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Chapter 45- Ash Ketchum's Realization!

Right after Ash had defeated Lance; he was quickly escorted out of the stadium by the security guards at the stadium and was put into a limousine destined to the hotel he stayed at for the week.

In the stands, Ash's friends and his mother were found by some of the body guards and escorted out of the stadium and were escorted to a different limousine also heading to the same hotel that they stayed at during the week.

After a few minutes of being driven in different vehicles, they finally arrived back at the villa they rented. Now was the time of celebration.

When they got back to the place they stayed at, they saw a "Congratulations to our New Champion Ash!" banner across the ceiling. There was also endless food for Ash's pleasure and decorations everywhere.

The first one to congratulate him was his mother… with a giant back crushing hug. "I'm so proud of you sweetie!" Ash's mom squealed with joy as she continued to bear hug her only son.

The Pallet Town trainer couldn't breathe and began to make weird noises just to get her off of him. His mother finally realized what she was doing and immediately let him go and sheepishly apologized. Then everyone else bear hugged him all at the same time, causing him to not be able to breathe again.

When everyone saw that he was about to pass out, they all let go immediately. After regaining some oxygen, he couldn't help but chuckle. After being able to breathe again, he finally spoke. "Thanks everybody! Now let's get this party started!"

And so the private party began for Ash and all of his friends and family. There was music playing, people dancing, balloons, confetti, and noise makers. It was everything that Ash had ever wanted for a celebration.

Five minutes past and they heard a knock on the door. No one in the apartment was expecting anybody else to show up. So Ash cautiously walked up to the door and opened it slowly and wasn't expecting to see the man he had just defeated less than an hour ago. "Lance!"

"Hurry up and let us in!" He said sounding annoyed. The Pallet Town Champion cracked the door open enough for him and the other people through, who were the Sinnoh and the Hoenn Champion.

"We're sorry about that." Steven apologized for the group, trying to catch his breath.

"It's just the paparazzi were following us here. And they can get very annoying." Cynthia said, sounding annoyed just talking about them.

"Well, it's a pleasure to have you guys here!" Professor Oak greeted the Champions like they were there neighbors.

"Are you guys here for the party?" Ash asked curiously, still unsure why the Champions showed up.

"Who do you think set all this up?" Cynthia asked, giving them a warm smile.

"Well, this is very nice of you guys!" Delia exclaimed with her normal, cheery attitude.

"Thank you so much you guys!" Ash exclaimed in his extra cheery, happy mood.

"Yes, thank you guys." Misty kindly thanked the Champions.

"It's not a problem at all." Cynthia happily replied with her usual warm smile.

"Now let's get this party restarted!" Ash cheered, causing everyone to laugh.

So the music was turned back on and everyone was dancing, even the usual quiet Steven Stone and the old Professor Oak had some impressive dance moves of his own. The night continued with the adults having a few drinks in them, Delia embarrassing Ash in front of his future coworkers, everyone getting to know each other, and party games.

After the party was over, Cynthia and Steven left with Lance needing to talk to Ash about Saturday. "Ash, there's something I almost forgot to tell you."

"What's that Lance?" Ash asked.

"You need to write a speech for the induction on Saturday." The Johto Champion informed the new Kanto Champion.

"What?!" Ash exclaimed loudly. "Why didn't you say something earlier, I don't know how to write one!" The new champion began to panic.

The Dragon Champion grabbed the new Champions shoulders to get him to stop panicking. "Ash calm down. It'll be easy for you."

"What do you mean, 'easy for me'?"

"All you have to do is speak from your heart, which is something I can see you doing with no problem." Lance informed the young Champion.

The Pallet Town trainer thought about it for a minute and realized that Lance was completely right. He's saved the world plenty of times and would always be one of the first people to help out anybody in need. And he would also speak strongly about certain topics like Pokemon training and how important his friends and his mother are. So a little thing like public speaking shouldn't be a problem right?

"Hello Ash," Lance finally spoke, waving his right hand in front of the new champion's face. "Are you okay? You zoned out on me."

"Oh yeah, I'm fine." The Pallet Town trainer answered sheepishly, feeling a little bit embarrassed. "I was just thinking about what you just said, and you're right." He replied, smiling and feeling confident for this weekend.

"Great, it's getting late. I'll see you this weekend." Lance said as he left.


