Tick tock on the clock,

One minute before life is on lock

The screams of battle fade,

Visible is the girl with the eyes of jade.

I can't breath, can't see.

Instead of a slave, I died free.

She holds my hand, her touch warm,

Ignoring the army in a swarm.

A death in honor, she whispers.

A death unlike any other.

Hold tight, my sweet dear.

I'm right here, no need to fear.

I suck in a breath, desperate now.

You reap what you sow.

After I said this, I jerk, rigid.

The temperature turning frigid.

The girl let out a cry, her eyes soaked.

I give her a smile, and then I choke.

I let my hand fall from her embrace,

Praying the end of the battle of our race.

Well the rhyme was a bit off so...I don't think it's that good but I think it's decent enough to be published. ^_^ thank you for reading and please feel free to review!