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Hide and Seek in the Closet

Jack was beneath me in one of the guest rooms within the North Pole. His hands clung to the hem of his hoodie and his cheeks, neck, and will most of him really, was frosted over in a blue tinted. I couldn't stop my gaze from ravaging his body, but I knew I had to be calm and gently with this. "Look, Jacky. Mate. I know your...a virgin." At the last word I swear his frost deepened. "I'm not gonna do anythin' ya don't want, but ya need to know if we do this I'm going all out." He didn't say anything. Just bit his lip and kept his eyes locked with my own. I bent down slowly and locked our lips. He stiffened at first then tentatively open his mouth. I slipped my tongue in slowly. Not rushed like before. I mapped out his mouth carefully.

My paws eventually made their way to his hips. I slipped my pads under the hoodie and ghosted over his chest before finding there way back down to his pants. His hands gripped my wrist and he carefully pulled away and from under me. He placed his hands on my shoulders like I was glass on the verge of breaking. Soon I was sitting on the edge of the bed with a blushing frosted snow pixie shuffling from foot to foot nervously before me. Jack gripped the hem of his hoodie, while the other hand worked his pants off. With his pants now in a hep somewhere across the room, the winter spirit held his hoodie tightly, using it to hide his lower half from me. I stood before him now. My hands slowly taking his as our eyes locked. Not breaking our gaze, I slowly pulled his frosted hoodie off him. Jack stepped back from me. His hands finding his elbows and his eyes locked with the floor.

I stepped forward and placed a soft kiss to his forehead and pulled him flush against my chest. Instantly his hands found my biceps, gripping tightly. He was shaking and his head is now buried in the fur on my chest. Leaning down I licked at the crook of his neck. He relaxed slightly, but was still shaking. I smirked at the once overly proud and independent spirit turned shy and nervous.

I chuckled softly. "After all the fun and games we've been throwing at each other...are you really that nervous about what's to come next?" I kept my voice soft and serious. I whispered in his hear and swore I heard him bite back a moan.

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