Ash walked into the room he slept in for the week to find that Misty was already in there sleeping. So he had to be really quiet unless he wanted to feel Misty's wrath. Fortunately for him though, she was a heavy sleeper when she wanted to be and tonight was one of those nights. So he was able to get changed and slip under the covers without her waking up and close his eyes.


Ash didn't realized where he was at first, but then he figured out that he was on the beach with Misty. He couldn't get over how beautiful she looked in her aqua two piece bathing suit. They were both lying on their stomachs and he decided to turn over towards her. "Hey Misty, there's something I gotta tell you."

She turned onto her side and looked at him. "What is it Ash?"

"You've been my best friend since we were ten years old and you've always been there for me, even though I was a jerk and never called or wrote, but you mean everything to me. So with that," He moved onto his left knee and pulled out a little black box and opened, revealing a beautiful 4k diamond ring. "Will you marry me?"

Misty didn't get emotional; instead she had an evil grin on her face. "I'm already engaged to Gary Oak! He's better than you in every single way!" She shouted as her voice got darker.


The new champion opened his eyes quickly as he wanted the nightmare to end. He then turned his head to his left to see that she was still asleep and not engaged to Gary Oak or anybody else. Knowing this, he could close his eyes once again.


The Pallet Town trainer was now at a nice, small restaurant in Cerulean City and was with Misty once again. Once again, he couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. This time she wore a yellow dress with white high heels and her hair was in a ponytail. Both of them just finished their meals and now, in Ash's mind, it was the perfect time to pop the question. "Misty, there's something I gotta ask you."

"What's up Ash?"

He stood up from his chair and went onto one knee and pulled out a black box with a diamond ring inside of it. "Will you marry me?"

She hung her head down, seeming it look like she was thinking about the question. But when she looked up towards Ash, she began to laugh at him. "You… you think I would marry you?! You're nothing but a joke! That's why I'm marrying Rudy!"


Right after he heard the name Rudy, he opened his eyes quickly and sat up immediately. The black haired trainer was sweating and panting heavily. He hated Rudy and still did to this day.

Ash decided to get up from his bed and tip toe towards the bedroom door and opened it nice and slowly, hoping not to wake up his red headed girlfriend. He decided that a glass of water would do him some good and calm him down.

As he got a cup from the cabinet, turned on the faucet, and placed the cup under it to fill it up, he was thinking of what those nightmares meant. After he realized that his cup was overflowing, he turned off the water and turned around to see Brock standing there, which scared him and almost made him spill all his water.

"Jeez Brock!" Ash whispered loudly at him. "You scared me!"

"What are you doing out here, Ash?" His best friend asked curiously. "It's three in the morning."

"I just needed some water." The young champion pointed out the obvious by raising his hand with the water in it.

"You're sweating, are you okay?" The Pokemon Doctor asked, concerned about his friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ash attempted to lie. Although how hard he tried, Brock was one of the few people who could tell when he was lying.

"Ash, I know when you're lying." He told him plainly.

"Fine," Ash sighed because he was too exhausted to fight. "Here's what's on my mind…"

Ash finally admitted to Brock about the two separate nightmares about Misty and Gary and Misty and Rudy. The Pokemon Doctor was confused about Gary at first because he never saw the two having the slightest interest in each other, but then Gary was known as a "player" so it was enough to make Ash nervous.

He never met Rudy, but he had heard of him from stories from both Ash's and Misty's perspective. "Look Ash, Misty and I had a talk about him…" This got the newest Champion's attention. "At that time, Misty chose you over Rudy because of what you guys had. She really enjoyed being around you, whether at that time she would admit it or not. So you should have no reason to worry about her doing that to you."

Hearing this from Brock relieved the whole world off his shoulders. He felt a million times better, but he was still confused on why he had those nightmares. "But what do those nightmares mean?"

One part of Brock wanted to face palm himself because of how dense his best friend could be, but another part of him understood because he was exhausted. So he quickly explained what they meant. "Ash, it means that you should keep Misty and not let her go."

The Pallet Town trainer sat there and thought about what his best friend had just said. He knew that he loved her very much. So he drew up to a conclusion, but he didn't wanna say it right away. The thought made him very happy. "Thanks Brock, now I know what I need to do. But I need your help."

"What are we doing tomorrow?" Brock asked.

"I'll tell you in the morning. I'm going to bed." Ash whispered walking away and not even looking back as he entered his bedroom to end his nights, leaving Brock very confused.


