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Mistletoe Surprise

December first. The start of the Christmas spirit spreads about. All the Guardians had been invited to Norths home to help him with his Christmas decorating as well as a mini vacation for themselves. Well, sorta of considering a couple of them still had to make their nightly rounds.

At the moment everyone was decorating. Tooth was helping North hang tinsel. Sandy was working on the tree. Bunny was hopping about placing reefs on the doors. I was left to help the others here and there.

Three hundred years of solitude. Loneliness. This was before I became a Guardian. Now I was surrounded by friends. By family. It was strange, but nice. It was my first real Christmas since I became Jack Frost.

To the others I probably appeared bored stiff, but in reality I was very excited. Nearly seven hours later everyone was tired. I sat myself on the loveseat next to Bunnymund and let a long sigh. I glanced about as I heard giggles grwoing in volume.

Tooth was trying her best not to full on laugh, while Sandy held a hand to his face. North suddenly just was straight out laughing. The weird thing about this was that they all were staring at me, but not just me. Me and Bunnymund.

Bunny spoke up first. "Oi, What are you drongos laughin' at?" North grabbed his sides and wipped a single tear from his cheek. Sandy point above our heads. As soon as we saw what was so funny, we both shot to our feets and stared at one another awkwardly.

"Oh no. Not on ya life, mate. There is no way I'm kissing Frosty over here."

"But Bunny," North spoke in his heavy russian accent, "It's tradition. You know that."

"I don't bloody care you wan-" Bunny was cut of suddenly as my staff suddenly yanked his face just a breath away from mine. I gave his shocked face a quick smirk before I softly placed a kiss to his pink nose. I felt it twitch slightly as my kiss left a bit of frost behind. I released my staff from his kneck and watched him slowly stand straight again.

Everyone was silent and wearing a face of pure shock. I stood up on my tip toes and whispered just quiet enough that only Bunnymund could hear.

"Looks like Jack Frost is nipping at your nose." I let another playful smirk cross my slightly blushing face and quickly spun on my heel. Heading to the exist I voiced softly that I had some winter duties to finish and I would be back later tonight possibly. Not a word was said as I departed.

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