A/N: So, I admit it…I miss writing Emily out kicking unsub butt. So, this thread will basically be a series of one-shots (though some chapters will hook to each other) to speed things up until March when Rocky turns 6 months and Emily stops breastfeeding her. Sure, there may be a case or two and, yep, we'll gloss through the holidays. Some are just scenes I saw in my head that never fit into other stories. And, yeah, there will be sex. So, buckle up, my readers, time to do the Time Warp.

Happy Holidays!


"Emily nods as she keeps her head turned away from her wife. To anyone looking at her, it would appear that she is simply on the phone with a detective somewhere who needs the BAU's help. But she knows if her wife sees her face she will know Emily is working on a personal surprise and would get nosy.

"Right. A box. There will be six of us. Uh, sure, send up some champagne but also some Perrier. There will be one underage attendee and one nursing mother who have to avoid the bubbly." She grins at the response. "Exactly." She listens again. "No, we'll be using a car service that night but thank you." She nods. "Perfect, Pierre. Thank you so much. Au revoir."

Emily hangs up and pulls up her email. She sends a quick note to Garcia. "Got a sec?"

A minute later she gets a reply. "Only if it doesn't involve another search."

Emily grins. "See you in a minute."

Emily stands and grabs a file as a blind. She is glad her wife is on the phone so she doesn't get the standard "where are you going" question. When the profiler reaches the analysts office she closes the door, securing the lock. Garcia raises an eyebrow.

"Oh, Emily, are you here to finally make my office fantasies come true?" she asks, her eyes blinking adorably.

Emily bursts out laughing. "You're certifiable, Pen. And I wouldn't have you any other way."

Garcia grins. "When you shut the door I couldn't resist. So what's with the 007 move?"

"Jen mentioned to me that she's never been to the opera. Well, the big Kennedy Center opening of La Traviata is a week from Saturday. It's one of Francesca's favorites. And Declan has to see some sort of theatre production for his English class. So, I popped three birdies with one pebble and bought a box for that night and-"

"A box? God, Em…you say that like you bought tickets at the dollar theatre," Garcia says incredulously.

Emily blushes. "Umm…sorry. I just…I didn't…I was…"

Suddenly Garcia realizes her shock has embarrassed her friend. "Shit! Em, sorry. I just…I was…damn it…I'll shut up now. It's awesome. Let me guess, you want me to babysit?"

Emily swallows and nods nervously. "Um, yes? Kevin can help you out and you two can stay the night so you don't have to drive back to DC."

Garcia stands and pulls Emily into a hug. "Jayje is going to LOVE it! And I'm sorry I was kind of a jerk with that earlier statement. I just never met anyone who got a box at The KC before, you know?"

Emily manages a smile. "I know. Trust me, it's not normally a splurge I make but, well, it's a wonderful opera and with it being one of Francesca's favorites and Declan having that assignment it just kind of fell in place." She sighs and sits on the edge of Garcia's desk. "Jen's going to flip, isn't she?" she says worriedly.

Garcia smiles. "Yes. In a good way. Hey! Since it's a big premier night does that mean uber-fancy dresses?"

Emily nods. "Yep. Want to go with Jen, Francesca and me to that boutique tomorrow?"

Garcia grabs Emily's hand and kisses it. "YES! Oh, Emily, YES!"

Emily laughs. "You do realize anyone walking by will think you're having an orgasm?"

Garcia thinks a moment. "You know…I think I did have one!"

Emily laughs and stands. "On that note, let me get out of here before my next purchase is a divorce lawyer."

"Coolness! So you going to tell JJ what the dress is for?"

Emily thinks a second then shakes her head. "Nope. I'll tell the ladies what she needs and let you all find the one for her."

Garcia gives Emily a big hug. "I love you, Emily Prentiss! You just ROCK!"

Emily smiles. "Love you, too, Garcia. Now, don't spill the secret, got it?"

Garcia nods, miming locking her lips with a key. Emily pats her on the shoulder and heads back to her desk. She glances at her watch and looks at Reid.

"Time to feed the princess. See you in 45 minutes."

Reid nods. "Give her a hug for me."

"Always," she says with a grin. She gives JJ a wave and goes downstairs.

Emily stares into clear blue eyes. "So, what do you think? Will Mommy love it or will she beat Mama?" Rocky just keeps nursing. "I'll take your silence as Mommy will love it," she concludes with a grin. "Luckily we are on a 2 week stand-down so unless there is a major national emergency nothing will ruin this surprise." She sighs. "How the hell am I going to go away from you for almost 5 hours. I already hate just going upstairs for a couple hours at a time. You, little one, might be my Kryptonite." She chuckles. "And you're not a damn bit sorry about that, are you? Good. Me neither."

Thirty minutes later Emily has just put her now sleeping daughter down when she senses JJ behind her. She turns and smiles.

"Hi, baby."

JJ raises an eyebrow. "Why are Reid and Morgan watching the kids tomorrow and why is Garcia floating on cloud nine about the, and I quote, 'super-uber-awesome boutique' that we are going to tomorrow?"

Emily puts on a sad face and pulls her wife close. "I should have known those three would spill. I told them it was a surprise but now you know. I hate that, Jen. I really wanted it to be a surprise. I'm sorry those 3-year-olds ruined it for you." She pulls her wife closer. "I really, really am. Please forgive me for trusting them?"

JJ sighs. "It's not your fault. You didn't know they would- wait a damn minute, they didn't ruin anything because I still don't know what's going on." She pulls away from her wife and swats her arm. "You brat!"

Emily laughs. "Can't blame me for trying."

"No. But I can spank you later…and not in a good way," JJ warns her.

Emily takes her wife's hands. "It's a surprise, baby. Tomorrow is just part 1 of it. Trust me?"

JJ stares into sincere brown eyes. She sighs in resignation. "Okay, I trust you."

"Good. And if this blows up into something ugly I will make it up to you, okay?"

"Okay. Um…I'm not going to have to wear Harry Winston yet, am I? I think I can only handle that once a year."

Emily chuckles. "Nope, no Harry Winston. Let's see what happens tomorrow and we can figure things out from there."

"Deal." She steps past her wife and looks down at Rocky. "She eat okay?"

"Of course. And now she's sleeping like her Mommy."

JJ smiles. "That's my girl."

Emily wraps her arms around her wife from behind. "Yes, yes she is. You heading to lunch?"

"Yep. Reid is going to go over a few things with me that have me hung up on a profile."

"Excellent." She kisses her wife's temple. "See you when you get back. Love you, sweetheart."

JJ turns and kisses her wife. "Love you, too." She runs a hand over Rocky. "And I love you, too, Rock Star."