The newest champion was forced awake by the glaring sun that was shining on him in his room. Once he got up from under his covers, he quickly saw that his red headed girlfriend was still asleep, so he had to be quiet. He also realized that it was still very early in the morning, so it would be the perfect time to go out and do what he needed to do.

Once he got washed up and dressed, he walked into the kitchen only to see that Brock and his mother were up getting breakfast ready. Both took notice right away.

"Hey there sweetie, you're up very early." Delia greeted her son.

"I couldn't sleep last night." Ash quickly responded as he grabbed a seat at the table.

"Was it because of our conversation last night?" Brock asked.

"What conversation did you guys have last night?" Ash's mother asked.

At first, Ash was hesitant about telling his mother about what he wanted to do. It wasn't that she wouldn't be happy or approve, but he didn't know he wanted to tell her right now. He knew that he would have to eventually tell her. So he decided that he would tell his mom later.

"I'll tell you about it later mom," The black haired trainer told his mom. "And Brock, after breakfast we'll get going."

"Get going where?" Brock asked.

"You'll see soon."

Delia didn't object verbally, but she began to wonder what was on his mind and what he wanted to do with Brock. She had no idea what was going on with her son and she felt terrible and offended that she wasn't involved in Ash's plans.


After finishing breakfast, Ash dragged Brock out of the villa and wanted to go to the Pokemon Center first to get his Pokemon. As soon as he opened the door, he ran into three very tall and muscular men in black suits.

"Where are you going, Mr. Ketchum?" The first body guard asked.

"Who are you guys?" Ash responded with his own question.

"We're the bodyguards hired by the Pokemon League and we're here to protect you whenever you want to go out." The second body guard answered.

"Now Mr. Ketchum, answer our question please." The third body guard said.

Ash didn't want anyone back in the villa to hear where one of the locations, so he whispered the locations to the body guards to where he wanted to go.

They agreed and led them out of the hotel and were driven around in a limo to the locations where he wanted to go.

The first location was the Pokemon Center, where he wanted to pick up Pikachu and the other Pokemon he used. Brock wanted to stay in the limo, since he didn't need to get his Pokemon. He was still curious about the other place Ash wanted to go.

When Ash walked out of the limo and into the Pokemon Center with his body guards, he sighed in relief to see that it was practically empty except for the Nurse Joy who was working.

"Hello Champion Ketchum," She kindly welcomed the young trainer. "Are you here to pick up your Pokemon?"

He couldn't help but grin at the fact he was called Champion Ketchum. If Misty were here, she would've deflated his huge ego. "Why, yes I am!" He replied proudly.

Nurse Joy couldn't help but giggle at his enthusiasm as she was getting the champions Pokemon. She gave the tray of five pokeballs and Pikachu, who looked good as new. "All of your Pokemon are back into tip top shape!"

Pikachu was so happy to see his best friend that he jumped from the tray right into Ash's arms and began to lick his cheek, which caused the Pallet Town trainer to chuckle. "Hey there buddy! You guys okay?"

The Mouse Pokemon nodded and confirmed that the Nurse did a fantastic job on taking care of them all. "Thank you very much."

After picking up his Pokemon, he had to quickly get out of there because fans were beginning to approach him. It's not that he didn't want to talk to them, it's just the bodyguards were getting annoyed from blocking them off and he also had to get where he needed to go.


"Will you tell me where we're going now?!" Brock asked in frustration.

"We're here Mr. Ketchum." The chauffer announced.

"Thank you very much," He thanked the chauffer. "I'll show you Brock."

Ash stepped out of the limo first, followed by Brock. Once Brock saw where they were, the Pokemon Doctor dropped his jaw, realizing what his best friend wanted to do.

"Ash, are you-"

"Yes," He answered right away, not giving his best friend the chance to finish his question. "We're here at this jewelry store because I wanna propose to Misty. I realized if I don't do it, I'll lose her. And that's what those nightmares meant to me."

Brock couldn't believe what he just heard. He knew that his two best friends had a huge crush on each other and he knew how happy they were as a couple, but it was just so hard to believe that Ash would already want to get down on one knee and marry Misty already.

He smiled and replied, "I support you one hundred percent on this Ash. Now let's go pick out an engagement ring."


The next couple of days were pretty uneventful. The newly crowned champion was forced against his will to give his first interview, but luckily with him he was with the champions and not by himself.

