This is my first Kane Chronicles story. Constructive Criticism and reviews are always welcome. Enjoy!


I guess it all started not too long ago.

I was dreaming a very pleasant dream about... well someone, when my soul decided to take a trip and I appeared in a neglected looking graveyard. Moss was slowly covering the majority of grave stones and my heart skipped a beat when I saw my favorite God sitting on a bench not fifteen feet from me. My feet made the scattered foliage beneath my feet crinkle, sounding almost loud enough to wake the dead. (Yes, a pun is intended) The dark-haired god looked up at me and smiled. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a black t shirt, and combat boots. I walked toward him expectantly.

"Hello Jackal Boy!" I greeted enthusiastically, trying not to seem nervous. How could I not be? I was quickly nearing the cutest boy er… immortal I have ever met!

His eyes locked on mine but, he seemed preoccupied.

"Ah, still as sharp-tongued as ever Sadie." Anubis said with a slight chuckle which made my heart want to melt. He motioned to the empty spot next to him on the bench and I sat down. The bench was rather small and our knees were almost touching. Almost. My ripped black jeans and combat boots looked good next to his similar clothes. He laid his hand gently on my knee, watching my reaction, almost as if he were asking permission. I imperceptibly nodded my head. My breath caught in my throat. I tried to look calm, cool, and collected on the outside but I'm sure I was doing a pretty bad job of it.

"How's it been with all the dead people?" I tried to ask casually.

"Fine." He responded curtly. His caramel colored eyes looked off in the distance like he was deep in thought. I was quickly growing annoyed. He interrupted my extremely great dream to stare off into space. I was NOT okay with that.

"Hey dog boy!" I said in an angry tone punching him lightly in the arm. "You pull me out of my restful sleep to just ignore me. If you have nothing important to say then I will be going." I stood up quickly causing his hand to fall off my knee. I took one step forward when my hand was grasped by none other than the Jackal god.

"Sadie," He whispered fondly. My heart stopped for the millionth time, something in his expression really perked up my interest so I sat back down next to him. "I know I haven't been around lately but, I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Lately?" I nearly shouted. "I haven't seen you for a year! And now you just prance back into my life-" My rant was interrupted by his soft chuckling. "What!?" I yelled. He stopped his laughter and looked at me with eyes filled of mirth.

"Pranced?" He asked sweetly. "Sadie, I've missed you so much and your um, interesting vocabulary." I sat shocked, surprised that for some reason I wasn't angry anymore. Gods Sadie! Why aren't you mad? I argued with myself mentally. But how can I stay mad at him? I responded internally. I audibly groaned. Anubis looked at me with concern.

"Sadie, I-I don't really know how to say this but, I really like you... a lot." He said quietly. I was taken aback by his heartfelt words.

"You-you do?" I stuttered stupidly.

"Yes Sadie." He responded.

"I-I like you too." I said sheepishly and looked down at my lap. His fingers gently traced the line of my chin and lifted my face to face his. I couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty about Walt. I liked him too!

"I'm not quite sure how you go about er, courting someone in your time but, Sadie, will you be my… girlfriend?" He asked questioningly. Is this really happening? I thought. It can't be! I took a deep breath and stared into his beautiful eyes.

"Yes," I said unwavering. "I would love to." My thoughts jumped back to Walt while Anubis's face alighted with happiness. He grabbed my hands and jumped up pulling me into a deep hug. I couldn't place what he smelled like except that I really liked it. It was uniquely him, my boyfriend, a god! I realized we were still hugging and I gently pulled away.

"I have something for you." He said affectionately. In his palm appeared a stunning golden bracelet with symbol of Anubis in black diamonds. The rest of it was adorned with rubies and other precious gems arranged in hieroglyphic symbols.

"What do they mean?" I asked, pointing to one if the 'glyphs. He looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Well, essentially they mean that you are my girlfriend."

"Essentially?" I asked, questioning his word choice. He paused for a moment.

"They are um…also a warning to other immortals that you are um... not available." He said awkwardly. I had never known him to be so uncomfortable and it was freaking me out. To put him at ease I smiled and extended my wrist toward him.

"No gods better mess with Anubis's girl!" I said jovially. He looked more at ease and gently fastened the bracelet to my slim wrist. "Well, I guess I better be going. Thank you." I said softly, noticing the sun was starting to rise wherever we were. Gently he put his arms around me, kissing me tenderly. He regrettably pulled away. The God fixed me with a serious expression.

"Sadie, when you wake you should tell Carter about us but, please refrain from telling others for the moment. I want us to get Osiris well, your father's approval first." He said kindly, trying to not sound commanding.

"I understand but, just because I'm following your suggestion now does not mean I will do everything you say! I enjoy my independence." I said fervently. He smirked slightly.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, darling." He said, drawing out the last word causing me to blush.

"And I'm not taking this bracelet off! I will just tell people it's from a friend if they ask." He continued smirking.

"Very well, goodbye Sadie." He gave me a quick peck on my lips and I suddenly awoke in my bed.

I groggily rubbed my eyes and looked down at my wrist, wondering if that had actually happened. Sure enough, the stunning golden bracelet was tightly fastened to my wrist. I giggled like my old mates Liz and Emma and closed my eyes, sighing contently. Wait, what? I giggled over a guy? I wanted to know why Anubis always had this effect on me. It was rather disconcerting but, then why did I like it so much? Ugh, I still have to tell my dad about me and that stupid death god! I thought worriedly as I got up to get ready for the day. And Carter! What have I gotten myself into?