I know I said I couldn't get started until Christmas break, but I do have a little something for you guys that will start this new fanfic up.


"Breaking news from the Indigo Plateau, the Pokemon league is announcing an all new tournament open to any trainer from any region! More details coming soon." The TV newscaster announced.

This information was on the announcements all over the secret Team Rocket headquarters in Kanto. Giovanni was watching the news on his big screen TV in his private office.

"Oh yes, here's another chance to take over the Pokemon league." Giovanni thought while watching the news.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Giovanni said.

"You wanted to speak to me, sir?" Domino asked.

"Yes I did. Did you get any information on who will be entering this new tournament?" He asked.

"Yes sir and quite a lot of information." Domino replied.

"Excellent, are there any big time names on there?" Giovanni asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes of course. According to the info I got, there's Tobias, who won the Sinnoh League, Paul from Veilstone City, Kanto gym leaders Brock and Misty, Ash Ketchum from Pallet town-"Domino said before being interrupted by an angry Giovanni.

"That Ketchum kid is entering this tournament huh? I want payback for what he did to us." Giovanni stated hastily before breaking his glass cup.

"Sir, if I may, we have a lot of vital information on him since we've encountered him before." She said trying to calm her boss down.

"Is it updated? And if so, what kind of information do you have on him?" He demanded.

"Yes, that him and Paul of Sinnoh are rivals. Also that he and Misty of Cerulean City are now dating." She replied.

"Hmmm," The Rocket head honcho thought. "Excellent job Domino. I know he's going to make it to the tournament with his friends. Your mission won't start until he makes it there." He told her.

"What's the mission then boss?" She eagerly asked.

"Well, you're excited as I am to take him down. Anyway, you will enter the tournament as well, incognito of course, trying to recruit Paul. You will also have to befriend Ketchum and all his friends. Your primary objective is to get him out of that tournament." Giovanni told her.

"How am I going to do that sir?" She asked.

"I think you know, Domino." He replied with an evil grin on his face.

"Kidnap his little girlfriend?" She asked.

"If you must." He replied.

"What's your main plan sir?" She asked.

"You certainly have a lot of questions, don't you? Well, I want to take Mewtwo again!" He replied.

"I see, and you need either me or Paul, if he joins, to win this tournament?" Domino asked.

"Precisely, you are the number one general here and I know you can get this mission done. Oh, and with Paul, he'll want revenge on Ash." Giovanni replied.

"Yes sir, May I be dismissed? I have other work to finish up." She asked.

"Yes, but before you do, I want you to bring in those three fools Jessie, James, and Meowth." He asked.

"Yes sir." She replied.

While he was waiting for those three to arrive, he was staring out his huge windows in his office thinking about his perfect plan and the last encounter with Mewtwo. Even though, his memory was wiped out, he read the newspapers and acquired top information about what happened the last time he saw Mewtwo.

"This is perfect! I get the chance to bring down Ash Ketchum and capture Mewtwo! I need those three idiots to keep spying on him and his little friends. I wonder why I keep them around sometimes. They couldn't get me a snack without-" Giovanni's thoughts were interrupted by the door knocking.

"Yes, come in." He said.

"Did you want to see us, big man?" James asked.

"Yes I did. I have a job for you three." Giovanni told them.

"REALLY?!" the three shouted in unison.

"What kind of job is it? Do we have to steal a rare Pokemon? Or steal a file? Oh I know, we have to rob a bank?" Jesse kept asking.

"No you idiots! If you'd shut your damn mouths, you'll hear the mission!" Giovanni yelled, which terrified the three.

"Sorry boss man." Meowth said with fear.

"Your mission will be to spy and gather information on Ash Ketchum and his group of friends." Giovanni told them.

"Oh, we have to spy on the twerp? Why though? We always end up losing to him." Jesse complained.

"You three haven't succeeded on any other mission we give you. All you have to do is spy and gather info on him, which doesn't mean pop out and steal that mouse of his or any other Pokemon he owns." Giovanni stressed to them.

"Fine, but you owe us big time." Jesse demanded.

"I don't owe you anything. You owe me quite a bit of money for all the failures you three have. If you fail this simple task, you're all fired!" Giovanni shouted at them.

"Y.. yes sir, w.. we won't fa..fail you." James said like he was being held at gun point.

"You're dismissed." Giovanni said.

After the three left the room, he went back to sightseeing from his top floor office windows with the evil grin he had before.

"Yes, I will rule the world very soon, and when I do, I will be known as the world's greatest crime boss!" He said before evilly laughing.

There's the intro for the story. I've came to the decision that I will write out the entire journey for Ash and friends. It will be easier and more fun to write about. I'm still figuring out some things, like what Pokemon do you want each of the characters to catch? And who do you want to see in the tournament other than those names I mentioned? I need to do some research on what Pokemon they have, I mean I know most of them, but I need to reassure myself. Like I said before, each of them will be catching new Pokemon to add to their teams. If you have any ideas, just private message me.