After that was Saturday, the day Ash looked forward to the most. For one reason, it was his induction ceremony/party and the other reason was he was going to propose to Misty. He was so excited, but the only person he knew was Brock. The Pallet Town trainer didn't want to take the risk of telling his mother, because he was afraid of her telling everybody and eventually word getting around.

But one thing that gave away that something was up was when Ash and Misty woke up at the same time.

"Ash, you aren't usually up this early," The red headed gym leader yawned as she stretched her arms. "Is there something wrong?"

"Nope." He replied nonchalantly as he got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom.

She couldn't help but stare at the bathroom door and wonder is something was going on that she wasn't aware of. But she was too tired to think about that so she shrugged it off for now.


The night rolled around and everyone was getting prepared for the special event. All of the guys were in one room while the girls where in another getting dressed in their respective suits and dresses. It felt like prom night for everyone.

After everyone got dressed, they got out of their respective rooms to show off to each other. Let's just say that Ash's jaw hit the floor once he saw Misty. She was wearing a beautiful apple red dress, matching color lipstick, the tear drop necklace that he bought her, and it was also one of the rare occasions that her hair wasn't in a ponytail and it reached just above her shoulders. The last time he remembered her having her hair like that was on their first journey.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at Ash's expression. "Ashy boy's face is priceless! You did a great job of shutting him up for once red!" Gary chuckled.

"That's a compliment." Misty winked as she walked next to her date.

All the girls began to pull out her cameras and taking pictures of everybody, especially Ash's mom. Even though Ash hated having his picture taken, he would have to deal with it. Pictures began to flash and it felt like Ash was already facing the paparazzi.

Then they all heard the door knock. Delia volunteered to answer the door and once it opened, it was the Champions and Misty's sisters, who had to quickly walk into the room.

"Lance, Steven and Cynthia; what are you guys doing here?!" Ash asked in complete surprise.

The Sinnoh Champion couldn't help but chuckle. "We're going to escort you guys." She answered.

"That's so sweet of you guys!" Delia squealed in pure joy. "Now, I just need some pictures of you guys and my baby boy!"

"Come on Misty! Let's get some pictures together baby sis!" Daisy exclaimed happily.

"MOM!" Ash's reaction made the room crack up in laughter. After a few shots with all of the champions and everybody else, they were all escorted out of their villa by bodyguards.

They arrived at the Pokemon League Association building, which was a huge building complex and where the party was held at. Once they all exited the limousine, they were all blinded by the flashes of cameras of the paparazzi.

Once they made it into the party, they were surprised to see who all was there. Other than the champions, there were all the members of the elite four, other famous trainers, and even other people he'd encounter on his journeys.

But there was one in person who Ash was most glad to see. "Todd!"

The Pokemon photographer heard his name being called. Once he turned around, he was quite surprised that it was the new champion. "Ash, how've you been?!"

"Sorry Todd, but we'll save the catching up for later. I actually have a huge favor to ask you." Ash said to the photographer.

"What is it?" The Pokemon photographer asked curiously.

"Ladies and Gentleman," Mr. Goodshow announced on the microphone. "It's time for our new Kanto Champion Ash Ketchum to give his speech!"

Everyone began to applaud and some even chanted his name. The Pallet Town trainer grew frustrated as he wanted to ask his good old friend something, but he had a speech to give as well. And besides, he can also ask him later.

Once the champion made it to the stage, all eyes were on him. The nerves began to kick in a little bit as he saw everyone he knew looking at him. He's saved the world from certain destruction multiple times, so he shouldn't be so nervous speaking in front a bunch of people right?

"Hey everybody," He spoke into the microphone. Misty, along with everybody else was looking at him nervously, hoping that he didn't make a fool of himself. "First of all, thank you all for coming. It means a lot to me."

After saying that, he felt more comfortable and he could do what he did best: speak from his heart. So he smiled and continued, "I just wanted to start off that I didn't do this all by myself. I had a great group of friends and Pokemon who helped me out throughout my entire journey. It all started with you, Pikachu."

He looked onto his shoulder next to his starter Pokemon with pride. "Because of Pikachu, I've met Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan! I wanted to thank all of you for giving me the best journey possible! And I also want to thank my mom and Professor Oak for your support as well."

All of Ash's friends looked back feeling the appreciation he was giving. Ash was staring at Misty, wondering if he wanted to do what he wanted to do in front of everyone. His head said no, but his heart said yes. So he went for it. He walked up towards her and began to speak again. "I especially want to thank you, Misty. If you hadn't been there since day one, none of this would be possible. We've done almost everything you could possibly think of." He stopped and stared into her beautiful emerald green eyes.

