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After abruptly landing on my feet, I shook the sand out of my hair and clenched Anubis's hand tighter. Not like I would actually admit it to him but, I was a little scared about how my dad would react. Probably sensing my discomfort, my dear Jackal flashed me a small smile.

"Ready darling?" he asked ostentatiously, while his smile turned into a smirk. Ugh! His smirks made me want to melt into the floor, stupid god! I bitterly remarked internally. I glared at him and pointedly let go of his hand and defiantly entered the room. I was perversely pleased to see a confused look on my boyfriend's face. Ha, I thought, that'll show him. I continued walking with bravado until I was in the center of the room, looking at my father. Suddenly my nerves returned and I was extremely grateful when Anubis placed his hand on the small of my back to steady me.

"Hello Sadie, Anubis," my father said kindly, inclining his head slightly to the both of us. "What brings you here?"

"Well you see, about that, um…" I was shockingly at a loss for words and was staring at the ground. Silence reigned for moment until a sly smile appeared on my face. "Anubis has something he wants to tell you!" I said triumphantly, delighted that I could avoid this awkward confrontation. I quickly turned on my heel to leave the room but Anubis grabbed my hand. So much for that plan, I thought sorrowfully. My father looked puzzled for a moment until his eyes cleared, showing an expression of complete clarity.

"Ah," He said slowly. "I see Anubis here has finally gotten enough nerve to ask you out Sadie." My father said with a slight chuckle, mirth sparkling in his eyes. I looked at him with a bewildered expression, wondering if his response meant that he approved of my less than conventional relationship. Almost as if reading my mind, my father responded to my silent question.

"I for one, approve of your choice, although Lord Osiris wishes to speak with you Anubis…alone." My father added with a look in my direction. Since I'm not daft, I took the hint and with a coy smile to Anubis, I left the room. I was too happy that my father was okay with me and Anubis dating that I did not notice the look of distress that crossed my boyfriend's face as I left the room.


As Sadie left the throne room I felt the sharp pain of fear shoot through me, its cruel claws attaching itself to my pounding heart. With a deep breath I attempted to regain control of myself and resumed my self-assured expression. I lowered my vision into the Duat and saw Lord Osiris glaring at me. Sadie's father's usually amiable voice was replaced by Osiris's harsher, commanding one.

"We have much to discuss, Anubis." He said cryptically. I knew he wanted to talk without Kane hearing so, I had my favorite graveyard in New Orleans appear around us. Osiris stood up from his throne, leaving Sadie's father behind looking none the wiser that his host wasn't completely with him anymore.

"Can he hear us?" I asked looking at Sadie's dad.

"No, he is oblivious," Osiris responeded. "…for the moment." He added ominously. I averted my eyes from my employer's harsh gaze. I had forgotten how terrifying he could truly be. I walk slowly toward a large tree and tried to casually lean up against it.

"So my Lord, what is it exactly that we must discuss?" I asked, feigning arrogance. I saw anger cross Osiris face and if looks could kill, I would've been dead.

"You know what we must discuss!" He responded sharply. "You think you could give her the bracelet and I wouldn't notice?" His said while his voice lowered menacingly. Just as I feared, I thought internally.

"Don't you realize how dangerous it is in the hands of a mortal, more so in the hands of a teenager!?" Osiris continued angrily. My calm facade shattered as he dismissed my dear Sadie as a mere teenager.

"She is much more than just a teenager Osiris!" I yelled angrily. "She is the most amazing, wonderful, clever, confusing, and wonderful person I have ever met." My tone softening as I spoke of her. "I-I love her." I said, the first time I had ever admitted it out loud. Osiris just looked at me balefully.

"You still have much to learn," Osiris said with a hint of sadness. "Love can easily be confused with lust and captivation. You must tread carefully Anubis; the bracelet's power cannot be unleashed upon an unwilling participant. I disapprove of your actions but, you must make your own mistakes to learn your own lessons. I see no happy end to your story unless you stop following this present course of action." He said with a note of expectation.

"I have already made my choice, my Lord." I said quietly. "I cannot bear to live in a world without Sadie Kane."

"Very well, I have tried to change your mind but you appear to be set upon this course of action. You must reap the consequences of what you do, Anubis." Osiris said before walking back toward his throne. With a curt nod from him, I faded away the graveyard and we were once again in the throne room. Lord Osiris remerged with Sadie's father.

"Bring Sadie back in here, will you Anubis?" He asked. His good-natured voice returned and a smile played on his lips, I knew that Osiris was no longer in charge of Kane.

"Yes sir," I said respectfully and backed out of the room, my mind was filled with worries. However, they all vanished when I saw Sadie sitting on the ground outside of Osiris's chamber. She was a ray of sunshine in my tumultuous life, and I smiled brightly when I saw her. She was still unaware of my presence so, I stealthily walked toward and slowly began stroking her beautiful hair. She looked up at me in surprise.

"About time Jackal Boy, I've been waiting here for so long!" She said jokingly as she stood up. I gently pulled her into my arms and placed a light kiss on her head.

"Sorry to keep you waiting my dear, but I needed to sort out a few things, seeing as I am the dominant one in our relationship." I said with false sincerity. She punched me in the arm while smiling widely. My eyes drifted toward the bracelet that was securely fastened to her slim wrist.

"I am in charge of you Anubis and don't you forget it!" She said light-heartedly.

"Of course my lady," I said as gentlemanly as I could. I offered her my arm to escort her back into the throne room.

"Humph!" She grunted in a very unladylike manner as she walked into the room by herself, like she owned the place. My smile grew wider as I watched her walk in. My darling Sadie, I thought fondly as I followed her back toward the throne.

I knew I couldn't live without Sadie Kane. I had made my choice.


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