dressed all in black trying to find the girls. The first look she saw was from Spencer. She was smiling and then stopped and stared fixedly. "What she is doing here here?!"Arizona thought worried about the approach of Spencer and her friends. She didn't know exactly what was Spencer's intention with her friends, her wife and with herself. Arizona thoughts were cut by Callie kissing her lips.

"Hey, the most beautiful woman arrived. I was just waiting for you" Callie smiled

"Yeah, I woke up late. And dressed quickly" Arizona smiled and looked at her wife from head to toe. " If I am the beautiful, you are the hot one." She smirked

"Yes I am.. I your hot wife." Callie smiled and grabbed Arizona's wife. "Come on, the girls are waiting for us."
And they walked toward the table where the ladies where.