Brock was smiling, being the only one knowing what Ash was about to do. Ash continued, "And now I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, making up all the times I made you hurt on the inside because of my denseness and not keeping in contact with you." He pulled a black box out of his pants pocket, got on one knee and opened the box, revealing a beautiful 1.65 carat fancy blue diamond halo engagement ring.

As soon as everyone saw what had happened, everyone gasped in complete surprise. Especially Misty, who had tears of joy roll down her face and her hands covering her mouth. He ended his speech with, "Misty Waterflower, will you marry me?"

Todd, who had been taking pictures of Ash during his speech, snapped the camera, capturing the perfect picture of Ash proposing to Misty. May, Dawn, and Iris began to cry and the red head didn't even give an answer yet.

Misty finally moved her hands away from her mouth to give her answer. She smiled and said, "I've been waiting for this for years from you, Ash Ketchum. Of course I'll marry you!"

Tears of joy began to fall from his face and everyone began to applaud at what they just saw. Mr. Goodshow took the microphone from the newest champion. "Let me be the first to congratulate you two! And now let's get the rest of the party going!"

The rest of the night consisting of all the girls admiring Misty's new engagement ring and all the guys congratulating Ash. There was also a lot of dancing as well and whatever Ash was doing. He crushed Misty's feet, but he promised that he'd be a great dancer for their wedding day.

While Ash was being congratulated, he was pulled to the side by Cynthia. She had a concerned look on her face. He had to ask her, "What's going on Cynthia?"

"It's Paul." The Sinnoh Champion simply said. The name Paul made Ash angry. "He called recently. He said he wanted to talk to you."

"What happened to him anyway?" Ash asked.

"He's in prison right now," Cynthia answered seriously. "He was found guilty for helping Team Rocket and him helping leading the resurgence against them wasn't enough."

The golden blonde champion led the black haired champion to a private phone. Ash held his scowl against him while Paul's face wasn't holding his usual scowl.

"What do you want Paul? I have a party to be at." Ash spat hastily towards the Sinnoh rival.

"Ash, give him a chance to talk." Cynthia defended him.

"Look Ash, I just wanted to apologize for all the trouble I caused you." The Sinnoh native began, causing Ash's expression to soften. "And for the short amount of time I've been in here, I realized you were right all along. Pokemon aren't tools of war, they're companions and best friends."

This left the Pallet Town trainer in completely shocked. He honestly didn't know how to respond at first. He eventually found something to say. "I'm glad you realized that."

"My time's up. Maybe we'll see each other again." Paul said solemnly.

"Wait," This caused Paul to look at him. "I'll see if I can help you get out. And maybe we can have another battle." Ash suggested.

"Thank you." Those were his last words he said before the screen went black.


Misty had also received some more good news from Lance. "Excuse me ladies, but I need to talk to Misty." The women left the two alone so he could talk to her.

"What's going on Lance?" She curiously asked.

"Agatha of the elite four is retiring and I've decided to offer you a position as one of the Kanto's elite four." Lance said, smiling.

If her night wasn't already fantastic, Lance just made it so much better. First being engaged to the boyish man she'd loved since they were both ten years old and now her dream job as an elite four member.

"But what about Lorelei, she's an ice type but she has water types too." Misty asked about one of her idols.

"She's being transferred to Hoenn because Glacia is retiring as well. And I'd figured since your fiancée is the Kanto Champion, I'd like to offer you to be an elite four member." Lance answered the red heads question.

"Yes, I'd love too! Thank you!" Misty squealed, hugging the red haired Johto Champion.

This was without a doubt Misty's greatest night ever.


Some months passed and they decided to have the wedding day in June, which is in the middle of each of their birthdays. It was held in the Viridian City Hotel, which was in the middle of each Cerulean and Pallet Town. Just like Ash's introductory celebration, they had a lot of people there as well for their special day.

It was a beautiful day. The weather was just perfect with sunny weather with a light, cooling breeze. Brock was of course was the Ash's best man of the wedding. Misty's oldest sister Daisy was the maid of honor.

Even though they'd both loved each other so much, but they still had cold feet. But that went away right away once the music began to play and once they gazed each other in their eyes. After saying their vows and having the right to kiss each other, they pulled each other in and passionately kissed each other and that was the start of a very long and very happy marriage.


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